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Hogwarts Legacy Update Patch Notes June 5





Patch Notes – June 5 2024


Build Version – 1218405


Developer notes

This Patch unlocks the Haunted Shop mission previously available only to Sony platforms on all supported platforms, as well as all previously exclusive items and cosmetics, including:
  • The Onyx Hyppogriff mount.
  • the Felix Felicis Potion.
  • the Shopkeeper Cosmetic set.


It also includes new, never seen before cosmetic items, AND a new broom:
  • The Lavender Borealis.
  • The Azkaban Themed gear.
  • The Circular Taped Spectacles.


A Photo Mode has also been added to allow players to capture screenshots of their Hogwarts Legacy experience and all their newly unlocked cosmetics. *Photo mode will become available after completing the mission to gain access the field guide.
In addition, this patch also provides players with a talent point reset function, to re-build your ideal Witch/Wizard without having to start a new playthrough. Multiple bugs have also been addressed (Details below).



  • Implemented several updated localized Voice Over retakes for Japanese and Spanish.
  • Fixed the Brazilian Portuguese translation of “Silver Rim Spectacles”.
  • Fixed a Typo in the “Wingardium Leviosa” French spell description.
  • Fixed several Voice Over cut-offs throughout the game.



  • Fixed several Voice Over cut-offs throughout the game.
  • Fixed instance where the SFX/Dialogue Volume would become louder than the music Volume while using stereo devices and being set to 50%. HL-12010



  • Fixed instance that made player unable to select field guide pages’ options when accessing the menu while holding down the basic spell cast button. HL-1052
  • Fixed instance where loading a Manual Save or Fast traveling to certain locations would cause alohamora prompts to disappear from magical beast cages. HL-6258
  • Fixed instance where Dark Arts spells would become not equippable after equipping regural spells in loadout 1. HL-643
  • Fixed instance where the mission icon for the last arc of the Broom race would linger on screen after completion.



  • Removed butterflies misleading players to previously opened treasure chests. HL-10269
  • Fixed Instance where using the Swift talent on the edge of the map would cause mission progression to linger on the “Seach for the Rune Symbol” step. HL-15794



  • Fixed instance where the Fountain on Hogwarts grounds flying field guide page wouldn’t count towards the Map Counters or The Bell Tower Wing Sector. HL-2376



  • Fixed instance where Lodgok would occasionally remain stuck inside the Hogshead in Hogsmeade instead of traveling to the Witch’s Tomb, preventing player progression. HL-15831



  • Fixed instance where it wouldn’t be possible for the avatar to climb and reach a treasure chest in the High Keep. HL-15709
  • Fixed instance where the Legendary Masquerade Masks would clip within the avatar’s face when equipped. HL-4453
  • Fixed instance where swimming to treasure vault near Keenbridge would cause the avatar to fly into the air. HL-47



  • Fixed instance where Professor Garlick and Professor Hecat could get stuck moving in the air after leaving the hospital.
  • Fixed instance where a loading screen would cause a cage door to lock up again without regenerating an alohamora lock on it in a bandit camp on the north end of the map. HL-16327
  • Fixed instance where loading a save and fast travelling to any location would make alohomora locks disappear from fixed cages. HL-6258
  • Fixed instance where bone clusters would lose collision and fall through the floor when interacted with.



  • Fixed Instance where Loyalist assassin enemies’ attacks would not damage the avatar. HL-16614



  • Fixed instance where blinding lighting VFX would display when exiting the Hallway castle vault.
  • Fixed instance where light changes would be visible when the camera angle shifts while in conversation with Professor Garlick in the Greenhouse. HL-687



  • Fixed instance where setting left handed mode while in the vivarium caused the avatar to drink a potion or deploy combat plants while attempting to access the beasts’ menu. HL-8911



  • Updated Credits



  • SDK Updates/Platform support
    • Razer Chroma SDK support
    • Streamline 2.4
    • DLSS 3.7
    • FSR 2
    • XeSS 1.3
    • DualSense/DualShock Controller 1.5.0 for improved PC support


  • UI
    • Fixed instance where the Spell menu would become inaccessible after binding Spell Selection to the TAB key, preventing player progression. HL-16635
    • Fixed instance where game would freeze whenever two HUDS would overlap.
    • Fixed instance where the background of the menu would flash white when switching to a lower graphics preset.


  • Lighting
    • Fixed instance where moving the camera while on a specific Merlin Puzzle platform in Keenbridge would cause a strobe effect on the lighting.
    • Fixed instance where ambient hues would change abruptly when moving the camera in Hogsmeade.


  • Raytracing
    • Cleaned up rogue semi-translucent meshes in BVH.


Those are the patch notes on June 5 for Hogwarts Legacy.

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