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Forza Motorsport Update 7.1 Patch Notes Apr 19

Update 7.1 for Forza Motorsport is out on April 19, and the short patch notes for all platforms are detailed here


Forza Motorsport Hotfix 7.1 Release Notes – April 19, 2024

Today’s Forza Motorsport hotfix addresses a crash caused by thumbnail regeneration for players who have a significant number of cars with unique liveries, as well as a graphical issue on PC where DLSS options stopped functioning correctly.
Version Number:
  • Xbox Series X|S: 1.575.5892.0
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 1.575.5892.0
  • Steam: 1.575.5892.0


Forza Motorsport Update 7 Patch Notes Apr 8


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Stability [All Platforms]
  • Car thumbnails are now generated sequentially to avoid a potential crash when generating too many thumbnails at once. This caused some players with a large number of cars with unique liveries to crash on launch if their thumbnails required regeneration. [1660480]


  • Fixed an issue on PC that caused DLSS options to stop functioning correctly on NVIDIA graphics cards. [1755060]


Those were the short patch notes for update 7.1 on April 19 for Forza Motorsport on Steam PC, Microsoft Store PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

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