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Batman’s Best Moves, Strategy, and Techniques: MultiVersus Guide

How to beat the MultiVersus competition as the Caped Crusader.

Batman is one of DC Comics’ most recognizable characters, and one of the most approachable, beginner-friendly fighters in MultiVersus. Batman’s moveset uses his wide variety of gadgets at his disposal. These include Batarangs, smoke bombs, and Bat-Bombs. Using these tools, Batman focuses on eliminating his opponents vertically, and is a force to be reckoned with for both new and experienced players.

Batman Moveset Overview

Batman’s tools help provide him a lot of damage potential, while also allowing him to close gaps with opponents when necessary. Many of Batman’s attacks also cause the debuff weaken. In MultiVersus, weaken makes opponents take more damage from any attacks that deal damage. Overall, the best way to take advantage of Batman’s moveset is to apply as much weaken as you can.

  • Neutral Ground Attack: Batman’s neutral ground attack is his Batarang. Hold the attack button to charge how hard he throws, then release to throw. There is a cooldown on the Batarang attack, but it’s significantly shortened if Batman picks it back up. The Batarang weakens on hit.
  • Side Ground Attack: This attack is a basic combo. It ends in an uppercut with slight knockback power. Mostly useful for tacking on damage.
  • Up Ground Attack: Batman can charge a sweeping attack that will hit in a small arc over his head. Decent damage and knockback that is good for trying to hit enemies overhead. Also weakens opponents hit by it.
  • Down Ground Attack: Batman charges up a slide attack. The longer the move is charged, the further Batman slides. Inputting the attack after the slide gives Batman an additional kick that knocks enemies horizontally. 
  • Neutral Air Attack: Batman throws a Batarang. Has a slightly different arc than the throw from the ground, but is otherwise the same.
  • Side Air Attack: Batman charges a forward punch. Pressing the attack again will activate a second jab that rushes forward and weakens the enemy. However, if Batman is close to the ground, getting the second jab off will be difficult.
  • Up Air Attack: Charges an upward jab, similar to the attack on the ground. This aerial attack can also be input again for a second attack. These swipes also weaken enemies.
  • Down Air Attack: Batman flips and kicks downwards. This attack has powerful knockback and is an excellent way to spike enemies. Just be aware of the attacks long wind-up when timing attacks on enemies.

  • Neutral Special: Batman equips a Bat-Bomb. The next attack that Batman connects on an enemy will attach the Bat-Bomb to them. The bomb detonates after a short countdown and knocks the victim upwards. If Batman throws a Batarang with the bomb out, the Batarang will have the bomb attached and stick it to any enemy it hits. This special has a cooldown.
  • Side Special: Batman uses a grappling hook to attach to a surface. This surface could be platforms, the edge of the stage, or even opponents. The grappling hook pulls him in, kicking enemies on the way. A good movement tool, but can be easily telegraphed and punished by enemies.
  • Up Special: Batman charges an uppercut, launching himself and any fighters he hits into the air. This is Batman’s best way to K.O. enemies. Even if the enemy isn’t high enough damage to get knocked out, knocking them into the air is a great way to start upward combos and lead to their death. When in the air, the move can’t be charged, but is still an excellent way to finish enemies.
  • Down Special (Ground): On the ground, Batman’s down special is a smoke bomb. While in the smoke, Batman and his ally is invisible to the opposing team. In addition, all attacks from the smoke weaken opponents. Opponents in the smoke have their movement speed reduced.
  • Down Special (Air): While in the air, Batman’s down special becomes a stomp, coming down from the air with control to change his direction.

Overall, Batman is best when chasing enemies vertically. He has many attacks that can have additional combo hits to maximize damage that knock horizontally. But when finishing opponents, vertical knockback attacks are the way to go.

How to Win 2v2 Battles as Batman in MultiVersus

Batman tends to excel more in solo battles. However, he’s still a great pick for team battles too. As for his teammates, it’s best to pair Batman with some characters that excel with ranged attacks:

  • Bugs Bunny (Mage)
  • Velma (Support)
  • LeBron (Bruiser)
  • Tom & Jerry (Mage)

Batman will best serve his team trying to rush one of the opponents. Keeping stacks of the weakened status condition will help stack damage on enemies. Then, a more ranged teammate of Batman’s can help add the damage even more. 

Batman’s Smoke Bomb can be utilized in teams as well. Both Batman and his ally will be invisible in the smokescreen. In addition, his team has increased speed. These two buffs combine to help Batman’s ranged teammate unleash unexpected ranged attacks to their advantage.

How to Win 1v1 Battles as Batman in MultiVersus

Batman’s combo brawling excels in one-on-one battles. With less enemies to worry about, Batman can chain his attacks together with no problem. The second hits of Batman’s Down Ground Attack and Side Air Attack are much easier to connect in these smaller-scale fights.

After using combos to stack on the damage, Batman can knock enemies out of the top of the stage. At around 90 damage, Batman can start trying to K.O. enemies out of the top. When chasing enemies, try to stay below them and bait out their dodges. Then, finish them off with Batman’s Up Special to finish them off.

Batman’s Best MultiVersus Perks

Batman’s best perks mostly revolve around maximizing his vertical kill power. Some perks can be altered, but there’s a few that players will always want to have equipped to complement Batman’s strengths.

Best Batman Perks (One-On-One/Teams)

  • Up, Up, And A-Slay (unlocked at Level 12
  • Triple Jump (trained at Level 9)
  • Aerial Acrobat (unlocked at Level 2)
  • Precision Grapple (Signature Perk) (unlocked at level 10)

Batman’s best perks stay largely the same in both 1v1 and Teams battles. Up, Up And A-Slay is vital for Batman’s success. Increased vertical knockback helps accentuate Batman’s biggest strengths. Aerial Acrobat increases air acceleration, meaning he moves around in the air faster. This makes it easier to bait enemies with unexpected attacks and movement. Triple Jump lets Batman chase enemies higher with less risk. Finally, Precision Grapple gives a powerful blast. This makes Batman’s grappling hook even more effective, especially when Batman grapples onto an enemy.

Batman Nerfs in MultiVersus Season 1

Batman didn’t get as heavily changed as other characters in the latest MultiVersus patch. However, he did still get slight nerfs from before. Here are the changed that the Caped Crusader got in Season One:

  • Batman’s grappling hook won’t make him overshoot his destination. Before, Batman missing a grappling hook kick would result in him going far past his grapple point. This commonly resulted in Batman being K.O.’d far earlier than he ordinarily would.
  • First hit of the side ground attack has whiff recovery. This means that if Batman misses the first hit of this jab, his enemy could punish it more easily.
  • Batman picking up the Batarang now returns less of the cooldown. This prevents spamming the attack as could happen in the original build of the game.

Overall, despite these changes, Batman is still a strong member of the MultiVersus roster. He has a load of gadgets that make him a fun adaptation. Batman’s fun yet approachable moveset makes him an especially great pick for newcomers to MultiVersus