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GTA Online WM 29 Pistol Guide: How To Get WM 29 Pistol

GTA Online’s Festive Surprise holiday event has officially kicked off, bringing a brand new Weazel Plaza Shootout mission for the players. The event is inspired by the 1988 American action film, Die Hard, which rewards GTA Online players with WM 29 Pistol upon completion. However, one needs to meet certain eligibility criteria to trigger this challenge. With that said, here’s how to get WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online.

GTA Online – Where To Get The WM 29 Pistol

How to unlock the WM 29 pistol in GTA Online.

WM 29 Pistol is a new weapon in GTA Online that can be obtained after completing the Weazel Plaza Shootout mission.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to get the WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online:

  1. Hop into a GTA Online session.
  2. Stay in the session for at least twenty minutes, and make sure the in-game time is between 8 PM and 6 AM.
  3. Stay within 400 meters of the Weazel Plaza building, which is located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. 
  4. After meeting the conditions, the event will randomly trigger.
  5. You’ll see a chopper flying over the building, which indicates the Weazel Plaza Shootout mission is activated.
  6. Head to the top of the Weazel Plaza Building using Oppressor MK II or any other vehicle.
  7. Take down all the enemies on the top of the building.
  8. Finally, collect the WM 29 pistol from one of the assailants.

Apart from the weapon, you’ll be rewarded with $25,000 in-game cash when you complete this mission for the first time. The event is relatively easy to complete if you have decent weaponry and heavy armor shields. On top of that, make sure you also bring some snacks before the battle to restore the character’s health in between the fight.

After working through this challenge, GTA Online players can complete another Winter challenge where they can destroy Snowmen in Los Santos, to snag plenty of cash and an exclusive Snowman outfit.