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GTA Online Railgun Guide: Where & How to Get the Railgun

It just got even easier to expand your arsenal of weapons in GTA Online, as a quick way to get the Railgun early has found its way online. The method involves making use of the Bookmarked Jobs function whereby Rockstar Social Club members can share popular Jobs amongst themselves while grinding for $GTA or otherwise. The Railgun belongs to the Heavy Weapons class in GTA V and Online and isn’t normally available for standard Online play, so it will require some finessing to unlock.

How to Get the Railgun in GTA Online?

Where to get the railgun in GTA Online.

Note: This method to get the Railgun is currently out-of-date. You can now purchase the Railgun from the Gun Van for $657,000.

The steps required to grab this BFG are actually simpler than you would think and don’t involve any shady cheating, we’ll be using readily available in-game methods that players have just discovered. How long this glitchy method stays up is a different question, so hop on it! If you’re out of cash and still need to get your hands on the Railgun as early as possible, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to Rockstar Games Social Club.
  2. Bookmark the Job, depending on your platform:
  3. Launch GTA Online and open the ‘Online’ tab.
  4. Navigate to Jobs and select Play Jobs
  5. Open your Bookmarked Jobs and then start the above-linked Job in Deathmatches.
  6. If you don’t have the Railgun on spawn, blow yourself up.
  7. Reload the Job until you have the Railgun.
  8. Open the Interaction menu and then purchase Ammo for the Railgun.
  9. Change your outfit to force the game to save with the Railgun in your possession.
  10. Find a new session.
  11. Reload the Railgun and change your outfit to save the game again.

Shoutout to the Reddit user who posted this method in r/gtaglitches. Who knows how long this will remain available to players, but who cares, you’ve got helicopters to shoot down, enjoy your early Railgun while it lasts.

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