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MultiVersus Rick Patch Notes (Version 1.03)

Surprise patch! What’s in it!?

A patch for MultiVersus suddenly appeared, with changes set to take effect September 27. Here’s what’s important in MultiVersus‘ Rick Patch Notes, for version 1.03.


golden reindog

  • Rick Sanchez is finally in! He’s classified as a Mage, which tends to be the most obnoxious character type in MultiVersus. Better get some anti-projectile setups ready.
  • Character XP got halved, so it’ll take twice as long for new players to earn Signature Perks and such. Honestly, character leveling was pretty quick, so this change shouldn’t be a big problem, but it’s definitely going to keep rewards from players a little longer.
  • The free character from clearing the tutorial is now Shaggy instead of Wonder Woman. Makes sense: Shaggy is the “Mario” of MultiVersus, a well-rounded fighter with a good mix of abilities. It’s not clear what this means for existing Wonder Woman owners, though.
  • New outfits: Chef Reindog, Golden Reindog, and Tiger Millionaire Steven. Golden Reindog is notable for being purchasable with gold instead of Gleamium, the game’s premium currency. A nice gesture – but it will probably be a lot of gold.
  • Some updates to the MultiVersus Twitch extension, including viewer votes on which character the streamer should use, and a loot drop of free toasts to game-owners who tune in.
  • The general notes also mention loading improvements for PS4 and Xbox One and a few bug fixes.

Gameplay Systems

  • Introducing an “Anti-Infinite Combo System” or AICS. This will weaken all your attacks after using the same move 4 or more times in one combo. Eliminating infinites should be a net gain for everyone.
  • Added an option to choose 4-direction or 8-direction to the right stick.
  • An update to the new projectile system, this time adding “Light Projectiles” alongside the Heavy ones. What does this mean? Nothing! At least for now. This is just one piece of a system in progress.

MultiVersus Rick Patch Notes Character Updates

steven universe tiger millionaire

  • Arya: The notes say “Fixed issues where Arya could deal much more damage than intended.” Sorry, Arya. They’re also “still looking at updates to Arya’s up special, but could use more time”.
  • Bugs Bunny: Nerf. Down air hitbox slightly smaller.
  • Finn: Small nerfs, removed some cancels from a couple moves.
  • Garnet: Buffs. Recovers faster from ground up and air neutral attacks, for better combos. Also speeds up her slow down air, and lets her slide a little before using down attack.
  • Gizmo: Buffs. Faster jumps, faster air side special, longer-lived music notes, and his car’s now Heavy (destroys lesser projectiles).
  • Jake: Nerfs. When on the ground in house form, Jake “will no longer bounce grounded opponents”. Does that mean he can be hit from the ground during this move? Hard to say until the patch releases.
  • LeBron: Mixed. If an ally gets his basketball, they’ll emit a shockwave! His no-look pass is faster, too. On the flip side, he can’t use his defense special to absorb Heavy projectiles anymore.
  • Shaggy: Nerfs. Added more whiff time to his side special. Also stops his neutral air flutter kick from breaking armor on its first hit.
  • Steven: Buffs. His ground combo got sped up, as did the speed of his side special projectile. He also got a little more kill power on his side air bounce attack, which was already a decent kill move.
  • Superman: Nerfs. His armored moves are slower, and he has to recover longer after a missed up special. This is to cut down on the popular trick of hanging off the edge and grabbing anyone who comes near for an instant kill.
  • Tom and Jerry: Mixed. Tom’s ground attacks got less safe, but his air attacks got safer.
  • Velma: Nerfs. Her ally-boosted projectiles don’t apply the weakness debuff anymore, and her upward lightbulb attack got less safe. She had some bugs fixed at least, including an ice field that hadn’t been applying ice.