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God of War Ragnarok Nornir Chests: Cliffside Ruins Chest

God of War Ragnarok‘s Vanaheim has 11 Nornir Chests, but The Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest is one of the hardest to obtain. Some of God of War‘s best loot is hidden away from plain sight, and you can explore the Nine Realms and still miss a lot of important items. The Nornir Chests in the game offer some of the most important upgrades in the game and you do not want to miss out on them. These chests drop items that buff your health bar and your rage meter, both of which are very useful when tackling tough foes.  Here’s a guide to help you find the Cliffside Ruins chest, open it, and get your reward.

Where to Find the Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok

Players can find the Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest near the drawbridge above Cliffside Ruins. You can open up the map and look at the Cliffside Ruins text on the map and head there to easily locate the chest area. Like all other Nornir Chests, you need to turn three spinning devices and display three runes to break the seal on the chest.

How to Open the Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest

The first device is on the rocks just to the right of the chest. Shoot a Sigil Arrow or two at the vines or use your Blade of Chaos to turn the device until you get a rune that looks like an ‘R’. 

The second spinner is to the left side of the Cliffside ruins chest. You will need to climb up onto the raised platforms and then look at the golden chain. If you look at the area close to the bottom end of the chain, you will notice that the spinner for the runes is sticking out and you can use your Leviathan Axe to activate it. Keep spinning it until you get an ‘F’ shaped rune.

For the third spinner, you need to hop into your boat and head North. You will notice that there is a small area near the Mystic Gate. Get off the boat and turn to face the south side and you should spot the spinner. Keep spinning it until you see a ‘P’ shaped rune. This will now unlock the chest and all you need to do is head back and claim your rewards. 

The Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest Rewards

How to open the Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest in God of War Ragnarok.

You will get one of the two items from the chest: 

Idunn Apple: Idunn Apples are items found in God of War Ragnarok. These mythical apples are cherished food by the gods and will boost Kratos’ health.

Horn of Blood Mead: Horns of Blood Mead are collectible items found in God of War Ragnarok. These legendary horns will increase Kratos’ maximum rage.

If you have already unlocked 30 Nornir Chests before coming to the Cliffside Ruins you will not receive an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. Instead, you will receive random items and some XP points. If you’re hunting other God of War Ragnarok Nornir Chests in Vanaheim, check out our guide on The Jungle’s Nornir Chest.

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