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Completing a GTA Online Nightclub Sell Mission

Find out how to complete your first Night Club sale.

GTA Online allows players to hustle their way to millions of dollars in a variety of different ways. Some players choose to play contact missions others play the game’s heists. A time-consuming but rewarding method for money-making in the game is the nightclub. Players who own one can use it to acquire goods that can then be sold. In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete a sell mission in GTA Online‘s nightclubs.

GTA Nightclub: Getting the Goods

Before you can sell goods, you’ll need to acquire some. The only way to acquire goods for your nightclub is to hire specialists.

GTA Online Night Club Specialists Management

While in your nightclub, register as a CEO and go to the computer in your office. Next, select warehouse management, and you’ll be able to hire specialists. The types of goods they’ll be able to acquire depend on the businesses you own. For instance, if you own the counterfeit cash factory, you can assign one specialist to Cash Creation.

Sell, Sell Sell!

Sell Goods Screen GTA Online

To start a sell mission, you’ll want to head to the sell goods section while on the computer. GTA Online‘s nightclub sell missions can work differently for many reasons with the biggest being the size of the sale. If you have a high amount of goods that you’re selling, you’ll need multiple people with you to complete the sale. To do this just have multiple people join your Securoserv organization. If you want to do a sale by yourself, you’ll have to sell a low amount of goods.

The sell mission is not always the same but it usually involves driving somewhere and delivering a container with your goods. Once the sale is done, Gay Tony will take his cut from what you just earned. There will be a cooldown timer of 48 real time minutes that prevents you from starting another sale right away. Thanks to the latest GTA Online update, nightclub sell missions are now easier if you’re a solo player as they can be done in invite only lobbies.

If you’re in a public session, you should take at least one other player with you since the entire lobby will be alerted to your location about a minute into the sell mission. If your vehicle is destroyed, you’ll permanently lose any goods inside.