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Goat Simulator 3 Update Patch Notes Apr 1


Pilgor’s 10th birthday


Happy Birthday, Pilgor!

Hey, it’s not every day you turn 10. Let’s celebrate Pilgor’s birthday with an anniversary update.

We just know you’ve always dreamt about having a big cake on your head, hanging around with the OG NPCs from Goat Simulator 1, and listening to that old banger from 2014 that scratches your brain sooo good.

Cheers to milking this goat for the last 10 years and cheers to another 10!


Watch the Anniversary trailer here:


Play now, regret later:


Patch Notes v.


Celebrating 10 years of goatyness with a small update for you!

New Content/Update:
  • 1 new event: A mysterious crack in spacetime has appeared in Suburbsville! Hopefully it’s not a butt crack
  • A blast from the past. The OG NPCs from Goat Simulator 1 are back as Alternative Goats. Passive ability: Changes the music to the original Goat 1 music to really take you back to 2014
  • 10-Year Birthday Cake headgear
  • Additional styles to the 'Party Hat' gear
  • Updated the Main Menu to celebrate Pilgor’s 10th birthday
Bug Fixes:
  • Removed the extra waypoint marker that accidentally appeared when setting a waypoint
  • The instincts categories are moved back to be in the correct order again
  • Fixed some issues with the name tag, where the name could be inconsistent in the friends list and in a party
Steam Specific:
  • Fixed more cases where a black screen could appear. I’m having nightmares about this bug
  • Fixed an issue where players without a linked Epic account couldn't see their profile picture in the friends list and party menu
XSX Specific:
  • Fixed issues with starting split-screen using multiple controllers
  • Fixed wrong pop-up appearing when starting split-screen while in-game
Game Pass/MS Store:
  • Fixed wrong pop-up appearing when starting split-screen while in-game. Yes, here too
Until we meet again,
Coffee Stain North



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Those are the patch notes for the anniversary update on April 1 for Goat Simulator 2 on multiple platforms.

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