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God of War Ragnarok Nornir Chests: Goddess Falls Nornir Chest

Goddess Falls is a side quest area in God of War Ragnarok in Vanaheim at the very end of the River Delta region, which opens up after your first trip to the realm. You’ll most likely come here with Freya as part of the Freya’s Missing Peace favor questline, and on the way up to the shrine, there’s a Nornir Chest puzzle. 

Where to Find the Goddess Falls Nornir Chest

Where to find the Goddess Falls Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok.

You’ll find the chest off to the right hand side after you climb up the first waterfalls, and the first brazier you need to light is just a bit further to the right.

God of War Ragnarok Goddess Falls: Nornir Chest Puzzle Solution

Use your companion’s sigil arrows to chain a spark from your blades to light the brazier. The stepping stones in the water are good markers to aim sigil arrows at, just make sure the bubbles are large enough to chain into one another and hit the brazier. 

The second brazier is a little further up on the far side of the falls. Use sigil arrow bubbles placed along the flat cliff face to reach the brazier and light it with your chains. 

How to solve the Goddess Falls Nornir Chest puzzle.

The final brazier is a bit harder to find, as it’s way high up out of Kratos’ normal vision when running around this area. Return to the center platform and look all the way up facing the falls. You’ll see the last brazier, which will take some big sigil bubbles to chain your blade explosion upwards. 

Once all three braziers are lit, head back to the chest and enjoy your loot! 

Vanaheim Nornir Chest: The Veiled Passage

If you haven’t already gotten it, after opening the Nornir Chest in the Goddess Falls, you can also find a Nornir Chest just inside the Veiled Passage cave upriver. 

This is a pretty quick chest to do, since you’ll be ringing all three bells on the far wall at the same time. 

Use your companion’s sigil arrows to place two large bubbles along the boards on the far wall, so that all three of the runed bells are inside the overlapping bubbles. You’ll use a firebomb from the pot in this cave to detonate them both. Stand next to the chest and throw a bomb at the spot where the bubbles intersect. 

Once all three bells are ringing, the chest will open and you can claim your prize. On the Nornir Chest hunt? Check out our guides for the Forbidden Sands Nornir Chest, as well as Alfheim’s The Barrens Nornir Chest!

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