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Hydroneer: Journey To Volcalidus DLC Update Patch Notes Apr 23

A compilation of all 3.0.x patch notes thus far on April 23, for Hydroneer and its new Journey to Volcalidus DLC which released on April 5, 2024.

The latest patch notes are below, in descending order, from latest to oldest:

UPDATED April 23


3.0.7 Patch April 22

  • Drop Target now appears under the item you're "freeplacing"/"precision placing".
  • Fixed issue where drills with speed buffs would actually output less than their slower counterparts.
  • Boosted output of Heavy Drills.
  • Adjusted animations of Heavy Drills to sync up with speed buffs applied to them.
  • Left Ctrl can now be bound in the keybind menu.
  • Fixed issue with Hand Sorters keeping their split item preferences sometimes.
  • Fixed issue with items being locked as they enter the storage zone of the Quad / Bike.
  • Logic Mini Nukes now work in Icehelm dig site.
  • Adjusted New Glade vehicle recall point.
  • Improved readability when continuing a save, if that save will be marked as 'dirty' for Steam Achievements.
  • Removed issue where sometimes coins would duplicate while purchasing vehicles.
  • Removed issue with Forge Marks not being saved while inserted into the masterwork forge in Volcalidus.
  • Uncovering Relics with the HydroThaw will no longer (very rarely) cause the Relics to not be uncovered.
  • Grocers now have 'c' instead of 't' when displaying how much they're purchasing goods for.
  • Reduced max size of Cut Beetroot to prevent it getting stuck in the Logic Saw Hook.
  • NPCs will no longer whistle when being turned into roadkill.


3.0.6 Patch April 15

  • Removed issue where sometimes the DLC will fail to install correctly.
  • Improved reliability with hand sorters while sorting items.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs no longer walk around.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs could no longer be victims of vehicular collisions.
  • Fixed issue with Lava Hauler not storing small items.
  • Improved collision in Lava Hauler.
  • Heavy Drill now has collision on its upper portion when placed.
  • Heavy harvesters now correctly spawn water when placed, no longer requiring a re-load.
  • Hydrobike no longer pulls left while going straight.
  • Fixed issue where the bucket could sometimes spawn an Ice chunk in Bastion.
  • Fixed some localisation issues.
  • Construction crates in New Glade now show their contents correctly when game is loaded if already has contents.
  • Lever sound now correctly applies to its sound slider.
  • Updated Shard/Shard Bar description when in volcalidus to include "lava".
  • Fixed bug with racetrack Steam achievements being triggered.
  • Uncut gems descriptions updated as previously they mentioned they can be sold at the stocks when they cannot.
  • New Glade sign missing collision added.


  • Overhaul on coin text display. Now displays in splitscreen, unique colours for each type, separated text into grouping: ex. "1,420,690"
  • Gold / Cloutium melted liquid colour changed to help distinguish each type in smelters.


3.0.5 [Bug Fixes] April 10

  • 'Save Raw Resources' toggle in gameplay settings no longer affects Hardstone Blocks.
  • Removed issue with steam cloud not saving correctly for DLC save files.
  • Crafting a T1 Ice Shovel no longer creates a T1 Dirt Shovel.
  • Added keybind for "Vehicle Mode" in vehicles. (Default 'F')
  • Removed issue with Hand Sorters forgetting what they're splitting when they're lifted and placed down whilst having an item on the pedestal.
  • Limited the amount of sounds effects to occur with the gem compressor.
  • Removed ability to spam-click drills to produce more resources.
  • Improved graphical performance of trees in Volcalidus.
  • Removed issue with bones not having a particle effect on LOW settings.
  • Resized the Construction Store / Ore Miner requirement text so it doesn't clip through the board.
  • Fixed issue with delivery crate drop sound.
  • Lowered the lava at Shattered Breach slightly so its no longer clipping with built items.
  • Fixed issue with item prices not appearing in Burnscroft store.
  • Player no longer sometimes spawns outside of the vehicle when loading back into a vehicle.
  • Duplicating logic TNT on Volcalidus now works as intended.
  • T2 and T3 stores now have the 't' displaying correctly when showing how much the total cost is on the buy platform.
  • Removed issue with an invisible space when a certain clothing combination is made on the character editor page.
  • Adjusted the height of the Volcalidus Peak trophy so when placed down it sits at the bottom of the grid square.
  • Removed issue with carts and store interactions.
  • Timetrial Steam achievements should now trigger properly.
  • Streaming in discord will now show the new Hydroneer icon.
  • Removed issue with using the gravity wand in trucks.


3.0.4 [Mini Patch] April 7

We're continuing our mission to put out smaller patches effecting the most common/problematic issues.
  • Ore Mines and Construction Stores no longer have a rounding error causing them not to be built even if the board appears to have all their required materials.
  • Infinite Filter (a creative mode item) now hooks onto lava pipes in all orientations.
  • Fixed issue where items stored in a truck that would pass by the scrapyard burn zone would not be removed from the list of items from the scrapyard to burn when the truck moved out of the burn zone.
  • 'Clear all Dirt Chunks' in the ESC menu now reads 'Clear all Ice / Frost Rock' while on Volcalidus.
  • 'Toggle Save Dirt Chunk's in the gameplay settings menu now reads 'Toggle Save Ice / Frost Rock / Dirt' while on Volcalidus.


3.0.3 Micro Patch April 6

  • Coins no longer get stuck inside carts if they're a single coin mesh.
  • Added icons to store construction boards to aid in readability and prevent mis-communication to languages that use non-english characters.
We're currently focusing on applying frequent small patches to address the biggest issues in the release!


3.0.2 [Day one patch, part 2] April 5

  • Purchasing the Lava Bike will now trigger the Steam achievement.
  • Completing the lap time on Mots island in under 1:11 will now trigger the Steam achievement.
  • Removed issue where multiple drills could be purchased from the limited drill store in New Glade.
  • Fixed localisation issue.
  • Fixed broken bucket textures in Ironil and Icehelm exit store.


3.0.1 [Hour one patch] April 5

We've created a quick patch in the first hour to remove some issues:
  • Removed issue where out-dated mods were causing the game to not launch.
  • Removed issue where players were unable to pick up carts after dropping them.
  • Removed issue where vegetable basket could not be dropped.


Hydroneer: Journey to Volcalidus DLC (OUT NOW!)


It's finally here! Board the ship to Volcalidus and start your new adventure!!


Purchase the DLC here!

Tip: To get to Volcalidus, take the ship from Bridgepour harbor. You can either start a new game or use an existing save file! Due to the DLC having a whole heap of new mechanics, you won't be able to take items or vehicles to Volcalidus.


A quick recap on a few of the many new features in the DLC


The Patch Notes

With the launch of the DLC, we're applying a huge patch that'll apply to the base game and DLC.
Tip: If you're using mods, make sure you disable them! They'll cause the game to crash as they'll be outdated until the mod developers update them.
You do not need to own the DLC to get these changes!


  • New build-snapping while placing build items.
  • Lighting is reworked. Shadows are now brighter, making it easier to see in the dark.
  • Magnets now do not effect items in pans/buckets etc.
  • Water Pipe and Logic Cable optimizations.
  • Skip Save and Return to Menu button added to esc menu.


Vehicle Changes:
  • Vehicle handling rework, all vehicles now handle better.
  • Hydro Roller torque increased.
  • A selection of vehicles now allow you to chose which side you exit on, depending on which way the camera is facing.
  • Game now saves if the player is inside the vehicle when re-loading a save file.


Logic Changes:
  • Added Logic Content Reader, which outputs the total liquid quantity in a Smelter / Ice Melter.
  • Logic explosives and mini nuke slight changes to their voxel destruction, now has a ring around the surface.


Storage Changes:
  • Coins/Tokens/Seed Bags/Dirt/Cut Veg now stack whilst they're stored by a Truck/Pan/Bucket/etc.
  • Empty Soup Bowls can now be stored in pans/buckets.
  • Crucible now no longer destroys resources that are entered into it if its already smelting a different type of resource.
  • World Map can now be zoomed in on by pressing right mouse button.
  • When 'freeplacing' (hold E while carrying items) and using the scroll wheel will now change the distance the item is from the player.
  • Freeplacing a shard bar inside a vertical pressure tank is now easier.
  • Carts are now wider to make it easier to store large items.
  • Screenshot camera can now move faster.
  • 'For the King!' quest now requires a shark, not a lobster.
  • Added Angled Decorative Pole


Visual Changes:
  • Improved outline highlight when looking at items.
  • Reworked signposts around the island.
  • Purchasing platforms have had a visual overhaul.
  • World Map now indicates which direction the player is facing.
  • FPS now defaults to 60 FPS instead of uncapped, which increases performance.
  • Remodeled Items: Small Furnace, Camp Bed, Greenhouse Flooring, Brush.
  • Retextured Items: Blacksmithing Hammer, Construction Mallet, Magnifying Glass, All Pickaxes, All Shovels, All Rakes, Saw, Decorative Pole, Fish Bucket, Fish Trophy, Grinding Wheel, Planter Box, Smelter, Build Windows, Funnel, Tool Rack, Rod Rack, Fancy Bed, Deer Trophy, Logic Button, Fancy Table, Basic Chair, Toolbag, Wall Lantern.
  • Tables appearing in stores have reworked textures.
  • Tooltips dynamically change size depending on its contents to prevent them from going off screen.
  • Keybind tips now appear when entering vehicles.


Controller Changes:
  • Controller vehicle movement reworked. Now uses triggers for forward/backward and thumbstick for turning.
  • Controller remapped for vehicles.
  • Added the ability to move the player camera closer/further away whilst in a vehicle and using a controller.
  • Added ability to move building items closer/further away whilst placing them by tapping the R/L shoulder buttons on controller. (Like mouse scroll wheel)
  • Increased the controller right thumbstick default sensitivity X axis by 2x.


  • Carrying pans / bucket / similar storage items, AND trucks will no longer heavily reduce frame rate when moving large amounts of items.
  • Removed issue with tears appearing in diggable terrain.
  • Removed issue with saves sometimes taking an extended time to complete.
  • Optimizations on drills.
  • Logic Saw Hook can now cut bars in both directions as intended, it also hooks properly.
  • Items no longer fly in a random direction when removing them from the Hydro Quad (Thanks Roboticaust for finding the cause of this one!)
  • When un-successfully stealing an item in the store, it'll no longer still appear in your hand whilst in screenshot camera or on vehicles.
  • Logic Keypad will no longer forget what its outputting when its picked up.
  • Logic Flip Hook now reads '000000000' as '0', and will flip it accordingly.
  • Logic Keypad/Button no longer fails to work after loading if it was purchased on a pallet.
  • Construction Hammer and Magnifying Glass no longer clips through the tool rack.
  • Flight Cap no longer prevents Magnifying Glass or Gravity Wand from working.


Those are the patch notes for all updates and hotfixes so far on April 23 for Hydroneer: Journey To Volcalidus DLC on Steam PC.

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