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LeBron James Best Moves, Combos, Perks for MultiVersus

The best ways to ball out with MultiVersus’ basketball brawler.

In the most out-there addition to MultiVersus’ roster yet, LeBron James from Space Jam: A New Legacy joined the game’s combatants. LeBron’s moveset centers around his basketball. LeBron players will need to manage this NBA regulation-sized projectile carefully. With proper resource management and teamwork, though, LeBron can be a fantastic star player with any MultiVersus duo.

LeBron James Moveset Overview (with Basketball)

Lebron James moveset multiversus

LeBron has two separate movesets, depending on whether he currently has his basketball equipped or not. Generally, LeBron has better range and power when he is equipped with his basketball. Here is how his moveset looks when equipped with his basketball.

  • Neutral Ground Attack: LeBron will charge a shoulder check. This move has powerful horizontal knockback and armor to prevent being hit out of it. This is a great attack for finishing high damage enemies with little risk to LeBron.
  • Side Ground Attack: LeBron uses a three-hit combo that ends with an attack sending upwards. A good attack for dealing damage, but the list hit tends to be less consistent on high-damage opponents.
  • Up Ground Attack: LeBron spins a basketball on his finger, dealing damage above him. Unfortunately, the small range and low damage of this attack gives it little utility in actual fights.
  • Down Ground Attack: LeBron dribbles a basketball between his legs. This attack has a small hitbox, but hits all around LeBron, making it useful for keeping enemies away in battle.
  • Neutral Air Attack: LeBron sweeps his basketball around his waist. This move has a wide hitbox, making it a super useful tool for recovery if you’re being chased by an enemy.
  • Side Air Attack: LeBron slams his basketball in the direction you point the left stick. A decent attack, but you’re better off using the neutral air in most cases.
  • Up Air Attack: LeBron passes the ball from one hand to another in an upward arc. This is one of the best moves in LeBron’s kit. The upward range and strong knockback make it perfect for defeating enemies off the top of the stage.
    • Down Air Attack: LeBron dribbles the basketball downwards between his legs. This attack has a small range, but comes out quickly. This makes it a great move to surprise opponents with a downward spike.Lebron James throwing a ball


  • Neutral Special: LeBron passes his basketball, either frontwards or backwards depending on if you aim it. This pass will cause damage to enemies, or can be picked up by allies to throw out later.
  • Side Special: LeBron launches into the air and dunks his basketball. This attack deals massive damage and knockback, but leaves LeBron vulnerable during the descent.
  • Up Special: LeBron performs a jumpshot with the basketball, shooting it in a diagonal arc. There’s no reliable way to aim this, but with a lot of practice with the timing, this can be used to put pressure on an airborne opponent.
  • Down Special: LeBron slams the basketball downwards, causing it to bounce off the floor of the stage, or go offstage. This attack is a great way to shake enemies chasing LeBron vertically, or even spike enemies below LeBron offstage.


Using LeBron’s special moves generally makes him lose his basketball. However, if he gets back to his ball after using his neutral, up, or down specials, he can pick the ball up again and go back to using his basketball-reliant moves.

LeBron James Moveset Overview (Without Basketball)

Lebron sans basketball in MultiVersus

Without the basketball, though, LeBron’s moveset looks much different. Generally, these attacks are less powerful and have less range than he does with the basketball. However, connecting with most of these attacks will give LeBron a new basketball to go back to his better moveset. Here is LeBron’s moveset when he is without a basketball.

  • Up Ground Attack: LeBron swats upwards in a blocking motion. A good way to catch airborne enemies off-guard.
  • Down Ground Attack: LeBron slams his hands on the ground, creating a small shockwave in front of him. Can be effective, but very situational.
  • Neutral Air Attack: LeBron pounds his chest, creating a pretty large hitbox around him. This attack is another great way to get LeBron’s basketball back in his hands.
  • Side Air Attack: Same as the Side Ground Attack.
  • Up Air Attack: Same as the Up Ground Attack.
  • Down Air Attack: LeBron swats downwards, in a similar motion to his Up Air/Ground Attacks.
  • Neutral Special: LeBron summons a new basketball. This is nice to immediately get a ball back, but has a long cooldown, so use sparingly.
  • Side Special: LeBron has a short shoulder charge forward. This is an effective recovery and damaging move. However, it also is the only move without his basketball that will not get him a new basketball.
  • Up Special: LeBron gets a short burst of movement upwards and claps his hands above him. This move is effective to both help LeBron recover and chase enemies upwards when without the basketball.
  • Down Special: LeBron summons a defense barrier around him, absorbing any projectiles near him to get his basketball back in his possession.

How to Win 2v2 Battles as LeBron James in MultiVersus

Iron Giant and Lebron victory screen

LeBron is one of the most team-centric characters on the MultiVersus roster, rivaling even the game’s support characters with how much he uses teamwork. Highly mobile characters make great partners for LeBron to maximize the chaos his projectiles can create. Here are some great characters to try pairing LeBron with:

  • Superman (Tank)
  • Arya Stark (Assassin)
  • Finn the Human (Assassin)
  • Batman (Bruiser)

While LeBron is in the game’s Bruiser class, he does his best work from the back lines. While LeBron’s partner draws in his opponents, he can utilize his basketball to cause trouble in the midst of MultiVersus’ crowded battles.

This type of play can thrive even better on certain stages. In particular, Scooby’s Haunted Mansion and Cromulons can help players create controlled chaos with LeBron’s basketball. The enclosed nature of these stages let LeBron’s thrown basketballs bounce for much longer, making LeBron’s basketball into a tool that can cause continuous poke damage to enemies.

These basketball-throwing specials can be used in those ways to hit enemies. However, LeBron’s basketball can also be passed to teammates. When LeBron’s partner has the ball, the ball will be thrown in the direction of that teammate’s next attack. If that basketball hits an opponent, LeBron can use his Side Special to teleport to the ball, and perform an armored version of his powerful dunk attack. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to use LeBron when with a teammate you can communicate with clearly to maximize the usefulness of this alley-oop technique.

How to Win 1v1 Battles as LeBron James in MultiVersus

1v1 victory screen

Unfortunately, without as many characters on stage, LeBron becomes a weaker character. Less chaos means less opportunity for LeBron. But, there are still some ways the basketball phenom can put up a fight in smaller-scale battles.

One important tip is to be much more careful with the basketball in one-on-one fights. In team battles, with so much happening on screen, it’s easy to recover the basketball. However, in 1v1 battles, it’s easy for the basketball to get lost or thrown offstage. Because of this, try to plan basketball throwing attacks around whether you can get it back. Keep extra careful track of LeBron’s basketball summoning cooldown that appears after using his neutral special. Being without the basketball for a little bit can be to your advantage if opponents don’t know the alternate moveset. However, it’s generally best to keep the projectile basketball in your possession more than not.

LeBron James’ Best Perks

best 1v1 perks

LeBron has some great perks for players to equip. There’s a lot of room for experimentation with these perks, but there are a few that work especially well with LeBron. Here are some of the best perks for LeBron’s 1v1 showdowns:

Best LeBron James Perks (One-On-One)

  • Make It Rain, Dog! (unlocked at Level 2)
  • Leg Day Champ (unlocked at Level 11)
  • Deadshot (can be trained at Level 9)
  • Signature Perk: For Three! (unlocked at Level 10)

LeBron’s best one-on-one perks are fairly straightforward. “Make It Rain, Dog!” increases projectile speed, making it harder for LeBron’s opponents to escape his passes, shots and dunks. This works in tandem with “Deadshot,” which increases projectile damage by 5%. “Leg Day Champ” increases LeBron’s jump height, further enabling him to chase opponents vertically with his powerful Up Air Attack and ranged special moves. Finally, LeBron’s best 1v1 signature perk is “For Three!” This perk makes long shot basketball throws explosive, increasing the knockback and damage of long-range shots. This makes LeBron a threat offstage even if he doesn’t leave the stage himself.

best perks 2v2

Best LeBron James Perks (Two-On-Two)

  • Make It Rain, Dog! (unlocked at Level 2)
  • Leg Day Champ (unlocked at Level 11)
  • Deadshot (can be trained at Level 9)
  • Signature Perk: Keep Possession (unlocked at Level 10)

LeBron’s best perks stay mostly the same in Teams matches. The only major difference is the different signature perk, utilizing “Keep Possession” instead of “For Three!” This new signature perk gives LeBron and his teammate 3 points of armor to absorb damage. This both incentivizes keeping the ball in play for LeBron, and effective passing for his teammate. Other perks worth trying depending on LeBron’s teammates are “Coffezilla” (decrease ball summon cooldown) and “Lumpy Space Punch” (powers up his already formidable aerial attacks).

LeBron Changes in Season 1 of MultiVersus

2v2 winners!

LeBron had some significant changes in MultiVersus’ Season One patch. Luckily, many of these are buffs. Here are the highlights of LeBron’s major changes:

  • Side Special: This dunk attack’s solo version no longer has a shockwave. However, its hitbox size and knockback has been increased, making it an even better K.O. option.
  • Air Neutral & Air Side Attacks: These now move quicker, making it easier for LeBron to combo out of them.
  • Ground Side Attack: The full combo for this jab attack now hits more consistently.

Overall, LeBron’s changes have made him even more of a force to be reckoned with. His skill in 1v1’s still unfortunately leaves some room for improvement. However, LeBron’s passing prowess and shooting skills make him an excellent contributor to any MultiVersus team.