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Best Gizmo MultiVersus Combos, Strategies, Moves, & Perks

Just don’t let him get wet.

The first of two Gremlins representatives coming to MultiVersus‘ first season, Gizmo released on September 8. Gizmo is a Support character who has a wealth of projectiles and effects at his disposal. From his bow & arrow to his toy car, here are the best ways to maximize Gizmo’s potential.

New MultiVersus Status Effect: Gizmo’s Silence

Two Gizmos in the training room with music notes above them.

A new status effect was added to the game along with Gizmo: silence. Using various attacks, like Neutral Special and Down Ground Attack, Gizmo creates music notes. These notes have different effects depending on if they hit allies or enemies.

When allies get hit by music notes, they get a buff that can stack up to three times. This buff makes music effects emerge from allies when they dodge. If enemies are in the range of this music effect, it will give them one stack of the silence debuff.

When enemies get hit by music notes (or the ally buff effect), they will get one stack of silence. Eight stacks of this effect will temporarily silence the enemy. Silenced enemies can’t use any abilities that rely on cooldown. This can be a good counter for characters like Morty and Bugs Bunny, who have a wealth of cooldown moves.

Gizmo Moveset Overview – Standard Attacks

Gizmo wielding a bow in the training room.

As a Support character, most of Gizmo’s moves revolve around bolstering his teammates. However, he also has some moves to help shut down the current projectile-heavy meta. Here are the furball’s standard, aerial, and special attacks:

  • Neutral Ground Attack: Gizmo nocks an arrow in his bow and charges. While holding the input, Gizmo can strafe & jump. If charged enough, the arrow will become a flame arrow and ignite enemies on impact. Dodging while charging the arrow will store the charge for future use. Gizmo has 4 arrows at a time, each with a short cooldown. If Gizmo hits the opponent with a flame arrow, one arrow is instantly replenished.
  • Side Ground Attack: A three-hit combo of a punch, headbutt, and dropkick. The headbutt and dropkick move Gizmo forward.
  • Up Ground Attack: Gizmo charges an upward arc swipe with a popcorn tub. A popcorn ball projectile comes out of the tub. This popcorn will cause an explosion if ignited. Naturally pairs well with Gizmo’s Neutral Ground/Air Attacks.
  • Down Ground Attack: Gizmo slams his keyboard. The slam causes armor break to enemies in close range. The attack also releases music note projectiles on his left & right, which give a stack of silence to enemies.
  • Neutral Air Attack: Same as Neutral Ground Attack.
  • Side Air Attack: Gizmo charges a forward swing. A basic attack, but a powerful knockout tool.
  • Up Air Attack: A two-swipe combo. Another good knockout move at high percentages.
  • Down Air Attack: A three-stomp combo move. Can also be charged for more power.

Gizmo MultiVersus Moveset Overview – Special Attacks

Gizmo riding in his car.

  • Neutral Special: Gizmo summons music notes to apply a music buff to allies, or silence debuff to enemies. When on the ground, these notes go right above him. But if you use Neutral Special in the air, the notes will go forward. These notes can be attached to Gizmo’s projectiles, like from his Neutral and Up Ground Attack to hit enemies with the music.
  • Side Special (Ground): Gizmo summons his car and drives around. Press the input again to do a wheelie and damage enemies. Gizmo can jump out of the car while it’s moving to use the car’s momentum as an edge guarding tool.
  • Side Special (Aerial): Gizmo dashes forward with an umbrella, blocking projectiles. Then, you can hold the input to keep Gizmo floating.
  • Up Special: Gizmo dashes upwards and homes in on other characters. If the nearest is an enemy, Gizmo dashes to them and deals damage, bouncing upwards after the hit. If the nearest is an ally, Gizmo gets in a backpack with them. While in the backpack, Gizmo can use moves like his Down SpecialNeutral Attack, and Up Ground Attack while being sheltered by his teammate. The initial backpack effect also cleanses Gizmo’s ally of any debuffs.
  • Down Special (Ground): Gizmo takes shelter in his box, which blocks projectiles. If he is in the backpack with an ally, he can give them the same effect using his umbrella.
  • Down Special (Aerial): In the air, Gizmo’s Down Special becomes a butt slam. This slam also detonates Gizmo’s popcorn or car if the signature perk Bounce, Bounce, Boom is equipped.

Gizmo’s Best Basic Combos

Gizmo using his up air attack in the training room.

Even as a support character, Gizmo can start some combos against his enemies. By no means is he a brawler, but you can use these combos to mix up enemies as everyone’s favorite Mogwai. Use his wealth of projectiles and your ally to extend these combos even further.

  • Down Air into Up Air: A basic combo that works with most characters, and Gizmo is no exception. The Down Air is a three-hit attack, but hitting the final one is really the only important one to get the subsequent Up Air attack. The second hit of Up Air has decent knockback, making this a potential option for knockouts.
  • Down Air into Up Special: Similar to up air, but with a bit of a different twist. While Up Air can keep Gizmo close to the enemy, Up Special puts him further away. This allows for projectile follow-ups instead of close combat, which may be a better option depending on the situation.
  • Side Ground Attack (Hit 1) into Neutral Ground Attack: This is a good way to use the beginning of Gizmo’s jab to get some damage on an enemy. After the first hit of Side Ground Attack, use Neutral Ground to shoot the opponent with a bow. This is even better if an arrow is already charged and ignited to get some bonus flame damage.

Winning 1v1 MultiVersus Battles As Gizmo

Gizmo celebrating a one-on-one victory.

As a support character, Gizmo isn’t very viable in solos. His distance attacks are good for tacking on damage, and his abilities focus on helping out teammates. Because of this, he struggles to get knockouts in solo matchups.

Gizmo’s best chance to knocking out the competition is by getting the enemy’s damage high. Then, try to get your rival eliminated by using his Up Air or Down Air Attack near the top or bottom of the blast zone, respectively. Again, Gizmo in one-on-one battles will be fighting an incredibly uphill fight. Be creative with tacking on damage and you may be able to sneak out wins.

Gizmo Teams Strategies In MultiVersus

Gizmo celebrating a Teams win.

As a support character, Gizmo works best on a team. He has various abilities that you can use to your advantage to enhance your team. These will work especially well with Tanks and Bruisers. Skillful use of these will be key for your team’s victory.

First, pay attention to your teammates’ debuffs. If a stack is getting close to completing, like on Taz’s chicken or an enemy Gizmo’s silence, use Gizmo’s Up Special. This will cleanse the debuff stack and save your teammate from any of the myriad of debuffs in MultiVersus. It can also be helpful to temporarily get Gizmo out of harm’s way. It specifically may be worth using in a game point situation where Gizmo is at high damage, but his teammate at low.

During the bulk of combat, stay toward the backlines. Try to set up Gizmo’s popcorn ball using Ground Up Attack and hit it with the arrow. This is Gizmo’s best way to deal heavy damage, in addition to being one of his best knockout techniques. Just keep in mind that only two popcorn clusters can be active at a time.

Gizmo’s Best Perks

Gizmo on the perk selection screen.

Gizmo has a set of perks that aligns pretty closely with the meta. However, there are also a couple that help enhance his projectile potential. Here is the best set of perks to use with Gizmo:

  • Make It Rain, Dog! (unlocked at level 4)
  • Triple Jump (unlocked at level 11)
  • Deadshot (unlocked at level 13)
  • Bounce, Bounce, Boom! (unlocked at level 8)

To enhance projectiles, equipping Deadshot and Make It Rain, Dog! will increase the damage and speed, respectively, of Gizmo’s projectiles. Then, Triple Jump will help increase Gizmo’s mobility in the air, possibly leading to better kills with his Up Air Attack. Finally, his best signature perk is Bounce, Bounce, Boom! This signature perk allows Gizmo to detonate popcorn clusters and his car with his Aerial Down Special. This leads to even more utility and ways for Gizmo to mix up enemies with his tricky moveset.

Overall, Gizmo is very similar to his MultiVersus predecessor, Morty. Both rely on good teammates to allow them to work with projectiles. However, Gizmo differs by leaning more heavily into being a Support. With the right teammate at his side, Gizmo could help bolster his partner into a force to be reckoned with.

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