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High on Life: How to Make the Guns Talk Less

High on Life is out now, and as the latest title from Justin Roiland’s development studio Squanch Games, you might have an idea of the sort of humor to expect. There’s plenty of quippy banter and the occasional toilet humor. What’s new to High on Life is that your weapons – the talking Gatlians – are getting in on the japes. Since the game features a silent protagonist, they’re necessary to convey story information, but they can easily wear out their welcome in an otherwise beautiful game.

This is especially true of Kenny, who speaks in the trademark Justin Roiland voice. If you’re already not a fan of Roiland’s other projects like Rick and Morty or Trover Saves the Universe, this voice may get old fast. Luckily, the developers foresaw this issue and included the option to reduce or eliminate their chatter altogether! Here’s how to make the guns talk less in High on Life.

How to Reduce Gun & Enemy Chatter in High on Life

If you’d like to make your guns (or even enemies) talk less, just pause the game! For a more long-term solution, head over to the settings option in the pause menu. This menu is available from the moment you start a new game in the pseudo-intro of Buck Thunder II: Xenoslaughter, but you won’t actually have the opportunity to hear your gun talking until a little further into the game.

From there, you’ll want to move down to the audio section, and there will be an option for Gun Chatter! Scroll down to it and you can change the chatter from Frequent to Occasional or even None. This makes it so Kenny and his fellow Gatlians will only speak for story purposes, so you won’t be missing anything really important.

Additionally, each weapon is voiced by a different actor, so while you may not want to hear Justin Roiland or Tim Robinson rattling off quips in a firefight, maybe Betsy Sodaro or JB Smoove can convince you to turn up the chatter. Either way, if it seems too quiet you can change it whenever you like. In the meantime, enjoy silently exploring the beautiful alien worlds in High on Life!