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Internet Cafe Evolution Update Patch Notes May 8

A compilation of recent patch notes thus far on May 8, for Internet Cafe Evolution, the business simulator set in the 90s.

All patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:





Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.3.1) May 8

We have adjusted some of the English translations. If there are any inaccuracies or doubts, please feel free to send us an email.
The content of this update:
1. Add the function of batch replacement of computers.


2. The load-bearing column can be rebuilt and removed at a cost of money.


3. Add fatigue symbols to the network management interface.


4. In sandbox mode, the store can be transferred as a whole.


5. Optimize street lighting to avoid multiple exposures and improve performance.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.3.0) May 2

Urgent optimization has been made to the display performance in an attempt to prevent some players from getting stuck due to excessive graphics card usage.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.9) April 30

Fixed some known bugs.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.8) April 30

1. Uploaded message stacking function.
2. Revised the settlement rules of the film industry to settle on a daily basis.
3. Adjust the icon size when NPC autonomous behavior does not affect others.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.6) April 29

1. Fixed the issue of NPC displacement;
2. Fixed a bug in movie shooting.



May Day Version Update April 28

Hello internet cafe owners, we have updated the May Day version in advance. Due to the modification of some numerical bugs, we will update them first to avoid affecting everyone's gaming experience. The message stacking function of this plan has not been tested yet. After the testing is completed, we will update it tomorrow. Wishing everyone a happy holiday.
The updated content can be found in:

See below.



May Day version trailer April 25

Hello everyone, let me start with good news. A very talented UI lady has joined us, and we have grown a lot. We have prepared a May Day version for everyone, with slightly more updated content. Because there is a decoration inside that is unique to this version. So let me give you a preview and wish everyone a happy May Day. The version will be updated before May Day. The updated content is as follows——
1. Add two new network administrators.

2. Zheng Haonan and Qu Xiuhua are available in challenge and sandbox mode.

3. May Day special event decoration and achievements. (Only available in the May Day version)

4. Add letter decoration for A-Z.

5. Notification can be stacked to avoid missing personnel recruitment.
6. Add a voice prompt control panel. Some players have reported that there are too many voice calls in the later stage, which is a bit annoying.
7. In story mode, add new targets to complete both the plot and objectives simultaneously, avoiding incomplete storyline experience.
8. Fix numerical errors in movie shooting.
9. Fixed a bug where the cinema had insufficient foot traffic in challenge mode.
10. Remove unreasonable employee tasks.
11. Add a rule that noisy behavior will only be triggered when customer satisfaction is below 60.
12. Add a skip button for appointment animations.
Some players have provided feedback that we are already making modifications, but it is estimated that we may not be able to finalize it before the holiday. We will have plenty of time during the May Day holiday, so let's try to make changes and update later.


[Update content of the May Day post plan]

1. Add the function of batch replacement of computers.
2. Change the original "sandbox mode" to "company operation" and add a "sandbox mode" with unlimited money.
3. Add "technology level" selection in the new sandbox mode and prominently display it in the "company operation" mode. Avoid always starting with the lowest technology computers.
4. Add a new computer storage warehouse to avoid the need to sell computers when changing tables.
5. Optimize AI pathfinding function. (At present, there is a high volume of passengers, but they are not satisfied with their seats. After investigation, there is also a problem with finding the way.)
6. Optimize AI behavior to improve automatic dissuasion and watering efficiency.
We summarize everyone's suggestions every day and do our best to continuously optimize and update them. In order to communicate with our friends in a timely manner, we have decided to establish an official group: 207023656. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.4) April 23

1. Optimize the store owner name function.
2. Demolition of load-bearing walls with added prompts.
3. The issue of the replacement computer's health level returning to full warning icon not disappearing.
4. Other bug handling.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.3) April 22

1. Open custom names.
2. After replacing or repurchasing the computer, the computer status will be restored to 100%
3. Modify some UI interaction experiences.
4. Live broadcast ended, no mandatory pop ups.



Update fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.2) April 20

1. Add vertical synchronization function.
2. Correction of target values for fantasy space missions. Thank you for the player's feedback.
3. Add some prompts.
4. Fix the possibility of archiving errors caused by a specific construction operation process.
5. Fixed an issue where the game console could cause game currency errors by moving buildings.



Bug fix announcement (updated to version 1.2.1) April 19

1. Correct the value of movie shooting revenue.
2. Modify the color of explanatory text for individual interfaces.
3. Add missing translations.
4. Fix the issue of jamming caused by the simultaneous pop-up of the esports platform page and network management task page.
5. Fixed bugs that occurred during the sale of some facilities with tasks.


Those are the patch notes up through May 8 for Internet Cafe Evolution.

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