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Grounded Update Patch Notes June 18





Patch 1.4.3 is Available June 18


Grounded 1.4.3 Bug Fixes / Changes


General Changes

  • Updated the Photomode screenshot folder location on Windows to be compatible with Windows 11.
  • Improved shadow drawing distance of a handful of Playground gizmos and gadgets.
  • Pinned objectives with a lot of text will instead cut off after 70 characters and show “…” at the end.
  • Improved the Hedge visuals when viewing it from far away on Low graphics settings.
  • The “Load Last Save” button in the Death menu is usable when playing on a Shared World.


REMIX.D Yard – Changes:

  • Hedge Broodmother scream attack no longer triggers Infusion Effects unless damage is taken.
  • Randomized trinkets that have different effects no longer stack in the hot pouch allowing you to assign them to different hot pouch slots.



  • Memory usage optimizations to prevent rogue spikes of memory when loading some assets.
  • Improved load times in later game saves.


Xbox One:

  • Dramatically reduced memory usage resulting in less Out of Memory crashes.


PlayStation 5

  • FPS will more consistently stay at 60 FPS.
  • Fixed issue where save games during New Game+ could sometimes corrupt.


Nintendo Switch

  • Reduced memory usage resulting in less Out of Memory crashes.
  • Reduced FPS drops when walking around labs via lab doors opening and closing.


Major Fixes:

  • Deduping an equipped trinket via the ASL properly removes the trinket. (Fixed in 1.4.2 hot-fix)
  • Buildings will no longer improperly say “No Land Rights” when building on a base near large objects (like the Oak tree). (Fixed in 1.4.2 hot-fix)
  • Baby ant pets and other walking pets should no longer knock you around and off of ledges when walking or teleporting near you.
  • Pets will no longer occasionally fall through the world when teleporting near you.
  • Saves that had started the Hedge Quest prior to version 1.3.0 will properly unlock the Hedge Ascent landmark in their data tab.
  • When a crossplay user invites a non crossplay user, the non-crossplay user will now receive the invite.
  • Added a “Restore Player Data” Game Repair button if your save game is in a state where you have multiple player files matching your profile and you are loading the incorrect player data.
  • Fixed a a few cases of certain saves games infinitely loading.
  • Fixed a potential client crash that could happen when starting a new game.


Other Bug Fixes:

  • The Report Card and Milk Molar BURG.L quest will properly account for the different amount of Milk Molars in the yard when in New Game+.
  • Water Fleas and Diving Bell Spiders no longer ignore you while having the Antbassador mutation activated.
  • Ants will hoard less food around ant hills. This should reduce performance issues when approaching ant hills that previously would have a lot of food laying around.
  • Baby Ants will no longer eat your food in your base.
  • Using a keyboard on consoles to do in-game chat no longer automatically opens the virtual keyboard.
  • Pets can be renamed on gamepad.
  • Clients can unlock the “Royal Arrangements” and “Did I Do That?” achievements in New Game+.
  • Clients no longer get disconnected on Playgrounds that have lots of links to base buildings.
  • Clients who use “Place Many” will no have their building move around 1 second after starting the Place Many action.
  • Toggling marker visibility on clients works correctly for far away markers.
  • Raw science in Playgrounds handle their spawn state properly after all players are far away and then approach it.
  • Interact actions while in third person mode work more reliably for clients.
  • Mantis properly animates when emerging for the boss fight.
  • Voice chat indicators no longer show up when sending an in-game message.
  • Fixed some rebinding issues with building placement when using an AZERTY style keyboard.
  • Red and Fire Ant Queen Pheromones now use the correct icons.
  • “This save has a high object count” shows up underneath Published Playgrounds so it doesn’t block the download and vote counts.
  • “Rotate Building” key rebinds can properly be changed for Keyboard.
  • “Did I Do That?” achievement will properly resync if completed on next load if completed while offline. (Xbox, PC, Switch)
  • “Did I Do That?” can be achieved for clients during New Game+.
  • Fixed ‘Spicy Damage Up Best' using the 'Spicy Damage Up Major’ text.
  • “Royal Arrangements” achievement can be completed on New Game+ for players who did not complete it in the prior playthrough.
  • The Raw Science in the REMIX.R lab no longer triggers your SCA.B scanner.
  • The “Community Playgrounds” section can be accessed while not logged into a Xbox / Microsoft account so you can access Playgrounds you have already downloaded.
  • HUD Markers are no longer inverted on the screen while playing in Arabic.
  • Dandelion Tufts will still activate if you have no stamina when attempting to use.
  • The Object Limit indicator correctly resyncs after loading a save. Also syncs properly on clients.
  • Using First Person Handy Gnat no longer hides your Handy Gnat for other players.
  • “Spend More Science” no longer blocks 100% on New Game+ if you have purchased everything already in the Science Store.
  • Improved grid snapping buildings on Grass floors.



Patch 1.4.2 Has Been Released May 9

We are excited to announce that we have patch 1.4.2 ready for you all to download and install! Thank you all so much for your patience while we worked to get this patch out to you, so please update when you see it and let us know how it works for you!


Bug Fixes / Changes


Community Playgrounds

  • You can now “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” any Published Playgrounds. These community ratings will be used to filter higher quality Playgrounds to the top.
    • This combined with the new “Filter Playgrounds” menu added in 1.4.0 should help you find quality Playgrounds of various types.
  • Playground Descriptions are now shown when browsing Community Playgrounds.


General Changes

  • Hedge Broodmother Roar attack can be perfect blocked.
  • Mantis attacks no longer always trigger additional effects even when blocked or perfect blocked.
  • “Fury” effect can now trigger combo finisher effects.
  • Explosive damage from enemies can be blocked with shields again (including infusion based explosive damage).
  • +Summon Thorns effect from Red Strategist set decreased from 50% to 25% per piece (they still stack).
  • Thorns now deal “true” damage.
  • You can go back to befriended Ant Queens and get a new Baby Ant pet if your prior Baby Ant pet has died or was lost.
  • Lowering the stun damage of 2 Handed Axe weapons.
  • Increasing the stun damage of 2 Handed Club weapons.


REMIX.D Yard – Quality of Life

  • A new module is accessible in the ASL station while in New Game+: remote access to the Super Duper machine!
  • When duplicating or deduplicating an item, you can now skip the animation.
  • Clients that join a New Game+ world will have their starting Milk Molar stats matched up to the host if they are lower
    • Helps clients not lose out on prior Milk Molar upgrades from before new game+ or prior new game+ playthroughs.


REMIX.D Yard – Changes

  • Infusion effects that creatures get will be more random instead of almost always having explosive damage (this was a bug).
  • “+Unarmed Damage” effect can now be found on randomized trinkets.
  • A large number of Random Effects for trinkets and infused weapons have been buffed:
    • All creature specific damage increases (such as “+Black Widow Damage) increased from 10% to 30%
    • +Damage Resist increased from 10% to 50% (in the previous patch)
    • +Block Strength increased from 25 to 100
    • +Max Health increased from 25 to 100
    • +Max Stamina increased from 25 to 100
    • Hyperstamina increased from 10% to 25%
    • +Attack Stamina increased from 10% to 25%
    • Exhaustion Recovery increased from 10% to 25%
    • +Sprint Distance increased from 10% to 25%
    • The Quickness increased from 10% to 25%
    • +Poison Resist increased from 10% to 50%
    • +Explosive Resist increased from 10% to 50%
    • Starcrusher Damage Resist reduction increased from 25% to 50%
    • Arcane Archer Damage Resist reduction increased from 25% to 50%
    • Fresh Mage stamina refund increased from 5 to 25 per attack
    • Spicy Mage attack speed buff increased from 10% to 15% per attack
    • Sour Mage charge time multiplier fixed from 1.5x to .5x so it actually reduces charge time instead of increasing it
    • Wizards Defense proc chance increased from 50% to 100%
    • Fixed +Bow Attack not being labeled as “minor”, “major”, and “best” for the 3 variations
    • Bow Attack Major increased from 20% to 25%
    • Bow Attack Best increased from 30% to 50%
    • Trickle Regen increased from 1 hp per 10 seconds to 2 hp per 10 seconds
    • Guard Dog increased from 50% to 100%
    • Tenderfoot Offense increased from 5% to 100%
    • Tenderfoot Defense increased from 5% to 90%
    • +Finale Damage increased from 10% to 25%
    • Fixed ‘Implant Weakness: Sour’ and ‘Implant Weakness: Salty’ using the ‘Implant Weakness: Fresh’ string
  • “Fury” effect on New Game+ trinkets can now trigger other trinket effects such as “Samurai” and “Mad Scientist”.
  • The “Increased Damage” infusion effect on infused creatures no longer also increases the damage of other infusion effects.
  • Infused Weapons now have 2 random effects instead of just 1.
  • BURG.L’s Old Flipper now has 2 random effects, much like infused weapons.
  • The Assistant Manager can trigger the laser and shock pillars immediately in New Game+. Lasers will spin faster with each Remixed Level.
  • Similar candy weapons acquired from NG+ now have different finale effects:
    • Example: the Sizzle Striker has Finale Aftershock, where as the Wallopeño has Finale Fury
  • Thorns damage that can be reflected with any attack is capped to the max health of the character being attacked.
  • Thorns damage that is reflected is no longer improperly double scaled from Status Effect or Difficulty modifiers.
  • Salt Chipper now properly utilizes the “Smasher” mutation instead of “Barbarian”.



  • Loading a saved game takes less time:
    • Xbox Series X / PlayStation 5: 5+ seconds faster
    • Xbox One / PlayStation 4: 15+ seconds faster
    • Nintendo Switch: 60+ seconds faster
    • PC: (Depends on your CPU but faster than before)


PlayStation 5

  • Improved framerate.
  • Save game thumbnails will no longer be extra dark.
  • Added mouse and keyboard support.


Nintendo Switch

  • Reduced asset popping and short draw distanced in the Sandbox.
  • Notes found in the yard that require scrolling to read all of it can scroll the text using the analog stick.


Major Fixes

  • Creatures attacking from the Waft Emitter are no longer randomly invulnerable.
  • Power Droplet can trigger additional effects off of unarmed attacks again.
  • Clients no longer sometimes respawn with no lighting after completing the undershed lab.
  • Achievements will properly unlock after reloading your game if you had originally completed them while offline (Xbox / PC).
  • Playing a Shared World game across multiple consoles will no longer have you load in with lost player data.
    • Retroactive fix still in the works for sessions that have already encountered this.
  • Multiplayer games that were made while crossplay was off and then are converted to Shared Worlds when crossplay is enabled will not have lost player data upon hosting or joining that game.
    • Retroactive fix still in the works for sessions that have already encountered this.
  • Stairs can be built up diagonally without direct support below again.
  • Loading a Shared World backup save while in the middle of playing a Shared World will properly save continued game progress during that session.
  • The loot delay on dead bugs has been reduced back.


Crash Fixes

  • Fixed attempting to host or join a multiplayer game immediately after being disconnected from a game causing a crash.
  • Fixed crash when loading an Early Access save.


Other Bug Fixes

  • The Oak Lab explosion smoke no longer freezes when looking directly at it sometimes.
  • BURG.L Quests are no longer reset when activating the REMIX.R.
  • Using burnt toast in the Garden Patch no longer causes the growth time to be negative.
  • Fixing an instance of a randomized milk molar that could spawn underwater.
  • Fixing the repair costs on some of the NG+ elemental weapons.
  • The web sacs in the Hedge Broodmother fight no longer will trigger infusion effects from the Broodmother’s roar or jump back attack.
  • The Health and Stamina bar on the SCA.B properly show lines for values past 300.
  • Infected Ant mounted trophy and infected ant stuffed creature buildings have had their materials fixed.
  • The Sign Set Teen Spirit is no longer always removed after loading a New Game+ save.
  • Improved building placement while trying to place a hanging stuffed creature.
  • Additional creatures spawned in during boss fights are no longer lootable when they die if you fail the fight and return to the boss arena.
  • Clients that are present when the REMIX.R is activated will spawn back in correctly at the kid case instead of being on top of the host.
  • Rotten Stinger Spear in the T-Rex no longer falls out of the toy’s mouth on any new games created.
  • Infected Broodmother final phase scream no longer triggers infusion effects.
  • Chopper no longer improperly uses the Blademaster mastery effect.
  • You can no longer build sap catchers in the Mantis arena.
  • The “Royal Arrangements” achievement can be unlocked for new players in New Game+ if all Ant Queens were dealt with in the prior playthrough.



Patch 1.4.1 is ready for you! April 29

Download and install today


Bug Fixes / Changes


Major Fixes:

  • Players no longer respawn with a dark screen for 3 seconds after dying to a boss and respawning in Single player.
  • Creatures involved in base attacks or Waft Emitter attacks no longer freeze up for clients when arriving.
  • Boss shout attacks and Wasp Drone shouts in New Game+ no longer trigger infusion AOE attacks on anything their shout hits.
  • Milk Molar upgrades for clients properly carry over when activating New Game+.
  • Bases no longer load in with some structures incorrectly noting that they are supporting the entire base.
  • Fixed the Microsoft Account login screen incorrectly showing the wrong environment error (fixed in prior hot fix build).



  • Increased damage reduction amount for the random trinket status effect “+Damage Resist” from 10% to 50%.
  • You can activate text chat via the gamepad on consoles.



  • Improved performance across the game in general.
  • Improved performance when playing in Multiplayer mode.
  • Reduced memory usage across the game.
  • Playgrounds with lots of links will run with better performance when in Play mode.
  • Improved rendering performance inside interior spaces on lower settings.


Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed crash that could occur sometimes after looting a dead pet and an autosave triggers.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when completing a conversation.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a client rejoins a game where their last saved data was while they were knocked out.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a client loads into a yard with bases built.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur randomly during playthroughs.


Other Bug Fixes:

  • Voice Chat settings properly reapply after closing and reopening the game.
  • Loading a game while in the Pond Lab no longer shows an underwater effect onscreen.
  • A few pieces of the oak lab roots no longer pop out at a short distance on Low settings.
  • Lighting properly transitions if a defense event is active.
  • Pond lab cutscene properly works for clients who are far away when the cutscene activates.
  • Duplicating infused weapons properly copy over the random effect.
  • Improved water quality on low settings.
  • Clients no longer get a Raw Science notification immediately on join.
  • Siren lights near the Black Anthill boss fight properly animate when in view.


Those are the patch notes up through June 18 for Grounded Fully Yoked Edition.

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