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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Update Patch Notes Apr 4


Hey everyone,
Today's patch for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition contains various optimizations, bug fixes and stability improvements. It's now possible to remap the TAB key, and we've implemented options to change the position of the HUD on ultra-wide monitors.
This update also includes several other bug fixes and improvements. See the release notes below for more details. Our thanks go out to all players sharing feedback. The teams at Nixxes and Guerrilla continue to closely monitor reports and are actively working on future patches with more bug fixes and optimizations.


Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Update Patch Notes Apr 11


Release Notes

  • Remapping TAB now works correctly.
  • Added HUD Widescreen Scale options to the settings menu.
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements.
  • Custom difficulty settings now work correctly.
  • Improved Shieldwing responsiveness when using mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Fixed graphic corruption on waterfalls when using DLSS Frame Generation.
  • Fixed lighting issues that could occur in Tenakth settlements.
  • Master Vibration Intensity for DualSense controllers no longer resets with each game session.
  • HDR settings have been moved to the display menu to allow live viewing of changes.
  • The option to disable letterboxing in cinematics when using ultra-wide aspect ratios is now also available from the launcher.
  • Fixed visual issues with save previews when HDR is enabled.
  • Various minor UI fixes.


If you encounter any issues, please contact support and supply the requested files, to help us gather more data and insights.


Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Update Patch Notes Mar 28


Those are the patch notes for hotfix on April 4 for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on Steam PC.

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