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Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Triangle Guide: How to Break

The weapon triangle that has been seen in most Fire Emblem games is now returning in Fire Emblem Engage, after skipping Three Houses. Generally, the Weapon Triangle is as it was in previous titles. However, there are a few new additions to this feature. We’ve got you covered with what exactly the Weapon Triangle is, as well as what the new Break feature is!

What Is the Weapon Triangle in Fire Emblem Engage?

The weapon triangle in Fire Emblem Engage.

The Weapon Triangle establishes which weapons have an advantage against each other. When fighting enemies in battle, you must strategically utilize your troops to deal with enemies holding certain weaponry. In Engage, the Weapon Triangle is as follows:

  • Sword > Axe
  • Axe > Lance
  • Lance > Sword

Additionally, it is worth noting that enemies with other weapons (bows, magic, & daggers) are able to be overcome by using Body Arts. You must utilize this knowledge properly to ensure you defeat your enemies in battle. Failure to do so can limit your ability to Break enemies, which means they will consistently counterattack without any chances for you to take an upper hand.

What Is Breaking Enemies & How to Break?

How the break mechanic works in Fire Emblem Engage.

A new feature to Engage is called Break, which allows you to inflict “Break” on your enemies. Break is inflicted for an entire turn and prevents the enemy from counterattacking. The enemy affected will be unable to counterattack until their next turn, meaning you can utilize a different character from the one you inflicted Break with to deal massive unanswered damage.

To Break, you will need to attack an enemy with the right weapon. This means that you must follow the Weapon Triangle and properly inflict damage with the correct weapon. By doing so, you will be able to Break your enemy. When this is activated, the enemy’s sword, lance, or axe will fly off the screen, accompanied by big red letters stating “Break!”.

Do note that this Break effect can be inflicted on you if you’re not careful. While the Break status effect is not guaranteed to land each time, your only chance of inflicting it upon an enemy is to utilize the Weapon Triangle properly. Make sure to properly assess each battle to ensure that you are keeping the upper hand in combat.