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Spider-Man 2 PS5 Miles Morales Skill Tree Guide: Best Skills

Want to get the best Miles Morales skills in Spider-Man 2‘s skill tree? With 62 Skills in three separate skill trees to choose from in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you might be a little undecided about which ones to go for at first. This Spider-Man 2 guide will shortlist the best Skills from the 17 that are exclusive to Miles Morales, as well as some from the 26 skills in the tree that is shared with Peter Parker.

Venom Jump: Best Early Miles Morales Skills

Getting enemies airborne is always a good move, and this skill is how you can accomplish that with Miles, while also deploying Venom Stun.

Venom Smash: Jolt

Double down on the tactic of keeping enemies up in the air like a juggler, with this upgrade to Miles’ standard Venom Smash.

Chain Lightning: Power Overwhelming

Miles’ Chain Lightning bolts doubles its targets to six with this skill upgrade, making it an excellent choice for area of effect crowd control.

Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales Skill Tree: Bio-Siphon

Since you’ll be Venom Stunning enemies a lot through use of both Venom Jump and Venom Smash, this skill will synergize nicely. Recharge your abilities by smacking enemies around some more while they’re stunned.

Bounce Up: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Best Shared Skills

Not only does this skill have great combo potential, it also allows you to remain airborne for as long as you can keep the rhythm going. This means that you can stay well above the fray when faced with a throng of enemies. It is also a very feasible tactic versus brute enemies.

Leap Off Bounce

An upgrade to Bounce Up, this skill will give you even more air time, as you use an airborne enemy to propel yourself up while still bouncing them off of the ground.

Combo Resupply

Since you’ll be using enemies like yo-yos with the Bounce Up skill, you might as well take advantage of this skill to get free Gadget shots from all those combos.

Parry Disarm

With a number of tough enemies now also armed with melee weapons like swords and axes, this upgrade to the standard Parry’s stagger will also disarm them long enough for you to wrap things up with attacks of your own. Do note that enemies can and will pick up their weapons if given the chance to do so.

Those are all the best skills in both Miles Morales’ exclusive skill tree and the one shared with Peter Parker. Now check out our recommendations for best skills for Peter Parker, as well as the location of Aunt May’s grave.