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Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.430.0 Apr 17

Early Access farming sim with mechs, Lightyear Frontier, gets a hotfix on April 17 for Steam PC and Xbox Series X|S


Hot Fix April 17 (v.0.1.430.0)

Achievement unlock now fixed!


Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.407.0 Apr 15


Hey, Exofarmers!

Quick update from the team here!

Our April 15 patch caused issues with achievements no longer unlocking which we aim to fix in this very hot hot fix 🔥

All achievements that were completed but didn't unlock should now do so when starting the game again after this patch ✅

Let us know if those lil shy achievements did indeed finally decide to show themselves here on Steam forums or over on our Discord!

Happy farming, folks!


Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.373 Mar 27


That’s all there is to the patch notes for the v0.1.430.0 update on April 17 for Lightyear Frontier on Steam PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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