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GTA Online Snowmen Guide: Snowman Map & Locations

GTA Online continues to evolve with the release of the Winter update, which brought the most awaited snow theme to the game’s open world. With the overnight snowfall, an army of Snowmen has emerged around Southern San Andreas, which can reward you with a whopping $125,000 cash in GTA Online when you destroy all of them. So if you don’t want to miss plenty of free money, then below we’ve provided you with a detailed breakdown of all the Snowman locations in GTA Online.

Where to Find Snowmen in GTA Online

The locations of all snowmen in GTA Online.

There are a total of 25 Snowmen located throughout Los Santos in GTA Online that must be demolished to snag all the cash and the Snowman Outfit. 

Here’s every location in GTA Online where you can find a Snowman:

  • Location 1: Vinewood Hills

  • Location 2: Mirror Park

  • Location 3: Grand Senora Desert

  • Location 4: Rockford Hills

  • Location 5: Tongva Valley

  • Location 6: Chamberlain Hills

  • Location 7: Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

  • Location 8: Mount Gordo

  • Location 9: Sandy Shores

  • Location 10: Aguja St (Vespucci Canals)

  • Location 11: Mirror Park

  • Location 12: Mount Chiliad (Great Ocean Highway)

  • Location 13: Banham Canyon (Great Ocean Highway)

  • Location 14: Grapeseed

  • Location 15: El Burro Heights

  • Location 16: Vinewood Hills

  • Location 17: Grand Senora Desert

  • Location 18: Legion Square

  • Location 19: Banham Canyon

  • Location 20: Paleto Bay

  • Location 21: Hawick

  • Location 22: Vespucci Canals

  • Location 23: Vinewood Hills

  • Location 24: Ron Alternates Wind Farm

  • Location 25: Grand Senora Desert

In order to destroy Snowmen, you can literally use anything, including weapons, fists, vehicles, or RPGs. After destroying all the 25 Snowmen, the challenge will be marked as completed, and you will be rewarded with GTA $125,000 and the Snowman outfit for your wardrobe.

After working through this challenge, the GTA players can complete another Winter challenge where they can beat the nefarious monster, Gooch, to snag plenty of cash and his spooky mask.