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Halo Infinite Winter Event: All Joint Fire Rewards & Challenges

Although it’s been over a year now since the Halo Infinite launched and for the most part it was a rocky time complete with multiple roadmap delays, the cancellation of the planned split-screen co-op mode, and a myriad of technical issues, things look a bit better now. The latest Halo updates have garnered interest among the community with Forge mode and Campaign Network co-op, among other additions. These additions include the Halo Infinite winter event, Joint Fire.

Along with a free 30-tier battle pass for the current Winter Update period, limited-time events are still running to provide more content and rewards for players. We’ll be going over the brand new Joint Fire Event, including the challenges in the way of unlocking rewards that have many fans excited.

What is the Theme of the Joint Fire Halo Infinite Event?

Unlike the previous Winter Contingency II event that ended a couple of weeks ago and focused on a Christmas holiday theme, the Joint Fire event is a return to a more grounded theme. The free 10-tier event pass is certain to grab the attention of any Halo: Reach fans in particular as it’s centered around the returning JFO (Joint Fires Observer) Armor. Players will be able to use it when equipped with the Mark V [B] Armor Core.

How Long Will the Halo Infinite Winter Event Last?

Events are separated into two groups – multi-week events based on the alternate universe “Fractures” and two-week-long standalone events with various themes. Since the former is attached to seasons and the current Halo Infinite Winter Update doesn’t count as a season per se, this event falls into the latter category. That means players will have until January 30th to unlock all of the rewards from the 10-tier event pass.

Joint Fire Event Challenges: How to Unlock JFO Armor

All of the Halo Infinite Winter Event Joint Fire Challenges.

Most events are tied to a particular playlist and feature challenges related to the playlist as well. This event will task players with playing the Joint Ops playlist and the Covert One Flag game type exclusively to unlock any rewards. First introduced with the Winter Update, it’s an asymmetrical take on Capture the Flag with attackers having unlimited Active Camouflage and defenders having unlimited Threat Sensors. 

Although four of the challenges can be tackled at the same time, the exact order you’ll have to complete them is random. Making it potentially easier or a lot more difficult is that many challenges are repeated with increasing values/scores to clear. We’ve grouped up the challenges we received by similar type for easy reading below:

NameUnlock Requirement
Sneak KingEarn 1500 Cumulative Personal Score in Joint Ops
No Site UnseenWin 2 Rounds in Joint Ops
No Site UnseenWin 5 Rounds in Joint Ops
Undercover OpsWin 1 Match of Joint Ops
Quiet VigilanceEarn 10 Kills or Assists in Joint Ops
Quiet VigilanceEarn 20 Kills or Assists in Joint Ops
Quiet VigilanceEarn 30 Kills or Assists in Joint Ops
Stout DefenseKill 5 Enemy Spartans with the Sidekick or the Bulldog in Joint Ops
Stout DefenseKill 10 Enemy Spartans with the Sidekick or the Bulldog in Joint Ops
Stout DefenseKill 15 Enemy Spartans with the Sidekick or the Bulldog in Joint Ops

Halo Infinite Winter Event: Joint Fire Event Pass Rewards List

All of the rewards available in the Halo Infinite Winter Event, Joint Fire.

Completing each challenge will unlock the next reward tier on the event pass. Aside from a backdrop for the first reward, each one is tied to the JFO armor set or provides new stylish options to pair it with. The order of rewards is listed below:

Tier LevelReward TypeName
1BackdropSquad Op
2VisorBay Sunset
3Knee PadsUA/Type JFO
4ChestUTIL/TVASTAR Diagnostic Rig
6Armor CoatingViolet Crush
7VisorAction Lime (Visor)
8Left Shoulder PadSAP/JFO
9Right Shoulder PadSAP/JFO 
10Helmet AttachmentHUL-I/XFTREC/FLAMINGO