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Fire Emblem Engage Relay Ticket Guide: How to Get Tickets

The release of Fire Emblem Engage has brought a myriad of new and interesting gameplay mechanics that returning players of the series might not be familiar with, including the Relay Ticket. These tickets provide the player with opportunities to participate in a select multiplayer event that unlocks even more new content in Fire Emblem Engage. Leaving people to ponder and question: how do I get a Relay Ticket and what is it used for? With a plethora of returning characters from the Fire Emblem universe, players are chomping at the bit wondering how they can try out the new multiplayer mode. Let’s awaken the Divine Dragon and figure out how to get Relay Tickets quickly in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Get Relay Tickets Quickly in Fire Emblem Engage

A relay ticket guide to Fire Emblem Engage.


Gamers wanting to install the game and immediately try and grab a Relay Ticket will be a bit disappointed. Once you make your way through the game and reach the Plaza in Somniel, you will receive a Relay Ticket every 24 hours when going back to the Plaza. Sadly, the daily refresh is the only consistent way of obtaining new Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage. Aside from this, there are other temporary ways of receiving more Relay Tickets through amiibos.

By scanning Fire Emblem amiibos, players are able to earn special costumes, music tracks, and most importantly for your purposes, Relay Tickets. It’s unsure how many tickets you obtain from each amiibo you scan, but more tickets means more chances to try out the Tower of Trials. Located on the south side of Somniel, the Tower of Trials unlocks after completing chapter 6 and opens up a multiplayer mode that you can use Relay Tickets for. This mode, called Relay Trials, allows you and other players to participate in a private or public cooperative multiplayer mode.

That’s all you need to know about the Relay Ticket in Fire Emblem Engage! Looking to unlock Edelgard, Claude, & Dimitri in Engage? Here’s a complete guide to the Lookout Ridge event where you can unlock their Emblem Ring!