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Genshin Impact Battle Pass Guide: How to Level Up Faster

Genshin Impact can sometimes get a little overwhelming with the amount of things to do and grind for, including a battle pass. When managing the time, the battle pass often ends up being sidelined. But all you need is ten minutes of playing with proper planning each day to level up as fast as possible. 

To complete the battle pass in Genshin Impact, you need to complete challenges that grant XP. Once you’ve earned 1000 XP, you level up. Currently, there are 50 levels. The maximum amount of XP you can claim each week is also restricted.  Here are some tips to level up the battle pass faster.

Level Up Genshin Battle Pass Faster: Get “Daily Missions” Done Quickly

Use daily challenges to level up the Genshin Impact battle pass faster.

Challenges in the battle pass are refreshed daily, weekly, and some remain across a season (or events). As you’ve already guessed, Daily Missions are those challenges that reset each day. These are your most consistent source of XP, and you shouldn’t miss them. 

You can complete them passively. The four challenges that are refreshed daily are:   

  • Log in daily
  • Complete 4 daily commissions 
  • Mine 10 items 
  • Use a total of 150 resin 

For the first two, you probably do them every day already. Daily Commissions also reward primos and you cannot miss out on those. 

As for the 10 items to mine, you can mine them even without mining. Just send someone on a daily expedition for ores and it’ll count towards the challenge. An expedition can be sent by talking to Katheryne at the Adventurers Guild.

You won’t be able to claim them on the same day, but for the next day and the subsequent ones, you’ll keep completing this challenge without lifting a finger. That is, as long as you send someone the day before.  

If you don’t want to waste a spot of your limited expeditions and want to farm them separately, the best location is the Spiral Abyss island. Fast travel there and you’ll find enough ores to complete the challenge. Your stay at Abyss will likely last longer as some weekly challenges can be done faster here. 

Lastly, for the resin challenge, you can create condensed resins (condensing 40 resins into one) at the alchemy table. This will save you domain runs as well.

Easy Methods for Genshin Impact Weekly Challenges

There are lots of weekly challenges, and some of them look daunting to complete. But, there are simple ways to do each of them. 

Defeat boss opponents 10 times

Instead of hunting for them throughout the open world and worrying about bursts and switching parties, just head to Spiral Abyss floor 8. The third chamber has two bosses on different halves, Cryo Regisvine and Pyro Regisvine.

Bring a team suited for Cryo Regisvine. Make sure to preserve the elemental burst for the third chamber. Once you beat Cryo, instead of defeating Pyro Regisvine, retry and continue to beat Cryo for all the times you need.

This method works best if you’re all level 90. Enemies on floor 8 are 70 levels, you should be able to one-two shot them with 90 level characters.

Complete 15 Domain Challenges 

The benefit of doing what we said in the previous challenge is the run also counts for this one. You can clear any Abyss floor, and it’ll also count as completing a domain.

Alternatively, you can head into any domain, select the lowest level, and retry the same without claiming rewards.

Complete Trounce Domain Challenges Three Times

Trounce Domain Challenges are tougher bosses that reset weekly. Stromterror, Wolf of the North, Childe, Azhdaha, La Signora, Raiden Shogun, and Scaramouche.

Among them, Stromterror is the easiest to beat, as the rest have multiple phases and are a bit tankier. Simply head to the Confront Stormterror domain located far northwest of Mondstadt. Play the domain at the lowest level. 

Complete Bounties and Request

For this challenge, to complete it quickly, do bounties in the Inazuma or Sumeru regions. They’re short and can be done rapidly, as opposed to Mondstadt and Liyue.

Of course, if time is not a restriction, do them for regions where you lack reputation level.

Cook and Forge Items 

Similar to everything, you can cook any food that requires the least material. Low-rarity food requires fewer materials, and if you play a fair bit your inventory should be flooded with these materials pretty quickly.

For forging items challenge, you don’t have to forge them, just claim them that day. To make it faster, after you completed a forge and claimed, forge some more and leave them unclaimed. Next week, claim it and repeat. Forge lower level ores to save resources. 

Spent 500,000 Mora 

This one is done passively. Wasting that much Mora just for the battle pass XP isn’t the most prudent choice. Leveling and raising characters, upgrading artifacts, and buying resources normally should be enough spending. 

Other weekly challenges are mostly straightforward. “Purchase 2 items from the Teapot Traveling Salesman” from another player’s teapot can be done on weekends, but you’ll need a friend first. We are afraid we do not have a guide on that. Trust us, we want that guide as much as you do.

Whenever you visit Teapot, you can also collect realm currency and complete another challenge. 

How to Complete This BP Period Challenges Quickly

All the Genshin Impact battle pass challenges here are fairly simple. However, the XP you gain from these challenges does not count towards your weekly XP limit. Because of this, you can save them for the last  boost after you’ve exhausted your weekly limit. They also give you the most XP. 

The challenges here will be based on events, making 50 wishes, and gaining 12 stars on Abyss. Completing the events is no brainer. For wishes and stars, it depends on whether you’re interested in the current banner and your account level.

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