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GTA Online Weapons Guide: Best GTA Online Weapons (2023)

GTA Online has dozens of weapons that you can obtain as you complete certain missions and progress through your overall rank. With so many options, it can be hard to choose which weapons are the best and most useful in the game.

There is a wide assortment of guns for every class, with plenty of assault rifles, pistols, and shotguns to choose from. Additionally, there are plenty of specialty weapons that pack an extra punch, but do those really serve you better than the traditional Assault Rifle? We’ll dive into the best weapons in GTA Online, and our picks might just surprise you.


While it might be small, this gun has some of the best firepower out of all the available weapons in GTA Online. Looking like it’s out of a space movie, the Up-n-Atomizer shoots a small coil of yellow shockwave energy. Anything that happens to touch this will get sent far away and explode. This tiny little pistol can deal some of the biggest amounts of damage in the entire game.

One of the nice things about this weapon is that it has unlimited ammunition, meaning you only will need to make the initial purchase. The Up-n-Atomizer is not cheap, but it won’t cost you too much at only $399,999. You can find this gun at any weapon shop around the map, which is marked with the gun symbol.

Best GTA Online Weapons: Homing Launcher

The homing launcher, one of the best GTA Online Weapons in 2023.

The Homing Launcher is an incredibly resourceful tool to navigate roadblocks in GTA Online. As one of the cheapest weapons on this list, you really can’t go wrong with the purchase of this one. The Homing Launcher, as the name suggests, is a standard RPG with a twist.

The rockets can lock on and track enemy vehicles, making it the perfect tool to use against other players and cops alike. Those flying Opressors in the sky know to stay away, as a simple lock-on means certain doom with a Homing Launcher. Another neat aspect of this weapon is that it will blow up multiple vehicles if they are close together, even though it only locks on to one.

Service Carbine

Acting as the best available assault rifle in GTA Online, the Service Carbine can plow through your enemies with ferocious speed. This is a weapon that should be in your inventory, as you can get yourself out of almost any situation with it. While other assault rifles might do the job, the time to kill and recoil of the Service Carbine is unbeatable, making it a necessity for GTA Online players.

Make sure to invest wisely in some attachments for this weapon, as they drastically improve its performance. While the base model is fantastic, adding add-ons such as the extended mag or the scope will help neutralize the recoil all the way to zero. You can purchase this weapon for $370,000 at any of the Ammu-Nation stores around Los Santos.

Heavy Sniper Mk II – Best GTA Online Weapons

Heavy Sniper Mk. II, one of the best weapons (and the best sniper) in GTA Online.

The Heavy Sniper (Mk I) is one of the best weapons available in GTA Online. So, what would happen if the damage was increased as well as the magazine? You’d get the Heavy Sniper Mk II, which is an exceptional weapon you should be utilizing while roaming Los Santos. There are loads of different ammo types you can utilize, with some of them allowing you to ignite enemy players upon contact.

To obtain this weapon, you must first purchase the Heavy Sniper. This can be bought for just under $40,000 at any of the Ammu-Nation stores around the map. From here, you will want to head to a Weapon Workshop, where you will get the ability to upgrade the Heavy Sniper to Heavy Sniper Mk II for $165,375. In total, this weapon will cost you right around $200,000.


The Railgun is one of the most interesting weapons in GTA Online. Just added as a part of the Drug Wars update, this weapon can deal an incredible amount of damage. It is best used against vehicles only, as it can be very difficult to aim at tiny players while moving.

The biggest downside with the Railgun is the incredible accuracy that is needed to properly operate it. Without perfect precision, you can easily miss your target. Additionally, its use is pretty much limited to cars and aerial vehicles, so that can be disappointing considering you have to cough up quite a lot of money to use it.

Unholy Hellbringer

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the Unholy Hellbringer. This gun is pretty much a laser beam, with a ridiculous amount of power in your hands. At a steep $449,000, this gun is not a cheap purchase. However, it is a purchase that is well worth it in the long run.

The biggest plus the Unholy Hellbringer has against other SMG weapon types is its ability to hold up to 9,999 ammo. This means that there is no reloading, which is a setback with most of the other SMGs. It might not be the most accurate weapon, but considering its lethal ability and the ammo capacity, it will get the job done when you need it.