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Iron Giant’s Best Moves, Strategy, And Techniques: MultiVersus Guide

Become the gun: here are some tips you’ll want to get the win with Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

One of MultiVersus’ tank characters, the Iron Giant is also the game’s first colossal character. Colossal characters are characters that are much larger in size than others.  He’s built to tank hits for his team and deal damage back in equal amounts. Iron Giant has unique mechanics, like a fuel gauge and rage meter, that differentiate him from other characters. However, with knowledge of these unique mechanics, perks, and his latest patch changes, you can dominate opponents in teams and one-on-one battles with this gentle giant in no time.

Iron Giant’s Unique Mechanics — Fuel

How to best use Iron Giant’s Fuel Gauge.

Iron Giant using fuel in MultiVersus

Other than his unique size, Iron Giant has two other features that set him apart from MultiVersus’ other fighters. One of these is his fuel gauge. Most characters in MultiVersus have two midair jumps to increase their mobility. However, Iron Giant instead has a set fuel gauge. 

By holding jump, he flies into the air, instead of using any jumps. This fuel is also consumed by aerial attacks. This fuel can help Iron Giant chase opponents to the highest heights of most maps. On the other hand, it can also create issues for Iron Giant offstage. 

If you get too aggressive in chasing opponents, it can be costly and result in early deaths. Because of this, the best practice is to use the fuel to chase opponents aggressively vertically, but be more conservative when chasing opponents without the stage below you.

Iron Giant’s Unique Mechanics – Rage Meter

How to Use Iron Giant’s Rage Meter

Iron Giant rage meter in MultiVersus

Iron Giant’s other mechanic exclusive to him is the Rage Meter. Iron Giant’s Rage Meter will fill when he deals damage, or when his ally takes damage. When this meter is fully charged, Iron Giant can use his neutral special to transform into Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode, a few of Iron Giant’s moves will change to new ones.

Iron Giant shooting a missile in MultiVersus

Iron Giant’s New Moves

New Side Special: Iron Giant’s new side special ditches his grab for a giant green projectile, which will stun opponents inside of it. This opens them up for a follow up attack, like forward air or a different powerful attack from Iron Giant’s ally.

New Up Special: This attack becomes an electric surge, which shoots all up Iron Giant’s body. The range isn’t great, but it deals heavy damage to nearby opponents.

New Down Special: This laser blast isn’t very powerful, but its range and knockback is effective for getting enemies away from him.

New Up Attack: Iron Giant’s upwards attack becomes a set of three missiles, which launch directly in front of him. These deal decent damage and knockback to whoever is in his way.

In addition to these new attacks, Iron Giant can also be piloted by his ally in this mode. If his ally presses their attack button while near him, they will pilot him and be able to aim tentacle lasers at enemies. Small lasers are launched using the normal attack input, while heavy lasers can be fired with the special input.

How to Win 2v2 Battles as Iron Giant

Iron Giant and Superman win a 2v2 battle in MultiVersus

In Teams battles, Iron Giant’s effectiveness is maximized by working with fast characters who can deal damage from a distance. Any characters from the Assassin, Mage, or Support classes are great partners. Here’s a few specific characters that make great teammates for Iron Giant:

  • Tom & Jerry (Mage)
  • Velma (Support)
  • Bugs Bunny (Mage)
  • Harley Quinn (Assassin)

As the Iron Giant, it’s important to try and be front & center during most of your matches.The best service Iron Giant can do is to absorb the chaos of team matches and let a ranged teammate deal massive damage with low risk. Soaking damage is the name of the game, especially in the midst of chaotic team battles.

For attacks to use in 2v2, Iron Giant has a few that are good to utilize. Arguably his best is his up air attack, which can be used to K.O. enemies nearing the top of the blast zone. His down special cannonball attack is another powerful attack that can be used to break up team scuffles. However, the move also leaves him vulnerable to opposing attackers, so use this move sparingly so enemies don’t start to easily counter it. His grounded jab attack and up special are useful moves for shaking off enemies near him in a crowd.

Most important to Iron Giant’s team play, though, is his shield. Using his neutral special, Iron Giant creates a shield, making his attacks uninterruptible. This puts Iron Giant players in a great position to be a disruptor if any opponents try to attack his teammates, and give him an excellent counterplay when he is at the center of attention in battle.

How to Win 1v1 Battles as Iron Giant

Iron Giant wins a 1v1 in MultiVersus

In one-on-one battles, Iron Giant is still a force to be reckoned with. He can still be easily comboed by faster Assassin characters on the roster. However, dealing with only one opponent instead of two means combos aren’t extended as easily, and Iron Giant has easier chances to strike back.

While dealing with low damage opponents, Iron Giant staying close to the ground is best. His jab combo is great for packing on damage. Other great options are his neutral air, side air, and down air (especially with Afterburners equipped) attacks. When staying close to the ground, Iron Giant combo these attacks into each other, making these multi-hit attacks incredibly effective for tacking on damage.

Once the opponent has high damage, it’s time to utilize Iron Giant’s best kill moves. As with teams, Up Air is his best attack to finish off opponents. His side special grabs opponents, which can be followed by a Ground Up Attack to knock out enemies as well. Down Special can serve this purpose as well, but is still incredibly risky. If it can be used sparingly, though, this attack may be able to catch opponents off guard for a surprise finisher.

Iron Giant Best Perks

Iron Giant best perks in MultiVersus

As Iron Giant, there are a few perks that are best to choose. These can also vary a bit, depending on whether you are playing 1v1, or 2v2 matches. Here are some of the best perks, depending on which mode you’re playing:

Best Iron Giant Perks (One-On-One)

  • Lumpy Space Punch (can be trained at Level 9)
  • Kryptonian Skin (can be trained at Level 9)
  • School Me Once… (learned at Level 7)
  • Coffeezilla (trained at Level 9)
  • Last Stand (trained at Level 9)

Lumpy Space Punch lets Iron Giant utilize his fuel-based aerial attacks even better, with increased damage on those attacks. Kryptonian Skin generally decreases damage he takes, while School Me Once… provides him a temporary shield after being hit with a projectile. This perk is especially useful, as it decreases the potential for Iron Giant to be juggled. Coffeezilla reduces the cooldown of his bolt-powered shield. Finally, Last Stand increases his damage after reaching 100 damage. With Iron Giant’s long survivability, Last Stand can help maximize his damage output after absorbing large amounts of damage.

Iron Giant best perks in 2v2 MultiVersus

Best Iron Giant Perks (Teams)

  • Lumpy Space Punch
  • School Me Once…
  • Coffeezilla
  • Last Stand
  • Back To Back (can be trained at Level 9)

The main difference between perks ideal for teams vs. one-on-one is using Back To Back instead of Kryptonian Skin. Back To Back provides additional reduced damage to teams when near an ally. This perk is most useful when working with an Assassin character like Harley Quinn, so the two can rush the opponents together with reduced damage taken.

As for his signature perks, Iron Giant’s best to use is Afterburners (unlocked at Level 8). The afterburners perk makes Iron Giant leave firewalls on the ground when he uses his Down Air attack near the ground. These firewalls can ignite enemies, helping Iron Giant deal passive damage to enemies.

New Iron Giant Changes in MultiVersus: Season One

Iron Giant, Tom and Jerry, and Shaggy fight in MultiVersus

Like most MultiVersus characters, Iron Giant got some changes for the latest Season One patch. Unfortunately, most of Iron Giant’s changes made the character weaker. Here are the main changes to his kit:

  • Cannonball/Down Special no longer allows for repeated bouncing hits
  • Neutral Special gives less armor to allies
  • Up Air no longer allows for combos
  • Neutral Air sends at a more horizontal angle, making it harder to combo
  • Ground Up Attack and Ground Down Attack give allies less armor when scrap is consumed

Many of these changes revolve around armor that Iron Giant’s attacks give. These nerfs hurt, but not as bad as the changes to his Up Air and Down Special. Cannonball’s repeated bouncing being removed makes the move similar risk for less reward. His Up Air, on the other hand, should still offer players a lot of kill power, but the move must now be used more sparingly. Despite these changes, Iron Giant should still serve as a formidable tank for any MultiVersus duo.