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Fortnite Chapter 4 Guide: How to Unlock the Peerless Parasol

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has just launched with a lot of new cosmetics for players to unlock and show off. Aside from the Battle Pass, Challenges, and what’s in the Store, there is a new victory umbrella available for skilled players to unlock. Here is how to get the Peerless Parasol Victory Umbrella in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How to Unlock The Peerless Parasol Victory Umbrella in Fortnite

Unlock guide for the Peerless Parasol in Fortnite.

Victory Umbrellas have been a part of Fortnite since the first season. These Umbrellas are awarded to players for their first win each season. To unlock The Peerless Parasol Victory Umbrella, players will need to achieve a Victory Royale in any of the main Battle Royale modes during Chapter 4 Season 1.

Winning a match usually means being the last one alive or being the last duo/squad alive. If you choose to play with a duo or a squad everyone will receive this reward if your team wins! And, unlike the Victory Crown, you will not lose this or any other Victory Umbrella when you lose a match.

It is worth noting that this Glider is of Common rarity, meaning a lot more interesting and flashy gliders have been and are available in the game, including in this Season’s Battle Pass. But, none of those other flashy Gliders show off your achievement of winning in Chapter 4 Season 1. The Peerless Parasol features its own special sound effect, but shares the same animation as all other victory umbrellas.

Remember, this glider is only available during Chapter 4 Season 1, make sure to get yourself and/or your teammate(s) ready so you don’t miss out if you are someone who suffers from FOMO! Once Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 ends, this Glider will no longer be available to unlock ever again, so act fast to unlock this unique cosmetic!