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Genshin Impact Clearance Guide: How to Increase Clearance

In Genshin Impact, towards the west of Sumeru, beyond the soaring Wall of Samiel, lies a desert that hides imposing mausoleums beneath the sweltering sand dunes. Much of it is, as usual, hidden behind world quests. So is the access to a particular mechanism with a message that reads “You do not have enough clearance” when you interact with it without any clearance level in Genshin Impact

The mechanism is scattered throughout the desert and is heavily featured underneath the pyramids. Solving the clearance problem is fairly simple, as you just need to complete certain quests. 

Genshin Impact – What is Clearance?

Each region in Genshin Impact has a major world quest. Consider the Aranara quests from the main Sumeru region for example; completing them will give a new gadget named Vintage Lyre and unlocks multiple areas like Old Vanarana. You won’t be able to 100% complete any part of the map without finishing these quests. 

For the desert area, the major world quest is “Golden Slumber,” which is followed by subsequent quests, and completing them grants you clearance. There are multiple levels of clearance with some mechanisms requiring higher levels. 

Here are all the quests that you need to complete and where to find them.   

How to Fix “You Do Not Have Enough Clearance” Message – Genshin Impact

How to fix "you do not have enough clearance" message in Genshin Impact.The questline you’re after is called Golden Slumber and there are two ways to initiate it.

Either talk to Sumeru’s Katheryne (Adventure Guild receptionist that hands out commission) after you’ve completed the final act of Archon Quest. This will add Golden Slumber directly to your quest log. 

Or, fast travel to the Statue of The Seven near the Aaru Village and follow the road heading towards the village. You’ll eventually cross a wooden bridge, then talk to a person named Bonifaz who will be standing at the end of it. A quest marker will float above him in case you’re struggling to spot him. 

After you talk to Bonifaz, the first part (or subquest) of Golden Slumber titled, Lost in the Sands, will commence. The rest of the quest that follows is guided and simple. 

Once you complete the first quest, in the end, someone named Tirzad will hand you a Scarlet Sand Slate. Everything about your clearance level can be viewed on the slate, even tracking quests to further boost your level. The slate serves a similar purpose as Aranyaka did for the Aranara questline.  

Open your inventory’s “Quest” tab to bring forth Scarlet Sand Slate and track your progress.

The basic level clearance is done after the completion of Golden Slumber. To upgrade further, wait for a day in real life to pass and teleport to the Statue of The Seven near Aaru Village. A new quest, Dual Evidence, will automatically start. 

After this, everything should be pretty self-explanatory. It is recommended that you follow all related quests and complete everything mentioned in the Scarlet Sand Slate to unlock every explorable area of the desert. 

Namely, several parts from the Scarlet Sand Slate should be completed after Dual Evidence to raise the clearance to the highest possible level: 

  • The Place of Rebirth Trial 
  • Place of Breath Trial 
  • Place of Swallowing

That’s everything you’ll need to know about clearance levels in Genshin Impact. You can check guides from other games as well at Minus World, including a beginner’s guide about the game Goose Goose Duck, since it seems like everybody and their mother is talking about this game.

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