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ICARUS Update Patch Notes May 6





Hotfix v2.2.1.122455-rel-Laika May 6

  • Fixes the Issues with lights and torches, Fixes crash related to Tuskers' aura
  • Contains the following Fixes
  • Fixed bug where item in light slot would become activated any time player visibility changed
  • Fixed other Aluminium building piece recipes that require Aluminium Ingots
  • Adding appropriate audio for start loop and stop of coal - wood burner. Adding appropriate deploy audio
  • Fixing wood burner chimney smoke effects playing at the wrong location - based on smaller chimney
  • Fixed bug where wood torch and wood rag torch would disappear when looking in certain directions in first-person
  • Fixed Hypothermia Resistance modifier granted by Tusker crashing game when removed.
  • Added validation to D_ModifierStates to prevent recursive application of auras
  • Fixed bug where offset applied to light slot when mounted wasn't being cleared after dismounting






Hotfix v2.2.0.122038-rel-Laika April 28

Makes it clear you can do missions in open world, adds status indicators when riding mounts, and fixes some AI bugs


Contains the following fixes and new features

  • RELOCATED: Tagged mission item so it will show in relevant crafting filter
  • Added active modifier list above mount's health bar when riding
  • Fixed bug where mounts/tames wouldn't attack targets if they failed to path
  • Fixed bug where Moa mount wouldn't attack after unlocking required talent and setting to Defensive/Aggressive
  • Fixed pets having mount talent growth, granting additional talents over
  • Adding Subclasses of Apply To Target so all medicines have their correct 'in-use' modifier
  • Adding viewable creature modifiers when viewing a mount or tames tooltip in world
  • Adding Initial Missions to Styx and Olympus Open worlds to build a mission device similar to Prometheus


Missing from this hotfix

The following was supposed to be in this update but failed in test. They will be fixed in the next update.
  • Paints cannot be made without interior decorations DLC, to make the red chicken coup. This was not intended, and has been partially fixed in this update but not completely. This will be fixed in the next update.


Those are the Laika hotfix notes up through May 6 for ICARUS.

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