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Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.407.0 Apr 15

Early Access farming sim with mechs, Lightyear Frontier, gets another patch on April 15 for Steam PC and Xbox Series X|S


Hiya, Exofarmers!

With the team refreshed and energized after some days off for Easter, we are happy to roll out this awaited patch for you folks! This patch should fix some pesky bugs and hopefully make space farming smoother than a fresh bottle of chromaize oil.

UPDATED April 17


A hotfix was issued for problems with unlocking certain achievements:

Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.430.0 Apr 17



  • A message will now be displayed if the game fails to save
  • Increased angle threshold for Seed Shooter lock-ons
  • Added a glow effect on Coal-nodes to make them easier to see
  • Updated wild Weeds particle system for better visibility between tiers
  • Slightly increased the weight of Dried Glo Fruit.
  • Minor graphical tweaks
  • Updated Crobling material
  • Updated Small Meadow Trees material and LODs



  • Fixed one potential cause for the game freezing on a black screen on launch
  • Rebuilt the Achievement system to fix issues where some achievements wouldn't unlock for some players
  • Fixed issue where the Radio Tower quest did not complete after building the Radio tower
    • This will only affect new save files
  • Fixed issue where the Daily Request menu doesn’t reset properly after certain actions
  • Fixed Compost Box not saving and loading properly
  • Fixed issue with Compost Box not working correctly for clients
  • Fixed collision on the Request Board
  • Fixed Upgrade Dock not being paintable
  • Fixed issue where some sessions would not show up in Recent Sessions list
  • Quest destination should now complete if player already is in destination when receiving quest
  • Fixed issue where holograms progress were displayed incorrectly for clients
  • Fixed paths only being visible to the host of a session in certain scenarios
  • Fixed issue where VFX of harvested wild plants did not show for clients
  • Goo and weeds should now be destroyed when on plots that get recycled
  • Fixed spawning of wild plants so it won't happen on paths or fields
  • Fixed issue where some Noxious Weeds spawned underneath the map in Yellow Forest
  • Fixed issue where one Noxious Slime spawned underneath the map in Stepstone Peak
  • Fixed coziness and crafting buff indicators displaying incorrect values sometimes
  • Fixed auto-pickup not behaving properly when over-encumbered
  • Fixed several issues with weeds spawned by the Weed Seeds hazard event
  • Fixed issue with grass not coming back after recycling the Mansion
  • Fixed an issue where players could not exit the mech while looking at a treasure
  • Fixed an issue where players could use the Tool Cycle button while the Tool Wheel was open
  • Fixed an issue regarding Mech jumping while selecting a Tractor Mode that had unintended side effects
  • Fixed an issue where certain UI elements sometimes unintentionally reset their scroll position
  • The Farmer can no longer interact with objects while selecting a tool
  • Znork should now behave same for clients and hosts
  • Fixed clients sometimes not being able to place holograms of fences
  • Fixed an issue where players could interact with certain constructs during the day transition
  • Fixed clipping issues with some nodes and terrain
  • Fixed issue of some items weight being different from what the game showed
  • Fixed recycling effects not playing properly on the Upgrade Dock
  • Reduced incorrect size of hologram and interact box for the Oil Presser
  • Fixed some gaps in the landscape
  • Added missing light rays on pillars in vault main hall
  • Fixed Power Armor Hood flickering


Let us know in the steam forums or over on our Discord if this patch did indeed fix the things and keep reporting bugs and other fixes to us through discord or the in-game feedback tool - it really helps us out! <3

Happy farming, folks!


Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.373 Mar 27


That’s all there is to the patch notes for the v0.1.407.0 update on April 15 for Lightyear Frontier on Steam PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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