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Spider-Man 2 PS5 Graphics Settings: Fidelity or Performance?

Wondering if you should play Spider-Man 2 in performance or fidelity mode? Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will let players once again stand in the role of Spider-Man, both as Peter Parker and Miles Morales. With the game being released only on the PlayStation 5, The game will feature a much more defined and detailed version of New York City for players to swing around in all glory. As with most modern games, the game will have graphics options for players to choose from. In the case of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there will be two modes: Fidelity vs Performance. Let’s take a look at what the modes offer and which are suitable for players.

What is the Best Graphics Mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Based on all the options, the best graphics mode looks to be the Performance Mode with Smoothed VRR and 120 Hz support enabled. It will provide both a higher framerate as well as amazing graphics. Not to mention, with the presence of Ray-Tracing enabled by default, Spider-Man 2 will be a treat to play in this mode.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fidelity & Performance Mode Details

The Fidelity Mode is the default graphics setting in the game, which is at a locked framerate of 30 FPS at a resolution of up to 4K. This means graphics take priority here, so if you want to enjoy the full glory of New York City as well as take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s hardware, this is the mode to use. This includes the highly sought-after Ray Tracing feature as well. 

The Performance Mode in Spider-Man 2 is locked at 60 FPS, which can reach a max resolution of 1440p and as low as 1080p. What’s great here is that this mode also has Ray-tracing enabled, so players won’t need to worry about that. 

The game also has 120 Hz and VRR support that can make it reach higher framerates in the modes as well. The VRR mode has three options: off, smooth, or uncapped. The Smooth option will keep the resolution and target a stable framerate. On the other hand, the Uncapped option will lower the resolution a bit and go for a higher framerate. Enabling this in Fidelity mode will let the game reach 40FPS. And on the other hand, in Performance mode, it will reach around 70-80 FPS. If a display has 120 Hz support, enabling it in-game will further increase the framerates in the two modes as well.

The option to choose a graphics setting is a great way to fully enjoy this amazing title by Insomniac Games. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set for worldwide release on October 20 on the PlayStation 5.