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Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Genji Equipment Guide: All Locations

The Genji Equipment in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion can be tricky to obtain if you aren’t sure where to look. This equipment is required to earn a distinct achievement, as well as complete the overall SOLDIER Missions achievement. The Genji Equipment is very powerful and can greatly assist you as you fight through missions or some of the difficult summon battles. We’ve got you covered with exactly where every Crisis Core Genji Equipment piece is located, as well as how to obtain it.

How to Get the Genji Armor in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

The Genji Armor is obtained by viewing 100% of the DMW scenes. There are seven characters with DMW scenes, as well as eleven summons with scenes. This is by far the hardest Genji piece to get, as it involves a long period of luck with viewing each scene.

Viewing all the scenes with summons additionally acquires you to obtain each summon. To help your chances of unlocking each scene, you can visit the Research Department QMC +. This shop is obtained in Chapter 10, at Gongaga in a chest. Here, you will be able to buy Materia that aligns with specific characters, and each will allow you to boost their chances of landing in the DMW.

After seeing all the DMW scenes, you will be rewarded with the Genji Armor. To claim this, enter the DMW menu where a pop-up will appear with the Genji Armor. This piece of equipment will give Zack a 99,999 limit on HP, as well as Endure and Regeneration effects.

Genji Gloves – How to Get Genji Equipment in Crisis Core

Where to find the Crisis Core Genji equipment.

The Genji Gloves are arguably the easiest piece of Genji equipment to obtain. To find them, you must open M9-6-4, where you will open a specific treasure chest.

Simply locate the treasure chest and open it to receive the Genji Gloves. The Genji Gloves will grant you 99,999 damage limit, as well as a Critical Effect.

How to Get the Genji Shield in Crisis Core

How to get the Genji Equipment in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core.

The Genji Shield can be quite tricky to obtain. To earn this item, you must first unlock the Magic Pot through mission 10-2-3. After doing so, you’ll want to head to the mission titled M-7-6-6, where you will be searching for a random encounter with a Magic Pot. This is quite rare, so it might take some time to appear at first.

When it finally does, you will need to follow the following steps to meet its requirements and earn its rewards.

  • Use Gil Toss. (You can obtain this after completing the mission labeled M4-4-4)
  • Use Costly Punch. (Found in mission M9-5-4, or M9-5-1 by using Steal on enemies)
  • Deal a 99,999 Damage Attack. (Very useful to earn Genji Gloves beforehand and utilize these alongside Brutal to deal this damage consistently)
  • Use Octaslash. (You can help your chances of this by obtaining the Octaslash Materia from the Research Department QMC +, which will boost the likelihood of Octaslash)

After performing the moves listed above, you will be met with the Genji Shield! The Genji Shield will grant you many different abilities, such as Auto Wall, which is a permanent Barrier and MBarrier. Additionally, an ability that prevents all status effects is added with the Genji Shield, as well as the ability to absorb amounts of HP from Fire, Lighting, and Ice elemental attacks.

Where to Get the Genji Helm


The Genji Helm is acquired through a simple purchase, though it might take you a while to gather the funds. To purchase this Genji item, you must gather 1,000,000 Gil. The Helm is available for purchase in the Net Shop Shade, which is obtained by completing the mission titled M9-5-4.

This Genji item has great effects for MP and AP. By equipping the Genji Helm, your MP and AP moves will cost 0 every time. Additionally, Libra will always be active.