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Fortnite Quest Guide: My Hero Academia Challenges (Week 1)

For some, Christmas came early to Fortnite with the addition of My Hero Academia characters, back blings, and even some quests! Each quest grants a nifty 20K battle pass experience, but the real unique prize is granted for players that complete 8 My Hero Academia quests before the event ends; All Might’s cape! If you’re anything like Izuku Midoriya, you might be nervous you won’t be able to finish them in time, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to complete week 1 of Fortnite’s My Hero Academia challenges.

My Hero Academia Week 1 Quests: How to Rescue Training Dummies in the Water

Like a true hero, you’ll have to undergo training before you can move on to saving real people. As such, someone has placed 6 training dummies in various bodies of water across the map, and it’s up to you to save them! First, you need to locate them. Luckily, we have a handy reference map for you.

Where to find the training dummies for My Hero Academia week 1 Fortnite quests.

Once you’re close enough to them on the map, an exclamation mark will appear to let you know they’re nearby. Then, you just need to swim up to them and interact to complete the rescue. 

Do this five more times and you’re done with your first quest. The trickiest part of this is rescuing the dummy stuck in the ice on the north side of the island. You might find yourself slipping around while attempting to interact with it, so if you’re in Build Mode or Team Rumble try putting up some walls or non-slip floor panels to help you secure the training dummy.

My Hero Academia Challenges (Week 1): How to Acquire Deku Smash in Fortnite

This wouldn’t be a proper anime event without some cool special moves and, much like Dragon Ball Z’s Kamehameha, we’ll be seeing Deku’s Smash attack blowing up buildings around the island. This ultra powerful move was teased in the Season intro video, but seeing it level a building firsthand is quite the experience. To get your hands on this unique attack, you’ll simply need to wait for a special supply drop to appear. 

Where to get Deku's Smash in Fortnite for the My Hero Academia Week 1 quests.

They bear All Might’s likeness and drop faster than a normal supply drop so be ready to grab it. Alternatively you can find one of the many vending machines that have been converted to Super variants. These will dispense a Deku’s Smash for some gold, so hopefully you’ve been saving up. You don’t even need to use it to complete the quest, but nobody would judge you for firing off a test smash immediately.

How to Damage Opponents with Explosives

This one is a little trickier, because there is no guaranteed way to ensure you’ll damage other players. Grenades, snowball launchers, and explosive bows all count toward this damage. I’ve found that the easiest way to accomplish this is by switching over to Team Rumble mode. You’ll have numerous opponents to attack, you respawn if you die in battle, and if you can find a snowball launcher (which deals explosive damage) then you’ll start each new life with a full clip. Then it’s as simple as pointing at the nearest enemies and firing away! 

Fortnite My Hero Academia Challenges: How to Achieve Time Airborne Using Shockwave Hammer

The final Week 1 challenge isn’t nearly as difficult, because you don’t have to hit anyone with the hammer. Finding one might be tricky but they tend to spawn more frequently from the new Oathbound chests. These sleek looking boxes can primarily be found in the medieval themed areas of the map, so be sure to check any stone towers or cottages for the chest.

It isn’t a guaranteed drop, but you should find a hammer after opening a few of these chests. Then you can go wild with the bounce function, which should be the same input you use to aim down the sights. 

As always, I recommend jumping into Team Rumble to complete this quest, because even if you’re killed you will respawn with your loadout intact, giving you more opportunities to earn airtime. After a couple of those, you’ll be done with the last quest for the week. Be sure to check back when the next quests are added for some helpful tips on completing them.