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MultiVersus Gizmo Patch Notes (v. 1.02): Buffs, Nerfs, & Changes

Who got buffed or nerfed? What’s changed in MultiVersus’ 1.02 patch? Find out here.

MultiVersus patch notes for Season 1’s 1.02 patch have come and brought with them some seismic changes to the game as a whole. Not just character buffs and nerfs, but entirely changed moves and overhauled systems. This is a big one, let’s dive in.


  • Gizmo is added to the game!
  • Hitboxes/hurtboxes are being overhauled overall. The team state their goal is to ensure character animations are more in-line with hitboxes and hurtboxes. Hurtboxes have been updated on “every character”.

  • Projectiles are also being overhauled. In order to make them more understandable to the average player, the team are implementing systems to fix the way they interact. Opposing projectiles will now always clank, destroying both projectiles. Some projectiles are now “Heavy Projectiles“, which break other projectiles, can not be reflected and only clank with other Heavy Projectiles. Barriers and projectile-blocking buffs and perks now work more consistently. Players can now block the explosions of projectiles they already blocked.
  • Directional Attacks and Specials are now mappable to certain keys on the keyboard. 8 new keyboard binds: all 4 specials and all 4 directional attacks. This means you can now use Downward moves without having to fastfall at the same time, for instance.
  • Characters’ vertical mesh offsets have been adjusted so that their feet don’t clip into the floor as much.
  • Input handling when a Special or Attack is input at the same time as a Jump has been improved. Before, Jumps could interrupt Specials or Attacks leading to some inputs being improperly cancelled. Now, short-hop Specials and Attacks should be more responsive.
  • The Assassin Passive that caused Assassin characters to receive an additional 5% damage has been removed entirely for all Assassin-Class characters. This is most likely an attempt to buff the class.



  • The above change has affected floor collision on the following stages: Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, Tree Fort (1v1), Cromulons, Cromulons (1v1) and every version of Sky Arena.
  • Bouncing off walls, floors and ceilings no longer restores your Dodge Meter Energy.
  • Tree/Trampoline health on Tree Fort reduced from 30 to 15. (They are much easier to destroy now.)
  • The main platform on Trophy’s E.D.G.E. has been evened out so that collision is more symmetrical.
  • A floating platform has been added to both Cromulons and Cromulons (1v1).


PERK CHANGES/MultiVersus Patch Notes:

  • Clear The Air has had its description updated to explain that the perk’s effect only applies to Heavy Projectiles.
  • Ice To Beat You! now only applies the Ice debuff to fighters that have not already been debuffed with Ice. (This change was apparently already in place online, and has now been added to local play.)
  • I’ll Take That has had its unstacked cooldown refund decreased from 0.5 seconds to 0.25 seconds. The stacked cooldown refund has also been decreased from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. (This was also already implemented for online play, and now has been added to local play too.)
  • Make It Rain, Dog! has had its unstacked projectile speed buff reduced from 20% to 10%. The stacked projectile speed buff has also been reduced from 25% to 20%. (Description text for this patch won’t be changed until the next patch.)
  • Sturdy Dodger had an issue where the perk wouldn’t stack properly. That has now been fixed.


(~ = Change, + = Buff, – = Nerf)

ARYA: (Changed)

  • Air/Ground Up Special has been reverted to its Early Access state.
  • “We were finding that skill and counterplay was being removed from Arya with the addition of the vacuuming effect making follow ups nearly always true. This revert will give opponents the ability to affect the outcome by use of Knockback Influence (KBI) and Arya air control to compensate for the opponent’s KBI.”
  • ~Air/Ground Up Special has had a bug fixed that caused Arya’s dash on hit to stop working after Taz turns her into a chicken.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special has had an issue fixed with long, lingering hitboxes on Arya’s stolen face Neutral Special.


BATMAN: (Changed)

  • “We’re watching Batman closely. The Projectile Systems update will make it so all projectiles will properly destroy the batarang so we want to see how this plays out for a bit before further adjustments. The goal is to make Batman Batarang have understandable counterplay.”
  • ~Air Down Special has had its knockback angle changed to send opponents more horizontally.
  • ~Air Side Attack now allows you to carry the movement momentum earlier when landing.
  • +Ground Down Special has had a bug fixed that prevented Projectile Sidestep from dodging all projectiles.
  • +Ground Side Attack has had an online bug fixed that was causing the first Jab to be delayed going into Jab 2.


BUGS BUNNY: (Nerfed)

  • Bugs Bunny is still a bit too safe and unpunishable due to land-cancelling recovery. The new active frames adjustment and global hurtbox updates will hopefully make Bugs Bunny’s up air attack more manageable from the opponent’s side.”
  • ~Air Side Special (Rocket) is now considered a Heavy Projectile.
  • Purple visual effect added to indicate armor-breaking property.
  • ~Air Up Special (Rocket) is now considered a Heavy Projectile.
  • Purple visual effect added to indicate armor-breaking property.
  • Cooldown attack no longer consumes all aerial special uses.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special (Safe) is now considered a Heavy Projectile.
  • Barriers and buffs that block projectiles now cancel the Safe’s hitbox until its hit again, which reactivates the hitbox.
  • Air Down Attack has had its recovery land cancel window delayed by 2 frames.
  • Air Side Attack has had its recovery land cancel window delayed by 3 frames.
  • Air Up Attack has had the active frames on its hitbox reduced.
  • Ground Neutral Attack has had the frame window to cancel into another Grounded Neutral Attack delayed.
  • Weight lowered from 55 to 50.
  • Comin’ Through Doc! (Signature Perk) has had its hitbox active duration reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.25 seconds.


MultiVersus Patch Notes FINN: (Buffed)

  • +Passive: Finn’s starting gold has been increased from 100 to 200.
  • +Air/Ground Neutral Special has had an issue fixed where the the shockwave from high-fiving an ally would not hit enemies.
  • +Air Up Special has had its vacuum hitbox adjusted to more consistently combo into the final hit.
  • +Ground Down Attack has had its minimum travel distance increased.


GARNET: (Buffed)

  • +Air/Ground Neutral Special. When Garnet bubbles a projectile, it can no longer hit her or her teammate until the bubble pops.
  • +Air/Ground Side Special has had its projectile speed increased from 2000 to 2200. The recovery frames on this move have also been decreased to allow for more follow ups.
  • +Air Side Attack has had its on-attack cancel window on the first hit moved to earlier in the move.
  • Side Attack 1 now combos better into Side Attack 2.


HARLEY QUINN: (Buffed Slightly)

  • +Movement Speed: Increased from 1825 to 1875.


IRON GIANT: (Nerfed)

  • Passive: Iron Giant’s RAGE mode Gray Health has been reduced from 30 to 15.
  • Air Up Attack has had its damage reduced from 6 to 5.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special’s ability and ammo cooldowns are now static cooldowns. “Static cooldowns are not affected by by cooldown reduction perks or buffs. Consuming an item or Iron Giant’s art will still grant one bolt.”
  • Ability cooldown increased from 23 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Air Neutral Attack has had its whiff recovery increased.


JAKE: (Nerfed)

  • ~Air/Ground Neutral Special, Jake will now spit all opponents out on the first spit if he eats multiple opponents.
  • Spitting no longer counts towards air special count. Jake can aerial spit even if he has exhausted his air specials.
  • Spit opponents are now properly classified as projectiles.
  • Weakened stacks applied on hit reduced to 2 from 5.
  • -Air/Ground Down Special has had its attack duration reduced from infinite to 3 seconds.
  • ~Air Side Attack has had its whiff recovery increased by 6 frames.
  • Land cancel window delayed to match increased whiff recovery.
  • On-hit cancel window moved 2 frames earlier.
  • This should give the opponent more of a window to punish Jake on a whiffed attack, while also giving Jake more of an opportunity to successfully follow up from a hit attack.
  • Air Down Attack has had a damage reduction on the first two hits.
  • Third hit ignite duration reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1 second.


MultiVersus Patch Notes: LEBRON JAMES: (Buffed)

  • ~Air Down Attack’s knockback angle is now more horizontal.
  • +Basketball: Enemies can no longer hit the basketball.
  • “The basketball will always bounce back when blocked by projectile-blocking effects.”
  • +Ball Ground Neutral Special has had its ground pass projectile speed increased. (Air version has been unaffected.)
  • +No Ball Air Side Attack has had its hitbox active frame window moved 3 frames earlier.
  • +Ball Ground Up Attack has had its hitbox active frame window moved earlier.
  • On-hit cancel window moved earlier to allow for more reliable combo follow-ups.
  • +Ball Ground Down Attack has had its cancel window moved earlier.


MORTY: (Buffed)

  • +Passive: Ally grenade passive has been enabled.
  • ~Air/Ground Neutral Special has had its ammo cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 13 seconds.
  • Knockback scaling increased from 23 to 25.
  • Grenades can now be knocked back by teammate’s projectiles and enemy projectiles will destroy the grenades.
  • ~Air/Ground Down Special had had an issue fixed where Morty or his teammate would be randomly pulled back to the save point. This will now only trigger when the ally is near the blastzone.
  • +Air Side Special’s aim reticle now only shows for the Morty player in online matches.
  • +Ground Side Special now hits projectiles more consistently.
  • ~Air/Ground Neutral Attack has had an issue fixed where two shots would occasionally be fired.
  • Knockback direction now based on projectile velocity.
  • Knockback scaling increased.
  • +Grounded Side Attack now connects into itself more consistently.
  • +Extra Fleeb Juice (Signature Perk) Now cleans up Tom & Jerry’s Mousetrap and Garnet’s Electric Zone.


REINDOG: (Buffed Slightly)

  • +Air/Ground Neutral Attack can no longer be hit by enemies.
  • +Air Up Attack has had vacuum knockback applied to the first hit to help the move combo into itself more consistently.
  • Ground Neutral Attack can no longer be cancelled by holding down and dodging to make the move less spammable.


SHAGGY: (Nerfed Slightly)

  • ~Rage Air/Ground Down Special. Shaggy’s Super Sandwich is now considered a Heavy Projectile.
  • ~Air/Ground Down Special: correctly branches to other attacks on hit for non rage side specials.
  • Ground Down Attack has had its armor removed and its knockback angle adjusted to be more horizontal.
  • Weight lowered from 76 to 68.
  • Ground Up Special. Jump cancel in ground up air special is delayed to prevent a true combo into Air Up Special because it was killing at unexpectedly low damage.


MultiVersus Patch Notes: STEVEN UNIVERSE: (Nerfed Slightly)

  • -Air/Ground Up Special. Steven must now land after spawning 2 shields before he can spawn more.


SUPERMAN: (Nerfed Slightly)

  • ~Air Up Special has had a bug fixed where Superman could grab enemies from very far away when they bounced off walls.
  • Later startup on active hit frames.
  • ~Air Side Special has had the same bug fixed as Air Up Special.
  • Flight speed after Superman grabs an enemy has been reduced so that it won’t carry them as far.
  • Air/Ground Down Special now has an ammo cooldown. Superman spawns with 2 ammo and regenerates 1 every 8 seconds. (“This is to prevent Heat Vision camping, where Superman would only use this attack over and over.”)
  • Ground Down Attack has had its active frames reduced.
  • Ground Up Attack has had its hitbox adjusted so that it no longer hits behind Superman.


TAZ: (Buffed)

  • ~Skins: Beachcomber Taz’s hat has been altered to look more like the profile icon.
  • ~Passive: Max Tasty stacks increased from 16 to 18.
  • Chicken movement speed decreased from 1550 to 1200.
  • Chicken maximum health decreased from 30 to 15.
  • Chicken duration reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • +Air/Ground Neutral Special can now eat and spit Bugs’s Safe and Rockets and Shaggy’s Super Sandwich.
  • Eating an enemy in the air now applies 2 stacks of Weaken.
  • +Air/Ground Side Special has had its on-cooldown tornado duration increased from 0.25 seconds to 0.45 seconds.
  • +Air/Ground Down Special has had its recovery frames decreased to allow for more potential follow ups.
  • Air/Ground Up Special allows cancelling to dodge and jump to be able to escape while in the air.
  • ~Iron Stomach (Signature Perk). The Anvil is now considered a Heavy Projectile.
  • Fixed issues with Taz’s item throw animation.
  • I Gotta Get In There! (Signature Perk) has been changed so that allies can only enter the dogpile once per use now.


MultiVersus Patch Notes: TOM & JERRY: (Nerfed)

  • ~Jerry Air/Ground Up Special. Jerry no longer hits enemies immediately after the rocket explodes.
  • Jerry is now classified as a Heavy Projectile while in flight and no longer has his cooldown refreshed if he dies while attached to an ally.
  • Reduced cork ammo from 3 to 2. (Cork ammo unchanged while attached to an ally.)
  • Air Side Attack has had 3 frames of recovery added to it.
  • Land cancel window delayed by 7 frames.
  • -Air Down Attack has had 3 frames of recovery added to it.
  • Land cancel window delayed by 3 frames.
  • Ground Side Attack has had the active frames of its Jab 1 hitbox moved to 2 frames later.
  • Dynamite Split (Signature Perk). Split dynamite sticks now detonate when they hit terrain.


VELMA: (Nerfed)

  • ~Passive: Instead of calling the police, Velma now solves the mystery and calls the Mystery Inc. gang and the Mystery Machine to take the bad guys away.
  • Air Up Special no longer applies stacks of Weaken on hit.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Attack no longer heals Velma when she hits an ally with a speech bubble.
  • Movement speed reduced from 2200 to 2100.
  • Weight reduced from 55 to 52.


WONDER WOMAN: (Nerfed Slightly)

  • ~Air/Ground Neutral Special (Lasso) is no longer considered a projectile.
  • ~Ground Down Attack no longer breaks projectiles while charging.
  • Weight reduced from 76 to 71.
  • -Movement speed reduced from 2250 to 2225.

Thank you for reading our MultiVersus patch notes. Please check out our game page with additional MultiVersus guides.