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Genshin Impact Fane of Panjvahe Guide: How to Unlock

Like all the previously added regions, the recently added desert area in Genshin Impact brought tons of chest, quests, secrets, and domains. One such is Fane of Panjvahe domain, located north-east of The Sand of Three Canals. Completing it rewards with 40 primogems, 5 dendro sigils, 35000 mora, 4 weapon leveling materials, 2 guides to ingenuity talent books, 2 character upgrade materials, and a solitary desert pavilion artifact. 

To get all those resources, you will have to first unlock the domain, which isn’t as straightforward this time. There is a puzzle you’ll need to solve. Nothing too hard, though. 

How to Unlock the Fane of Panjvahe Domain in Genshin Impact  

To unlock the Fane of Panjvahe in Genshin Impact, you just have to put two seelies in their courts that are located just at the front of the domain. As for where those seelies are, they are a few steps away—one at the left and the other at the right—from the domain. 

The one seelie, towards the west, is pretty straightforward. There is a Ruin Drake that you need to kill, and once done, it’ll be free. 

After killing the enemy, touch the seelie and it should head on its way.

The other seelie should be hovering over a weathered obelisk puzzle. You’ll first have to complete the puzzle. 

The puzzle is simple, you just have to match the symbol on the inner stones with the one that is outside.

The symbols in the inner stones are the ones that are to be changed, and can be done by just hitting them. But, there is a catch. The seelie will float over it and change the symbol. You’ll have to, therefore, be quick and change the symbol before the seelie messes with it. Hit the stone quickly after the seelie hovers over it. This way, you should be able to match the symbols before the seelie completes the detour.  

Once all stones are matched, the seelie will be en route to the remaining court. That’s all you need to know about the domain. You can always check Minus World for more guides, including Genshin Impact guides like this one that has neat tips on leveling up your Genshin battle pass faster.

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