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Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to Unfuse a Weapon

There are plenty of new abilities like fuse in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but players may want to unfuse a weapon after making a decision they regret. Zelda: TOTK introduces four new abilities for Link to use in his latest quest, with one of them being the crafting system, dubbed Fuse. This mechanic allows weapons, shields, and arrows to be combined with materials on the fly through a quick menu system, completely changing the properties of the item. Picked up a Dragon’s Head Statue? Fuse it with a Traveler’s Shield and it can discharge flames when shielding.

Can You Unfuse a Fused Weapon In Tears Of The Kingdom?

A fused item cannot be fused again with anything else, and you are eventually going to come across superior materials dropped by superior enemies to combine your favorite items with. Or you may pick up an impressive, already fused item, but are dissatisfied with its fused attributes. Or maybe you’re just having second thoughts after fusing your favorite shield with that random Bomb Barrel out of pure curiosity.

Tears of the Kingdom does not make it at all clear how to dismantle or destroy a fused item nor what the result will be–so how do you take them apart? The function is somewhat buried in the menus.

  • Open the Menu with <+>
  • Go to the Weapons tab
  • Select the Weapon
  • Select “Destroy Fused Material”

The base item will not be destroyed, but the material is irrevocably lost. You can now fuse other materials with the original item to your heart’s content.

How To Extend Weapon Durability Using The Fuse Ability

This opens up another possibility with regards to the deeply detested durability mechanic from Breath of the Wild, which is returning in Tears of the Kingdom. Found a weapon you really like but the durability is running low? Just Fuse it with whatever material is handy, and reset the durability. When this fused weapon deteriorates heavily too, just dismantle it and fuse the item with something else again. So hold onto a handful of materials that you are willing to lose, just so you can reset the durability of a favored weapon every now and then!

That’s all you need to know about how to unfuse a fusion weapon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Want something to take a quick break with on launch weekend? Check out our guide on the Diablo 4 server slam start time!