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Hell Let Loose Update Patch Notes Hotfix 14.8 Mar 21

Just a quick hotfix on March 21, 2024 for Hell Let Loose in anticipation of Update 15


Patch 14.8 Hotfix | Now Live!

Hello everyone,
We've just deployed a hotfix to address some issues that surfaced with Patch 14.8. Please see the changelog below.
We're continuing to work on Update 15, and are currently looking at scheduling in Mortain PTE 2.
We'll share more news on that next week! Thank you for your continued feedback and support.


Patch 14.8 Hotfix Changelog

  • [Fixed] Restarting the game will reset the progression of achievements on XBS
  • [Fixed] [Offensive] The Commander can't select the first row to spawn vehicles
  • [Fixed] [RCon] All Skirmish variants are shown in the Admin Log as "Warfare"
  • [Fixed] [Achievements] The "Rule Breaker" achievement unlocks also with Infantry/Recon full squad
  • [Fixed] [PS5] [Skirmish] Won Skirmish matches are incremented 4 times than the default amount for all relevant Skirmish Achievements on PS5
  • [Fixed] The AT-Gun of the British Forces cannot be destroyed by tank or anti tank rounds.
See you on the frontlines. o7


Those are the patch notes for hotfix 14.8 on March 21 for Hell Let Loose on Steam PC.

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