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Fire Emblem Engage Same Gender Romance: All Options

As was introduced in games like Fire Emblem Three Houses, here are all the same gender romance options in Fire Emblem Engage. While the newest game in the Fire Emblem franchise uses a slightly different romance system than its predecessor, one of the biggest changes is the increase in same gender romantic relationships. With that, here is the full list for same gender romantic relationships.

All Same Gender Romance Options in Fire Emblem Engage

Chloé and Louis in Fire Emblem Engage.

One surprise in Fire Emblem Three Houses was the true introduction of same-sex relationships in the series. However, at the same time, only a few characters were romanceable if they were the same sex as the one the player chose. That has been thrown out the window in Fire Emblem Engage, as every single romanceable character can be romanced as either version of the player.

Like previous games, the S-tier support rank is limited to one of your comrades, but the ones below are the only truly romantic relationships. Others that you can S-tier that aren’t listed below are more platonic than romantic.

This list consists of sixteen characters alphabetically, with their respective countries and genders:

  • Alfred of Firene (male): The prince of Firene, older brother to Céline, is easy-going and happy-go-lucky.
  • Bunet of Solm (male): A passionate chef and royal knight, this man operates at his own pace.
  • Chloé of Firene (female): A gentle soul, this Lance Flier cares a lot about her liege Céline as well as the beauty of nature.
  • Citrinne of Brodia (female): Someone that might seem superior and disdainful at first is a very kind woman who cares a lot about her friends.
  • Goldmary of Elusia (female): A very timid and shy girl hides a very bold and straightforward personality behind modesty.
  • Diamant of Brodia (male): Diamant is a very serious prince, with a lot of respect for his father, the King of Brodia, and supports his younger brother.
  • Ivy of Elusia (female): A very serious and quiet caster also keeps an aura of royalty and mystery.
  • Jade of Brodia (female): A very quiet and collected knight of Diamant, a woman who seems emotionless opens up to be very happy and funny to her friends.
  • Kagetsu of Elusia (male): A physical embodiment of cheerful, friendly and exotic.
  • Lapis of Brodia (female): A very deceivingly kind and physically strong girl with self-confidence issues.
  • Louis of Firene (male): An altruistic knight who seeks nothing but peace for his friends.
  • Mauvier of Firene and Elusia (male): An honest and honorable knight, formerly of Firene and now of Elusia.
  • Merrin of Solm (female): A very extravagant woman with a focus on her looks also has a love of animals.
  • Panette of Solm (female): This royal knight is polite, so much so because of a very wild past and a love for ghosts and insects. 
  • Seadall of Solm (male): A long-haired dancer and fortune-teller, mystery and performance drive this character’s vibe.