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Best Morty MultiVersus Combos, Strategies, and Perks

Aw, jeez, he’s a pretty complex character.

Morty, of Rick and Morty fame, joined MultiVersus’ combatants on Aug 23. Categorized as a Bruiser, Morty is closer to a Mage in many ways. His moveset mostly revolves around utility, with interesting projectiles and buffs that he can provide to his teammates. There is still a lot to learn about Morty this early into his release, but these basic tips and strategies can help you get started with Rick’s anxious grandson.

Morty MultiVersus Moveset Overview

Morty has a ton of unique moves in his kit that have potential to shake up the MultiVersus meta. From grenades that can be used as creative traps, to being able to spawn a whole platform, Morty has a ton of utility. Using these interesting moves can create crazy projectile play that complements the current meta of MultiVersus.

Morty using the plumbus in the MultiVersus training room.

  • Neutral Ground Attack: Morty uses a blaster shot to hit enemies and knocks them back. On cooldown, damage is reduced and it has no knockback. This attack will also lock on and detonate any active grenades from Morty’s Neutral Special.
  • Side Ground Attack: Morty hits enemies in a three-hit combo. He swings his muscular arm, Armothy, for two hits, then unleashes a final hit with Hammerhead Morty. The final Hammerhead hit has massive launch power, but landing the full combo can be a bit finicky. Alternatively, to finish the combo, you can use a Neutral Ground Attack input to finish the combo with a long range whip.
  • Up Ground Attack: Morty shoots his blaster upwards. This shares the same cooldown and effects as the Neutral Ground Attack. The main difference is that this attack will not detonate grenades.
  • Down Ground Attack: Morty charges his Plumbus, and scrubs the floor with it. The Plumbus will stay active as long as you hold the attack button. Any enemies hit with the Plumbus will also be weakened.
  • Neutral Air Attack: This attack is the same as the Neutral Ground Attack.
  • Side Air Attack: Morty uses an axe chop forward to slash enemies. This input can be pressed again for a second combo hit. The first chop covers a large area but isn’t very powerful, while the second slash has less range but deals heavier damage and knockback.
  • Up Air Attack: Morty uses the power of fire above him. This move deals decent damage and burns the enemy to deal damage over time.
  • Down Air Attack: Morty swings Armothy downwards to spike his enemy. One of Morty’s most effective options for eliminating opposition is spiking them onto the stage. At high damage, the momentum will knock the enemy into the top blast zone.

Morty using a blaster in the MultiVersus training room.

  • Neutral Special: Morty throws a grenade. This grenade can be hit by allies or enemies to move the grenade around the stage. The grenade has a set cook time, after which it will detonate. Alternatively, the grenade can be detonated by the player who threw it by using Neutral Ground or Neutral Air attacks. Morty can have three charges of this grenade at a time. Each grenade has cooldown time. The cooldown works similarly to Tracer’s Blink ability in Overwatch.
  • Side Special (Ground): Morty can aim and summon a spire of rock from the floor of the stage. This weakens enemies, and launches them towards Morty. Because of the launch trajectory, this move is a great combo starter. In addition, if you hit your grenade with the spire, it will split the grenade in two. If you do it to an opponent Morty’s grenade, it will split and become yours.
  • Side Special (Air): In the air, Morty’s Side Special becomes a portal. Morty can aim this portal, and stalls in the air with armor while aiming it. If the move isn’t on cooldown, it also spawns a square portal that speeds up any ally projectiles that pass through it significantly.
  • Up Special: Morty summons his grandpa Rick’s spaceship from below. This spaceship acts as a makeshift platform, and continually rises. Not only does this move act as a great recovery option, but it can also do a few other things. Morty can use it as a way to get rid of Jerry from the Tom & Jerry duo, using the platform to rise up and take him away. This spaceship can also be utilized as a bumper, letting Morty use his powerful Down Air Attack to bounce enemies off of the ship and K.O. them much earlier.
  • Down Special: Morty’s Down Special lets him create a temporal copy of himself. After pressing the input again, or after a set period of time, Morty returns to the copy and heals himself. He also deals damage in the area where his copy was, and leaves a grenade at his final location before teleporting back.

One other thing to note about Morty’s kit is his passive ability. This ability lets Morty give allies a grenade when he overlaps with them. This works similarly to LeBron James’ basketball passing mechanic. However, this ability is currently disabled due to a bug. It will be returning in a future patch.

Best Morty MultiVersus Combos

Morty winding up a punch in MultiVersus.

Morty has a few reliable combos to turn to. Lobbing grenades from distance behind a durable teammate is usually Morty’s safest place. When Morty gets into close combat, though, here are some of his best combos to rack up damage.

  • Down Air into Up Air (low damage): At low damage, Down Air into Up Air is a simple and quick combo that can load up damage on enemies. This is especially helpful since Morty’s Up Air sets enemies aflame, making them take additional damage over time.
  • Down Air into Up Ground Attack (high damage): When at higher damage, Down Air will bounce the opponent much higher. When this happens, you can instead utilize Morty’s Up Ground Attack instead of his Up Air. This will work even if Morty isn’t directly below the enemy, as the blast will split off into two snakes that can hit the opponent in either direction.
  • Side Ground Attack (Hit 1), Side Special, Side Ground Attack: This is a great combo to throw enemies off their expectations. Use the first hit of Morty’s Side Ground Attack. This will knock enemies back slightly, but not too much. Then, instead of the second hit, aim and use Morty’s Side Special. This attack will bring Morty back into you, allowing you to use your Side Ground Attack again. This time, use the full combo on your enemies, and charge the third Hammerhead Morty attack for maximum damage and launching power.
  • Side Air (Hit 1) Into Neutral Attack: When Morty’s opponent is on the ground, a short up with a charged ax can combo into Morty’s blaster. The blaster can be utilized either in midair or on the ground. As long as this attack isn’t on cooldown, it will also deal some knockback to the enemy. Just be wary this combo isn’t used while a grenade is active, or the blaster will lock onto that instead.

How to Win 2v2 Battles as Morty

Two Mortys celebrating a victory.

Despite his Bruiser classification, Morty has great ranged potential that makes him a perfect MultiVersus partner. He’s best teamed up with a scrappy brawler, who can cause trouble in close quarters while Morty sets up his grenades. Here are some of Morty’s best partners:

  • Wonder Woman (Tank)
  • Shaggy (Bruiser)
  • All Assassin Characters
  • Iron Giant (Tank)

In team battles, Morty does his best work from the backlines, lobbing grenades and hitting them into enemies. One thing to keep in mind is when using your Neutral Special, by holding the button, you can use your left stick to aim it up or down while charging. In the chaos of team battles, try throwing the grenade at Morty’s feet. By doing this, you can use his Side Attack to hit the grenade into the fray, giving it an active hitbox on its path.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be mindful of your teammates. With the flexibility of Morty’s kit, it’s possible to get in the way of teammates’ combos. In particular, Morty’s Up Special is great for disrupting enemies. But, also keep in mind that this ship can just as easily throw your ally off of their own combo.

How to Win 1v1 Battles as Morty in MultiVersus

Morty celebrating a victory.

One-on-one battles as Morty are a bit trickier than duos. With a partner, Morty can serve a support role to rack up damage while his ally does the heavy lifting with knockouts. Without an ally, though, Morty will have some trouble.

Morty’s kit has a major way to make up for this deficit, though. Using his movement tools, mainly his Side Special and Up Special, he can edge guard with little risk. As long as Morty stays above his opponent, and his Up Special isn’t on cooldown, Morty can chase his opponent with a lot of aggression. Utilize his Down Air and Side Air attacks off-stage to try and get early kills to offset his relatively weak kill power on stage.

Morty Best Perks

Morty’s common strategies revolve around his grenade projectiles. Because of this, his perks help augment this, as well as the other abilities at his disposal. Here are Morty’s best perks, in both one-on-one battles and teams battles.

Morty’s Best Perks (one-on-one and teams):

  • Triple Jump (can be trained at level 9)
  • That’s Flammable, Doc! (can be trained at level 9)
  • I Dodge You Dodge We All Dodge (can be trained at level 9)
  • Coffeezilla (unlocked at level 13)
  • Signature Perk: Oh That’s Still A Grenade (unlocked at level 10)

Triple Jump has become one of the most popular perks in the meta. It especially helps Morty too. This extra jump will help Morty be even more aggressive in his edge guarding. That’s Flammable, Doc will help Morty’s projectiles deal even more damage. After being hit with a projectile into melee attack combo, Morty’s opponent will be temporarily ignited. 

Coffeezilla is a no-brainer for Morty. With so many of his special attacks reliant on cooldowns, reducing them is crucial. Because of this, it may also be helpful to replace That’s Flammable, Doc! with the perk I Dodge You Dodge We All Dodge. This will reduce Morty’s cooldowns when he dodges attacks. Finally, Morty’s best signature perk is Oh That’s Still A Grenade. This will increase Morty’s explosion radius the longer it cooks. The signature perk I’m More Than Just A Hammer is tempting to improve Hammerhead Morty’s damage. But ultimately, as long as you play Morty from a distance, larger grenade radius is too big of a benefit to ignore.

Overall, Morty MultiVersus moveset is completely unexpected. They’re all great references to the show. These references helped create what is arguably MultiVersus’ most inventive character to date. Explosive projectiles and the ability to create his own platform make this character rife with possibilities. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this character have a meteoric rise to success long after release like Minecraft’s Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With these basic combos, strategies, and perks, perhaps you could be the one to unlock Morty’s true potential and rise to the top of the MultiVersus ladder.