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Infection Free Zone Update Patch Notes June 19





Bugfix Update #5 – Weather Optimization, Tower’s Fix, Scavengable Shotguns June 19


Greetings, Survivors!

For the past two weeks we have been busy fixing all the issues reported our way, after the last Major Update. The highest number of reports were related to the Weather Optimization and the Towers not dealing damage from time to time. We are happy to let you know, that the Weather has been optimized and that the issue with the Towers has been fixed. We hope that your experience with Infection Free Zone will be even better now!




New changes

  • A missing Warehouse POI Filter option has been added,
  • Construction site terrain texture and debris generation have been updated,
  • Expanded Error Messages in the Bug Reporter have been added,
  • The Traditional Chinese font size in the Research panel has been increased,
  • The Emblem material and outline have been updated.


Bug Fixes

  • An issue with towers not dealing damage in some specific cases has been fixed,
  • An issue that caused the grown-up children not to have the proper adult stats (like movement speed) has been fixed,
  • The Snow and Rain VFX has been optimized to reduce the impact on the player's average FPS,
  • An issue that caused the shotguns not to appear during the scavenge has been fixed,
  • An issue with default emblems displaying incorrectly on older saves has been fixed,
  • An issue with the zone name displaying incorrectly as Testing_Zone on older saves has been fixed,
  • An issue with the zone name displaying a value from previous games in radio transmissions has been fixed,
  • An issue with errors appearing when clicking on a squad after an exchange has been fixed,
  • An issue with walls being locked from placing from certain directions has been fixed.
  • An issue that caused the game to crash/freeze upon exiting the game or entering the Main Menu after longer sessions of gameplay has been fixed,
  • An issue that caused errors upon entering the expedition has been fixed,
  • An issue that caused the infected dogs to spawn less often than intended has been fixed,
  • An issue that caused the workers to not correctly use the building entrances has been fixed,
  • An issue that caused the squad to get stuck in the loop of moving between the vehicle and the building has been fixed.
  • An issue with some locations spawning an excessive number of aircraft wrecks has been fixed,
  • An issue with cookhouses not working when being adapted from very small buildings has been fixed,
  • An issue with infected dogs not having the animation for burying underground has been fixed,
  • An issue that made it possible to place a greenhouse on a farm has been fixed,
  • A rare issue that resulted in workers still working in the building, even if they weren't assigned to it, has been fixed,
  • A number of stability changes have been introduced to reduce the number of crashes.


Indoor Movement

We see that some of you are wondering what we are working on at the moment. While some things are still in the early conceptual phase, today we would like to show you the Indoor Movement. This system is intended to solve some problems currently occurring. Among other things, it should help with the defense of very large buildings.

Don't worry, the issue with the building flashing white will be fixed in the future. This is just an early prototype of this feature. Still, we remain extremely excited about this change! Let us know what you think about Indoor Movement and all the recent changes in the comments. And what's most important - have fun, survivors!
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Major Update #1 – Gear, Citizen Reproduction, Greenhouses, Tree Regrowth June 6


Greetings Survivors

We are super happy to let you know that a new Major Update is available on the Default branch of the game! At first, our initial focus after the launch was to solve as many bugs and stability issues as possible. After a few updates, we reached a point where the number of stability and bug reports decreased by 90%. Instead, numerous requests for new functionalities and content began to appear.
In this Major Update, we want to meet those expectations. We are adding several new systems and hope that they improve your overall experience with Infection Free Zone. Have fun!


New Features and Content

  • Gear System has been added to the game, including Sport Protector, Riot Gear and Plate Armor. Those will allow extra protection for your squad members.
  • Two new types of POI have been added - Museums and Sports Shops where you can find the Gear.
  • Emblem customization has been added. Now you can both change your zone's name and its emblem. It's also possible to upload custom images to the Infection Free Zone_Data\StreamingAssets\Emblem\Logo folder and use them as emblems in the game.
  • A tree regrowth system has been added. The trees will grow back by themself now.
  • Greenhouses have been added to the game. They cost 4 wood, 8 metal, and 1 tool to build, but are immune to negative modifiers from the weather.
  • The Citizen Reproduction System has been added. When specific conditions are met (enough food, available housing, proper mood level), children will appear in the Zone. Children consume 50% as much as adults, use the house/shelter living slots, and take 12 in-game days to grow up.
  • A resource discard feature has been added (right-click on the resource in your storage to discard the resources).
  • Additional entrances have been added to the buildings to improve the overall scavenging experience.
  • A new Megastorm and Supermoon music themes have been added.
  • The Citizen Housing logic has been reworked. The citizens will now get back to sleep at the closest shelter/house, which should help with running outposts.
  • The Building System has been improved to allow structures to be placed on gatherable objects. The workers will remove the gatherable object first and then proceed with the original task.
  • POI Filters have been added to the View Layers section. Players can now look for specific POIs like guns or gear on the map.
  • Heavy Rain animation for the Megastorm event has been added.
  • New shrub models have been added to the game.
  • Damaged structure models have been added to the game,
  • Snow particles and snow animation have been updated.
  • Beijing Map has been updated.
  • Mast visuals have been updated.
  • It is now possible to select an empty production cycle in the Medbay building to keep on attending to the wounded in the beds but refrain from manufacturing unwanted first aid kits. The UI of this solution will receive an update in the future.


Balance changes

  • The day/night length has been increased by 20%.
  • Default Warehouse capacity has been increased by 20%.
  • The number of potential immigrants wandering around our Zone has been slightly increased.
  • The Globetrotter achievement logic has been updated.
  • Hordes will now attack the encountered farm crops. Farms won't get destroyed, but the production progress will go down.
  • Biome regions have been updated to fix issues with excessively low temperatures in some areas.
  • The Assault Rifle base damage has been decreased by around 50%, but the attack speed has been vastly increased. This should result in the weapon being very strong, but consuming significant amounts of ammo.
  • The Shotgun base damage has been increased by around 25%. The attack speed has been slightly decreased.
  • The Shotguns have been added to the pool of scavengable items in the game.
  • The maximum available angle when placing walls has been increased.
  • The maximum available camera zoom-in has been increased.
  • The camera angle change during zoom-in and zoom-out has been readjusted.
  • The density of trees has been increased.


Bug Fixes

  • An issue with tooltips displaying incorrect information for buildings that are unlocked by multiple technologies has been fixed.
  • An issue with hordes attacking structures resetting their position upon death of one of the infected has been fixed.
  • An issue with the military medbay storyline causing errors has been fixed.
  • An issue with non-infected NPC groups attacking Infected who were buried down has been fixed.
  • An issue that caused the Research Tree to not properly refresh all the available researches has been fixed.
  • An issue with errors happening with partially adapted buildings getting fully adapted has been fixed.
  • Issues that were caused by the Zone name not having a character limit have been fixed. Now the maximum character limit for the Zone name is 32 characters.
  • A number of other minor issues have been fixed.


We hope that you will enjoy all the recent changes. Have fun and let us know about your feedback in the comments! Would you like us to work further on the current systems? Or should we prioritize completely new functionalities? We're all ears!
Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone.
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Major Rebalance and Bugfixes May 11


Greetings, Survivors!

We have a fresh update for you!
Version 14 BETA is now available for everyone, check it out!


New Features:

  • Beijing added to recommended cities
  • New events for you to encounter
  • Bandits will now target the structures and will have a slight chance to wound the people inside before building HP drops to 0
  • Hordes hiding underground during the day cannot be targetted now
  • Zone Name customization enabled
  • Swarms rebalanced and less random
  • New night music track added
  • Low disk space warnings added - low disk space and memory cause a lot of errors
  • Multiple autosave are disabled when disk space runs low
  • Workers optimized - fps should drop less with hundreds of workers.
  • Barns can be deadapted now
  • CheatsEnabled tracking - we know when cheats were used now and we ignore most of the bugs made with cheats.
  • Savegames changed to allow future trees regrowing (soon to be added)


Visual tweaks:

  • Trees are more green to avoid blending with grass
  • Snow and rain upgraded
  • Temples now have a custom visual style
  • Many new graphics added to story events


Bugs fixed:

  • Shotguns rebalanced
  • Fixed repair cost for partially adapted buildings
  • Squad do not return to a vehicle taken by another squad
  • Hordes spawning on water fixed
  • Randomly destroyed buildings on reloads
  • Workers stuck between structures - now they can ignore them to return
  • Globetrotter achievement fixed (hopefully). This one will be split into multiple achievements soon
  • POIs are limited to max 200 biggest of each type on overloaded maps for performance reasons
  • Load of minor bugs fixed


Known Major Bugs – we are working on them!

  • Some tooltip translations are missing - we will add them soon
  • Crashes on low memory - make sure your RAM and VRAM are free while playing
  • Windows Account permissions might cause downloading and saving errors


Faster Updates – join Open Beta

If you wish, you can access faster updates by switching to OPEN_BETA in the Steam game setting.
Any error on Open Beta will cause Bug Reporter to appear - please use it, as this greatly helps us to track bugs.


Coming Next

The whole team works tirelessly to develop new features now, focusing on trees regrowth, citizen reproduction, new squad equipment and skills
Join the DISCORD to learn more, post your votes and suggestions!
Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone!
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Bugfix Update #4 – Corrupted Saves, Stuck Workers, Faster Scavenging Speed April 19


Greetings, Survivors!

We are super happy to let you know that the new build is now available on the Default branch! In this build, we are fixing a huge set of biggest issues, that were recently reported to us. Tackling the corrupted saves was our highest priority and we are really glad that we have been able to remove the two most common causes behind them.
Of course, we keep tracking all the data and the reports that are coming from you. Your help in this regard is invaluable. Thank you for your incredible support! We hope that you will have even more fun with Infection Free Zone now after the stability of the game has been improved.




Critical Issues

  • An issue with disappearing buildings which were potentially causing corrupted saves has been fixed,
  • An issue with tiles full of water which were potentially causing corrupted saves has been fixed,
  • An issue with crashes occurring after screen resolution change has been fixed,
  • An issue with crashes occurring after encountering new events has been fixed,
  • An issue with workers getting stuck in buildings and not finishing adaptation has been fixed.


Other Issues

  • An issue that allowed changing time speed with the opened research panel has been fixed,
  • An issue that displayed an incorrect squad count has been fixed,
  • An issue with small buildings' deconstruction time being longer than expected has been fixed.
  • OSM-generated walls that were overlapping roads are now removed to ensure that entrances to certain locations are accessible,
  • An issue with navigation after deconstruction has been fixed,
  • Issues with camera after zoom-in and zoom-out during map loading have been fixed,
  • An issue with the military refueling from the player-controlled HQ has been fixed,
  • An issue with the clock image showing an inappropriate season has been fixed.


Added to the game

  • A new POI Color scheme has been added,
  • An ability to zoom out to the Map Expedition View during HQ Selection has been added,
  • We have added the map data to the set of data that is being sent to us from Bug Reports. It should help us a lot with the analysis of the issues you report to us.


Balance changes

  • The squad's scavenging speed has been increased by 30%,
  • The swarm spawning mechanic has been rebalanced. The first swarm won't be coming to the player on day 7/8 by default but will start spawning after the player reaches a certain Zone size.
  • The farm building cost has been changed from 4 wood/2 tool to 4 wood/1 tool,


Feel free to share your feedback with us regarding this newest update! Let us know how you feel about the recent changes and if you want to discuss them with other players, join our Discord Server!
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Bugfix Update #3 – No Story Mode, Balance, Metal Towers fix April 15


Greetings, Survivors!

Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone! We are introducing a number of changes based on your feedback to improve the game. Today we are releasing a new update to the Default branch. We have heard your feedback about the transmissions interrupting the gameplay too much, and for those of you, who want to focus on pure gameplay, we are introducing the No Story Mode.



  • No Story Mode has been added to the game - you can play the game without transmissions interrupting your gameplay now,
  • New Van cars have been added,
  • Vehicle repair time has been unified,
  • Vehicle movement logic and the way they turn back have been updated,
  • The damage of the hordes in the water has been reduced by 50%,
  • The building adaptation and repair time has been decreased by 50%,
  • An issue with workers getting stuck in metal towers has been fixed,
  • An issue with weather becoming wrongly calculated after longer sessions of gameplay has been fixed,
  • An issue with Raiders going through the walls has been fixed,
  • An issue with the Tank Truck moving faster than intended has been fixed,
  • An issue with an error appearing after finishing deconstruction has been fixed.


Our current focus:

  • The biggest issue that we are currently aware of is the save files going corrupted after longer sessions of gameplay. We are extremely thankful for the huge number of Bug Reports with this issue, as it will make it easier for us to analyze them and find the source of this problem.
  • Water - we are working on changing the Hordes' pathing prioritization to discourage them from moving through the water and encourage them to move through the nearby roads more.
Other than that, we track all the reviews and feedback to decide on the other changes that should come to the game first. Dealing with bug fixes and performance is of the highest importance for us right now. Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone. We appreciate such a huge interest, even though we just released the game in Early Access.
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Bugfix Update – Game Rebalanced! April 13


Greetings, Survivors!

We have read every single review and thousands of your comments or bug reports. Thank you for all of them! Our team works tirelessly 24/7 to update the game as soon as possible.
Please mind that the game is in EARLY ACCESS and we still have a lot of work to do, therefore we ask for your patience and indulgence
If you wish, you can access faster updates by switching to OPEN_BETA in the Steam game setting


Major balance tweaks:

  • number of hordes and swarms lowered for normal and easy mode
  • more migrants and answers to your invites
  • food is easier to find and faster to produce
  • construction costs are lowered
  • constructions and deconstructions are now faster
  • deconstructions give more wood and metal
  • more types of riders groups added
  • fewer buildings are required to start the game in some regions
  • Some achievements are easier to achieve



  • The game should crash far less often when loading maps
  • Squads on foot should properly start fire when hordes are spotted
  • Squads should properly enter Expeditions now
  • Workers should now enter towers properly
  • Events and markers should cause less problems
  • Dozen of minor UI and animations bugfixes


Known issues (unresolved yet, work in progress!)

  • Weather might get weird after multiple reloads. Better reload near April!
  • The game might not assume optimal performance automatically. Try lowering the settings manually
  • The game still crashes in some regions or small squares of the map might be inaccessible


Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone!
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Bugfix Update – 12.04.2024 April 12


Greetings, Survivors!

A new update is up! We have introduced a number of small changes and keep on investigating all the reports coming our way. Important - We are still investigating the issue that causes crashes when loading certain maps. Once we have any information about the potential fixes coming your way, we will update you immediately.



  • The issue with Chinese fonts getting bigger every time settings are changed has been fixed,
  • The issue that prevented the vehicles from entering expeditions has been fixed,
  • The issue that made the Transmission log display the events in non-chronological order has been fixed,
  • New POI icons have been added,
  • The amount of the Warehouse building HP has been increased,
  • A number of other small changes and fixes have been introduced.


Thank you for playing Infection Free Zone!
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team



Infection Free Zone – Minor Update April 3


Greetings, Survivors!

Preparations for the upcoming release of Infection Free Zone in Early Access are underway! We've just uploaded a new build to Steam and wanted to share with you the latest changelog before the game's launch.



  • The project's Unity version has been updated,
  • New translations have been added. Some follow-up translations are to be added,
  • Swarms and hordes spawning system has been rebalanced,
  • Unit pathing has been updated,
  • Several optimization changes for bigger numbers of hordes and workers have been introduced,
  • Number of new SFX have been added,
  • "Highlight playable tiles" option has been added to the Tile Selector,
  • New military events have been added, while previous military events have been updated,
  • New side events have been added,
  • Several new tooltips have been added,
  • The wall spawning system at the beginning of the game has been updated,
  • Healing, food, and drug production have been rebalanced,
  • Towers have been updated to allow for the usage of the shotgun and sniper rifle weapons,
  • Vehicle repair functionality has been added,
  • Tank trucks and other new vehicles are now spawning on the map,
  • Several new environment models have been added,
  • Objects generated in the background during the Loading Screen are now displayed with their current percentage
  • Settings Menu has been updated,
  • An option to limit the number of auto-save slots to two has been added,
  • Road Map window has been added to the Main Manu,
  • Worker logic has been updated. Workers won't go to work now during the Megastorm event when at risk.
  • New recommended maps have been added - Guangzhou and Ruciane,
  • New voiceovers have been added to the number of transmissions that previously used placeholder sounds.


Feedback needed!

If you have previously supported us on Kickstarter, Backerkit, or Xsolla, your feedback is needed! We will be thankful for playing through the game and reporting all the encountered issues via the in-game Bug Reporter. The more issues we can fix before the launch, the better the start of the Early Access! Thank you!
Best regards,
Jutsu Games Team


Those are the patch notes up through June 19 for Infection Free Zone.

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