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Farm Together 2 Update Patch Notes June 26





Early Access Update #27 – Bugfix update June 26

Today we're fixing a few issues introduced in yesterday's update, as well as a minor upgrade to the animal floor system.



  • You can now place high grass on animal tiles.



  • Fixed being unable to place a floor type to override the animals one if it matched the underlying tile floor. In other words, fixed being unable to place grass on animals that were already placed over grass.
  • Fixed a bug with slope corner waterfalls causing items to stop being enabled/disabled while moving etc.
  • Fixed minor UI issues related to favorites.
  • Fixed bamboo tree growth progress not being updated in the same way as before.


Today’s Farm showcase: “It’s a mess, but it’s my mess <3” by le monke



Early quackcess Update #26 – Quack! June 25

Today we’re releasing a new update bringing new animals and other interesting features. Check them out!


New items:

  • New animal: Ducks (6 variants). They yield the feather resource.
  • Added new townspeople requests.


New features:

  • You can now favorite players and search for them in the Find Farms section. This is done using an alternate method compared to public/friends search. Favorited players have to be the host of a public farm to show up in the filter.


Gameplay changes:

  • Reduced amount of resources/items requested for job-related tasks. While more houses are being worked on, we don't really want players to feel forced to perform and keep track of multiple jobs in parallel in multiple houses. We're reducing the amounts required in quests and shop upgrades, so new houses are more geared towards customization and decoration, and not mandatory for proper progress.



  • Added corner waterfalls. Just like the straight ones, they're automatically placed when surrounded by water.
  • You can now change the floor type of animal tiles. All tiles in the same group will show the same floor type
  • You can now open the Quest log while in automatic tractor mode.
  • Added a check to detect potential Steam Cloud conflict issues. If a conflict has been detected, a message will be shown with more information on potential data loss and what to do to recover the backup.



  • Fixed animal scale not always being applied.
  • Fixed tiles with sprinklers being selected/recycled when trying to recycle empty tiles.
  • Fixed preview for decoration items such as plates, books, etc not being rotated properlywhen moving them.
  • Fixed not seeing other players move after accepting an invite while playing on another farm.


Today’s Farm Showcase: One calm day on a farm by Vivian



Early Access Update #25 – Morning Glories, fixes, lots of minor improvements June 19

In today's update we're adding a new type of flower, the Morning Glory. We're also fixing a few issues that could lead to crashes in specific cases, and adding plenty of minor improvements and changes based on your feedback!


New items

  • New flowers: Morning Glory (5 variations)



  • Added a setting to show time remaining until the current season ends.
  • Improved behavior and looks of the see-through effect when the player is obstructed by buildings, trees, etc. This isn't finished yet, bounds on the town still need to be checked a bit.
  • Sitting on decorations now waits for host confirmation before proceeding. This fixes two players being able to sit in the same spot and, more importantly, potential desynchronizations between host and client when moving or recycling items while a player is trying to use them.
  • Recycling items is no longer pre-calculated on the client. This could lead to potential synchronization issues.
  • Added a setting to reset camera rotation when using quick travel.
  • Added a setting to hide the invite code. Useful if you're streaming/recording the game and don't want strangers to join.
  • The house icon in the map shows a little box when a quest-related job inside it requires attention.
  • Added a new Feathers resource. This resource can't be obtained yet. This is in preparation for a future update.
  • You can now advance time while in Photo mode. This is only visual, farm time isn't affected by it.
  • Added Dynamic glyph generation when using Chinese/korean/japanese languages. This should help with missing glyphs while typing in chat.
  • The UI will now show the name/icon of the currently assigned item when standing by a sign, a bush, a painting or a food plate.


Gameplay changes:

  • Town shops can no longer be recycled. This feature was causing trouble because recycled shops would lose their level, so we're disabling it. There's a lot of space available in town so there shouldn't be a need to recycle them anyway.



  • Fixed VRAM memory Leak every time a farm was loaded while FSR was enabled.
  • Fixed Tutorial prompts not showing up on new farms.


Today’s Farm Showcase: Beginnings by Beezenees



Early Access Update #24 – Bugfix update June 14

Today's patch fixes a couple issues introduced in yesterday's update.



  • Farm name will now be shown in the bus stop.



  • Fixed crash when opening the farm recycle button on big farms.
  • Fixed looks of the new Tool Sheds on Winter.
  • Fixed being unable to place fences on two sides of the farm.This hasn't been fully tested yet, could be buggy in specific interactions!


Today’s Farm Showcase: Realistic farm progress by Gee



Early Access Update #23 – Multiple pinned quests, new decorations and QoL June 13

In today's update we're bringing the ability to pin multiple quests (up to 3). We're also adding new farm decorations (Tool Shed and Animal Shed), a lawn floor type, and a bunch of QoL upgrades based on feedback.


New items:

  • New floor type: Lawn
  • New decorations: Tool Shed and Animal Shed



  • Now up to three quests can be pinned, and quest updates will be shown below the pinned quests instead of replacing the pinned one. Only the first pinned quest will be shown in split screen.
  • Improved map generation performance a bit.
  • Added townspeople with available tasks to the compass while in town.
  • Automatic mode is now stopped when the controller is unplugged.
  • Improved camera smoothness issues when colliding with the scenario or interacting with towsnpeople.
  • Added new sorting methods in the shop (Category and Resources). Category sorts item by similar family/utility/looks, and is now the default in Decoration, Fences and most house shop categories. Removed the Unlock Level sort methods from a few categories.
  • x5, x10, etc. multipliers in the town shops will now use the lowest valid multiplier if below the available sell/purchase amount.
  • Automatic water mode changed from an on/off switch to a setting so you can set if you want to water only crops or flowers.



  • Fixed UI flickering for a frame after moving items.
  • Fixed UI behavior issues when disconnecting the controller while paused.
  • Fixed drone behavior around locked plots of land.
  • Fixed Wadrobe "New" icons not working properly.


Today’s Farm Showcase: Untitled by Mona



Early Access Update #22 – Initial avatar setup, Garlic and bugfixes June 11

Hi! In today's update we're adding a simple avatar body selection upon first launch (previous players will not see this dialog), to set initial avatar looks from 6 choices.
We're also changing a bit the way the body shape slider works, to (hopefully) make it a simpler to understand and use in the general case, while still offering the same customization possibilities as before.
On top of that, we've added a new crop (Garlic) with 4 variants. It's a new, higher level, source of Legumes (we know Garlic isn't a real legume, but the icon looks similar enough!) to feed your Sheep.
We've also fixed a couple bugs regarding multiplayer. Hopefully we're almost bug-free with this one!


New Items:

  • New crop: Garlic



  • Added Italian (partial) and Vietnamese community translations.
  • Added an initial avatar selection upon first launch
  • Added a new Body Type selector that limits faces and the Body Shape values so it's easier to choose a feminine/masculine look. The Custom Body type will allow all choices at once. Previous saves will have the body set to Custom to make sure they're compatible, but you can change it at anytime.



  • Fixed multiplayer issues on clients when new players join the game.
  • Fixed error with animals/feeders when recycling the farm.
  • Fixed some shopkeepers still having the squeaky sound.
  • Fixed the Invite code button not copying the code to the clipboard.
  • (Probably) Fixed an issue that could break the tile previews while moving fences.


Today’s Farm showcase: Untitled by Vaidurya



Early Access Update #21 – Bugfix update June 10

Today's update brings a few hotfixes and other minor changes to the game. They should help preventing those nasty "Synchronization failed" popups!



  • Adjusted guestbook UI so it better fits the available space.
  • You can now open the map while in automatic mode.
  • Improved a bit performance when surrounded by several animals. It still takes a toll on CPU usage, but it should be better than before.
  • Removed squeaky sound from the shopkeepers.



  • Fixed fuel discrepancy between host and clients that could lead to a desync issue.
  • Fixed backup file not being properly created.
  • Fixed visual issues with waterfalls and fences.
  • Fixed being unable to climb hills on corners.
  • Fixed splitscreen UI issue with recycle confirmation prompts.


Today’s Farm showcase: “Recycle my farm yesterday. And Im pretty happy with how it looks so far ♥” by RockaPanter



Early Access Update #20 – Minor update June 7

Hi! In today's update we're fixing an internal issue that could cause a number of problems in online. We guess it was the reason for seeing people not moving when joining farms, etc. , but have been unable to confirm.
We're also slightly lowering upgrade prices that asked for diamonds.


Gameplay changes:

  • Slightly reduced diamond prices of shop upgrades.



  • Fixed not all buildings having internal unique ids, which could lead to a number of problems in online.


Today’s Farm showcase: Untitled by Silence



Early Access Update #19 – Invite codes, quest harvest icons! June 6

In today's update, we're adding two new useful improvements.
The first one are the invite codes, that can be used to easily join someone's farm without the need of being Steam friends. This should work between regions and can also be used to join private farms.
The second one is a highly requested feature of having different icons for items ready to be harvested when they belong to a quest.
We're also fixing a couple issues introduced in past update. The reason for those new bugs was a last-minute removal of a feature that we intended to add, but wasn't fully convinced it would work. The removal wasn't properly done and the code for the Max multiplier wasn't working as expected.



  • Added an Invite Code feature to easily join other people's games.
  • Items ready to be harvested use a different icon when they belong to an active quest.
  • Added a 50% multiplier to Town shops, that tries to sell half of your stock (if the shop has enough money to do it).
  • Increased night time a bit. Based on feedback received from yesterday's change, we've increased night time duration a bit.



  • (Probably) Fixed some sounds not playing when surrounded by waterfalls.
  • Fixed Max multiplier not working as expected in town shops.


Today’s Farm showcase: Peaceful by Kōji



Early Access Update #18 – New flower variations, bugfixes and minor improvements June 5

Hi! Today's update brings a few new flower variations (more importantly, new sources of Blue flowers!), and some changes based on user feedback of yesterday's update.
We're changed the way town shops work internally (they can now have independent capacities when they have different currencies for sale). With this, we can use the previous, easier to understand style of showing currency values instead of available trades.
We've also changed a bit how fuel works: Now the fuel depot capacity is also increased along with garage upgrades (but not its refill rate! A single fuel depot will take some time to refill in big level farms), and we've reduced the fuel recovery boost from garage upgrades (it got so huge in high level farms that it was basically infinite). These two changes should make the overall feeling of refuelling more consistent and logical.


New items:

  • Added 3 new flowers.


Gameplay changes:

  • (Not an actual gameplay change)Nights are now a bit shorter (more daylight).
  • Fuel depots now increase their capacity based on Garage level. Basically they can now always refill a fuel tank if they're at 100%, but it will take some time until they get their fuel back completely.
  • Reduced a bit fuel recovery boost from garage level.
  • Fixed one bamboo tree still giving wool.
  • Done some changes to how framerate is handled when out of focus. Maybe it helps with issues when tabbed out.
  • Reworked how shops manage their capacity. Now they have a separate capacity for each currency they sell (the Groceries shop was the only one with more than one currency). This way we can go back to using the previous UI style.



  • Fixed potential network desync related to house jobs.
  • Fixed being able to place roads over waterfalls.


Today’s Farm showcase: Untitled by Maddy



Eaarly Baaccess Updaate #17 – Sheep & Waterfalls! June 4

Hello! In today's update we're adding a new set of animals, the sheep! These wooly friends will become an important souce of, well, wool.
We've also added a highly requested cosmetic feature, waterfalls! These will be automatically shown when two tiles of water are in the top and bottom tiles of a slope or hill.
We're also doing some changes to town shops and upgrade requirements for resources obtained in house jobs, as well as increasing the amount of fuel available.


New items:

  • New animal type: Sheep, with 6 variants
  • New crops: Spinach and Red Spinach.


Gameplay changes:

  • Resources granted by animals are now worth more diamonds in the shop.
  • Bamboo trees now give Greens instead of Wool. Now that we have sheep, and wool has an increased value (see previous point), decided to change bamboo resource. From now on, we'll try to keep animal resources completely separated from the ones in crops/trees.
  • Revised required amounts for job resources (prepare food, paintings, songs) in town upgrades. Overall less resources are required. Jobs with high duration tasks (such as some songs or paintings) have an even stronger reduction in the amount of resources required.
  • Increased base fuel recovery rate.
  • Increased fuel capacity and recovery rate of the fuel depot.
  • Town Shops can now sell items at different prices. Some UI changes were done to account for this.
  • Decreased Spice-to-medals ratio in the Restaurant.



  • Fixed UI issue when talking to townspeople in split screen.
  • Fixed UI issue when closing the teleport window at the same time as travelling, or when clicking and pushing the keyboard button at the same time.
  • Fixed hair color issues in Customization introduced in yesterday's update.


Today’s Farm Showcase: “My little pink space” by KultureGaming



Early Access Update #16 – Bugfix update June 3

Hi! Today we're releasing an update with a bunch of bugfixes, some of them small, but there's a couple that were rather common and required urgent fixing.
We're still investigating on an issue that could cause the PhotonCloudTimeout errors, probably related to an in-game freeze. If you're experiencing this kind of error, please post your issue either in the Steam forums on in the Discord channel, and try to be as descriptive as possible, as well as posting the log file.



  • Fixed potentially out-of-order network messages during the join process that could cause multiplayer to work improperly. This would happen more frequently when joining from another game in progress. Thank you for your reports and detailed reproduction steps on this issue.
  • Improved some asset loading code so it can be done in the background and doesn't stall the main thread, specially when traveling to the town for the first time. While no reports were done in regards to this, we've noticed several second stalls in the telemetry that we believe are related to loading assets on extremely slow computers/hard drives. These several-second stalls could lead to being disconnected from multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed action pop-ups not being properly handled in split-screen.
  • Fixed bushes/flags disappearing bug.
  • Should have fixed the "Fall below the floor" issue when placing fences on water. Should no longer happen, and if it does, we've added a check to reposition players above the ground again.
  • Fixed "Browse log files" not working on Mac.
  • Fixed bug when moving road tiles with the tractor and pressing the Move key.


Today’s Farm Showcase: “Pigs and cows are located in the forest” by Merrie



Farm Together 2 – Early Access Update #15 – Small update May 31

Hi! Today we're releasing a small update with a few bugfixes, and lots of additional logging on specific issues that we're having trouble finding (probably related with those dreaded PhotonCloudTimeout disconnection issues).
This additional info on the telemetry ( optional and completely anonymous) should help us find potential reasons for the disconnections (we believe they're related to a temporary freeze that causes connection to be lost).
We've also fixed minor issues in edge cases (such as trying to jump a fence placed at the edge of the world).



  • Non-separating fences (such as arcs or the newly added lamps) no longer block the tractor's work area.



  • Minor UI/logic bugfixes.
  • (not a bugfix) Additional logging on specific cases to help pinpoint the reason for some internal exceptions.
  • Fixed being able to open the shop (and take the drone) while sitting on a decoration, that could cause the player to be unable to move anymore.
  • Fixed boat decoration not rotating when moving it.


Today’s Farm showcase: Déjeuner (presque) sur l’herbe (Lunch (almost) on the grass) by Weesh & Pistacciolata



Early Access Update #14 – New lighting items & other improvements May 30

Today we're releasing a new update, adding a few new lighting items to give more color to your farm during the night!
We're also adding a bunch of quality of life improvements based on user feedback, as well as a few bugfixes. Nothing too big, as we've been working on a couple of bigger features that should be ready in future updates, but they should help improving the overall experience!


New items:

  • Added 3 new sets of lighting fences, with three variations/colors each.



  • Last map zoom state is now saved between games.
  • Houses are now shown in the map as teleport positions.
  • Added a "Plow new land only when planting" setting, to help avoid accidentally plowing land when doing other tasks. Disabled by default.
  • You can now place fences inside animal groups or ponds. They will be split properly if required.


Gameplay changes:

  • The Sweet shop now offers deals in medals instead of Diamonds. It also no longer sells or stores Nuts/Grapes. This has been done in preparation for a future update featuring production of Jam and Honey. These advanced resources can be traded for medals, but having low level resources in the same shop could become problematic or confusing, so we're removing them. They were the only resources that could be sold in two different establishments anyway.



  • Fixed Upgrade icon being shown on a maxed out garage and warehouse.
  • Removed price for upgrading a capped town shop.
  • Fixed being unable to unbind mouse buttons from the "Tractor" and "Map" inputs.
  • Upgraded Photon networking plugin. Should help with the "SequenceOutOfBounds" error.
  • Fixed fade out/fade in effect not shown for the second player in split screen.


Today’s Farm showcase: Nice Relaxing spot by Farmer Doomz



Early Access Update #13 – New town shops and Pepper! May 28

Today's update is a small one, bringing some new items that didn't make it to yesterday's update. The main addition are the new town shops where you can sell wool and spices, as well as more rare resources such as paintings or songs.
Oh, and by the way, we're now officially Steam Deck verified! We know there are still some issues with handling suspend/resume on it, and we'll try to get them fixed soon!


New items:

  • New town shops: Art Gallery, Restaurant, Arts&Crafts
  • New crops: 4 variants of Pepper



  • "Money spent" on item stats now is reduced when recycling items (by half if done manually, by full if done via Farm Recycle). This can't be applied retroactively, so stats for farms that have been recycled will keep showing inaccurate values.
  • Clicking anywhere on the townspeople task request will no longer be treated as clicking on the accept button.
  • Manually recycling a crop will now refund 5 additional coins (from the plowed land). We're rich!
  • Just like with houses, trying to recycle a town shop will always show the confirmation prompt, overriding UI settings.



  • Fixed empty panel shown when checking profiles in the guestbook.


Today’s Farm Showcase: “Cozy Vibes” by Princess



Early Access Update #12 – Diamonds for everyone! May 27

In today's update, we're addressing one of the most requested things lately, which is the supply (and demand) of Diamonds around the farm.
We've also found and fixed a (probably)frequent bug related with joining a game via network invites. Thank you to everyone that sent log files of the problematic sessions, as that helped us determine what happened and fix it.
We wanted to add new town shops today as well, but we spent more time than expected fixing the aforemented bug. They will be added in the next update.



  • Increased amount of quick travel points that can be built to 40.
  • Town upgrade window won't show stats for level 101, as they can't be upgraded to that level.
  • Improved looks of T junctions and corners for the Brick road variations.


Gameplay changes:

  • Slightly increased harvest money bonus from item level. We still think the logarithmic approach is more adequate, but maybe we went too far with the specific values.
  • Reduced price of new plots by approximately 30%. The difference in price will be reimbursed for plots unlocked before this update.
  • Leveling up town shops will now increase the amount of diamonds gained per transaction. Approximately one more diamond every 10 levels.
  • Reduced increase of townspeople tasks required resources. It wasn't THAT bad, but it could make the deals not as interesting in some cases.
  • Increased amount of coins requested/offered in townspeople deals based on level. The amount of money was trivial at mid-high farm levels. We haven't gone too far with this and it's probably still trivial, we'll probably do a second change in the future.



  • (Probably) Fixed water level issues with non-sprinkler flowers.
  • Fixed water sound when using auto tractor to feed animals.
  • Changed save method to a more robust behavior, that shouldn't break file contents if the computer crashes while performing a save.
  • Fixed accepting an invite causing "Lobby not found" errors later on.


Today’s Farm Showcase: “A lonely red barn” by Jocasta Nyx



Early Access Update #11 – Townspeople quests changes, and other fixes May 24

Hi! Today's update brings a few changes to townspeople's quests among other things. Now the amount of money/resources they ask for will increased based on the current farm level, as well as the resource rewards they give (the money rewards were already being increased).
This should help keep the tasks remain an interesting source of resources and a non-trivial (in some cases) challenge to fulfill them.
We also wanted to comment on the (expected) feedback from the last update, regarding the overall reduction in income, especially from flowers. While Farm Together 2 isn't meant to be a competitive by any means, balancing is still something important to have in mind.
If an item or set of items has a clear advantage over the others, it will steer people's behavior towards it, and that's not something we want to happen. We don't want to force the opposite either (although the quest and town shop system encourages item variety), but at least make it so farms with a bit of everything isn't "penalized" too much by comparison.
In regards to the item experience bonus multiplier, the switch to a logarithmic behavior means that focusing on a single item to boost its income beyond reasonable values is no longer as good a strategy as before. However, as a result of that, it's true that the overall income for most mid- and high-level farms has been reduced, which is why we're releasing a change today that reduces the amount of money required to upgrade town shops.



  • Improved looks of the farm name in the entry cutscene.



  • Fixed animal fields not updating their food amount properly (caused visual issues with feeders)
  • Fixed invalid quest requirements for items with unlock level over 100. If you got one of these, please discard them if you haven't already.


Gameplay changes:

  • Decreased coin requirements of shop upgrades.
  • Townspeople tasks now scale their requirements and rewards based on farm level.
  • Decreased XP granted by harvesting Fish ponds. Also, pond size multiplier now applies to XP as well as money. Despite being the items with lowest effort-per-tile, they granted just too much XP compared to other items.


Today’s Farm showcase: “Dreamin about a fully unlocked farm map” by Farmer Doomz



Update #10 – Balancing, new trees, and lots of fixes! May 23

Today's update brings a number of changes to item experience, price and yield. The main goal is to make the main item categories similarly interesting in regards to money generation, as well as reduce the impact of the money bonus from item level, which was frankly just too powerful.
We've also made so items with long harvest times can be leveled up faster, so they are not overshadowed by items with shorter harvest times that easily.
We've also fixed most (yes, most!) of the remaining bugs reported so far, and we're also adding a few new trees to unlock.


New content:

  • New trees: Clove tree, Cinnamon +1 variant, Quince



  • Improved looks of the area covered by a new plot when selecting it.
  • Added croatian language
  • Added a setting to disable watering crops and flowers while in Auto Mode.
  • The map is updated when the season changes.
  • The Inventory screen is updated every second.


Gameplay changes:

  • Decreased money bonus multiplier from item level. Instead of a linear increase, the bonus reward is more or less logarithmic, getting a smaller increase on high item levels.
  • Decreased flower harvest money
  • Decreased pond price and harvest money.
  • Slightly increased crop harvest money.
  • Slightly decreased tree purchase price.
  • Items with long harvest times will level up faster.
  • Increased maximum item level from 250 to 500.
  • Increased chicken food capacity. This means you can store more food. Rate at which food is consumed, and amount of resources per hour, stays the same.
  • Decreased food consumption rate for pigs and cows.Less resources per hour, and lasts a little longer.



  • Fixed UI icons changing between keyboard and gamepad when opening a menu in split screen.
  • Fixed using chat stopping auto tractor.
  • Fixed feeding animals showing water particles while using auto tractor.
  • Fixed desync issue between Mac and Windows due to floating point calculation differences.
  • Fixed Render scale other than 100% hiding icons in Mac.
  • Fixed animation issues while hopping fences with the tractor.
  • (Probably) Fixed NPCs falling below ground or floating in the air
  • Fixed desync issues caused by a different simulation state when connecting.
  • Fixed wrong error message upon disconnection.
  • (Probably) Fixed Playfab lobby not closed properly.
  • Fixed UI tags not processed on house construction UI.


Today’s Farm Showcase: My little farm house <3 by Elarh



Early Access Update #9 – Bugfix update (yes, again!) May 20

Hi! Today we're releasing a new update featuring a bunch of fixes. We should really start calling these days "Bugfixing Mondays"!
Regarding the Roadmap, we'll be showcasing it in a separate newspost!



  • The compass now shows icons while in the town.
  • When missing resources for multi-resource tasks (such as jobs or house upgrades), only the ones that are incomplete are highlighted.
  • Added a backup recovery button to the Settings->Support section.
  • When disconnected from a session, the internal reason is shown.



  • Fixed feeders disconnecting when moving animal tiles around them.
  • Changed navigation behavior on maps a bit, should avoid edge cases where some buttons couldn't be selected with a controller.
  • Fixed rye harvest using the wrong particles when harvested.
  • Fixed townspeople showing a level value (they don't have any).
  • Fixed emotes not being properly saved when changing them in the wardrobe.
  • Fixed UI errors when moving fences.


Today’s Farm showcase: The Labyrinth by enovas (developer)



Early Access Update #8 – Bugfix update May 17

Hi! Today we're releasing a small update, mainly focused on fixing some issues with the compass and feeders.


Roadmap and updates announcement

Past week we announced we would work on a roadmap to show you, probably at some point during this week. However, we were working so hard on urgent updates and fixes that we weren't really able to properly prepare one!
We've started preparing it now and we'll most likely release it next Monday.
Now that the most important issues (other than all that content that we're still missing when compared to the first game) have been addressed, we'll switch to a slower update schedule. It will depend on the specific contents of each update, but we'll try to stick to a weekly schedule.


New content:

  • Added cow bush



  • When moving a feeder or placing animals around a connected feeder, the original group will have priority over the new ones.
  • Fences now prevent feeders from connecting to animal groups. Also you can't place fences between a feeder and its connected group.


Gameplay changes:

  • Halved cow feeding resource requirements.



  • Fixed compass stopping working when entering a house.


Today’s Farm showcase: Sleepy time by awesomehaxx



Early Access Moopdate #7 – Moo May 16

Moo! Today's update brings a new type of animal, an animal that is able to gives the precious milk resource!

We're also adding some strawberries to the mix, as well as the usual minor improvements and bugfixes. Enjoy!



  • New Items:
    • Cows
    • Strawberries
    • Picnic table
    • Earring variations.
  • Added Danish language
  • You can now open the inventory while in automatic mode.
  • Reduced size of key binds without text so they don't break the UI too much.
  • Added the house icon to the compass.
  • Compass icons now start showing up at a further distance, and change size depending on distance.
  • Map teleport buttons will not re-center the screen when selecting them with the mouse (they will still do it when using a controller or the keyboard).


Gameplay changes:

  • Reduced XP gain when placing items. Prevents some exploits by recycling the farm. In a standard game, the bulk of XP comes from harvesting, so it's barely noticeable.
  • Shops can now ask for milk or wool for upgrades at the proper levels.



  • Fixed duplicate tractor in the main menu.
  • Fixed wrong colors for some crop variations.
  • Fixed incorrect bush description
  • Fixed incorrect bush shop preview
  • Fixed minor issue when trying to place roads in a locked plot.


Farm showcase of the day: Tree Section by Lucas



Early Access Update #6 – Rain is back! May 15

Today we're releasing a new update, this time a bit more focused on new features than on bugfixes (although there are some of those as well!).
The main two features are the rain, that will happen from time to time and will slowly replenish water levels of crops and flowers, and the always-on inventory UI, showing the resources that are closest to full their inventory (there are too many resources to show them all...).



  • Now it will rain ocassionally, slowly watering crops and flowers.
  • Added an always-on inventory setting. Also, added in yesterday's update, now inventory has bars telling how full is every resource.
  • Changed a bit Coconut position, should help with getting stuck less often.
  • Upgraded version of networking engine, could help with some connection issues. Could also introduce new bugs, please report anything you find!


Gameplay changes:

  • Removed one-tool per room limitation (there's still a limit on number of tools per house). In any case, there was a bug where moving tools would skip this check...



  • (Maybe) Fixed problem while recycling animals that could cause tiles to become unworkable.
  • Fixed wrong shop item being selected when clicking at the same time as moving.


Farm Showcase of today: “Queen of Hearts Courtyard” by hugsforyou



Early Access Update #5 May 14

Hi! Today we're releasing yet another update with more changes and fixes. Hopefully we'll run out of bugs to fix soon, and will be able to focus on bigger features! We're mixing small improvements along with them, and will soon add new content, but for now, here's what we've been working on today:



  • Added a button on the pause menu to open the invite dialog.
  • Added Lithuanian, Latvian and Luxembourg flags.
  • Added a contextual pop-up when the landscaping agency is unlocked.
  • Added an icon for the wardrobe in the town map.
  • You can now empty the move / recycle queue by pressing and holding the cancel button for about half a second. No need to press right click 100 times!
  • Implemented a method to make find farms results a bit more random.
  • Added an icon for empty town slots.
  • Added a key to toggle harvestable icons in the farm map. Not perfect, as the whole map has to be redrawn.
  • Job recipes with a quest will now show an icon and be placed first on the list.



  • Fixed resource icon sometimes changing to a fuel icon.
  • Fixed flower water lowering when complete, even if they have a sprinkler.
  • Fixed being able to open the map while entering a house or going to town.
  • Fixed auto tractor spending water after harvesting flowers with sprinklers.
  • Fixed only moving half the items with auto tractor.
  • Fixed fish being shown below ground when moving tiles.
  • Fixed empty tiles being selected when moving/recycling a sprinkler.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck in the loading screen.
  • (Maybe) fixed animal animation interpolation issue.


Today’s Farm Showcase: The Barn by Enveie



Early Access Update #4 – Bugfixes galore! May 13

Hi! Today we're releasing a new update, fixing lots of bugs that have were reported over the weekend (or earlier).
They're not all bugs that have been reported, still a bunch of them to go, but we're getting closer to the point where we can focus on new things!



  • Improved collision on ramps so the tractor doesn't get stuck on specific cases.
  • When searching for friend farms, a tooltip is shown telling that the friends list must be public to work. We have no way of determining whether your friend list is public or not, so it's just a suggestion to check.
  • Updated Ponds how to play description with the limits changed in the last update.
  • Reduced townspeople walk speed.
  • Decreased size of quick travel buttons in the Map window.
  • Compass update rate is increased based on the "Model Quality" setting


Gameplay changes:

  • Increased even more fuel capacity when upgraded.
  • Increased fuel capacity and regeneration rate of the Fuel depot.
  • Reduced chances of getting a job resource as an upgrade quest, and reduced the amount requested. This change will cause requested resources to be different from the previous version. Apologies!
  • You can now refuel the tractor without the need of getting down from it.
  • Slightly reduced price of town upgrades that ask for coins.



  • Fixed two fish varieties that were impossible to unlock.
  • Fixed an error related wih the guestbook that caused the farm not to save properly.
  • Fixed falling off the map when placing a barn and recycling it while still inside.
  • Fixed vehicle customization not properly saved when done from the Wardrobe in town.
  • Fixed items becoming invisible when entering and quickly exiting a house, or the town.
  • Fixed UI issues when exiting a house while moving or placing items.
  • Fixed map sometimes not showing harvestable state properly.
  • Fixed quest description UI issues.
  • Fixed some resources not being released when quickly closing the map just after opening it.
  • Fixed UI disappearing when map is bound to Z and you press Z, Z.
  • (Probably) Fixed "New" indicator not disappearing properly in the Wardrobe.
  • Fixed "Expand wide screen UI" not working at all.
  • Fixed minor chicken animation issues.
  • Fixed some UI text being improperly shown when selecting a sprinkler.


Farm showcase of today: LegenDairy Farm progress by Mr Pumpkin



Early Access Update #3 – Friday update! May 10

Hi! Today we're releasing a smaller update, as we only work during the morning on Fridays!
Today's update focuses on addressing several bugs that were found/reported yesterday. Some of this were important ones, and we think that after this batch, the remaining list of bugs are of lower importance (no game-breaking bugs left, we hope!).
We're also increasing the pond size penalty threshold to 36 tiles, as well as a reduction in the penalty itself, however this comes with a reduction in the base profit for ponds. This is not to compensate for the threshold increase, but to bring their profit numbers more in line with the other types of items.
Animals will also be seeing a small increase in profits.


Update Changes



  • Moved the "Map" title up so it doesn't cover map tiles.
  • The "Find Farms" section will now show error details if there were any while finding games, instead of just showing "No games found".


Balance changes:

  • Increased pond size penalty threshold from 15 to 36 tiles.
  • Reduced pond size penalty factor approximately by half.
  • Reduced overall pond income.
  • Increased overall animal income.



  • Fixed crash on Mac when tabbing out while VSync is enabled.
  • Fixed farm names with special characters breaking the save. Whoops
  • Fixed some items having the wrong name. Yes, that fence was definitely not a door...
  • Fixed the tractor how to play section so it doesn't lie. Also added more information on how it's unlocked and upgraded.
  • Fixed the way steam authentication was handled. This should fix "InvalidSteamTicket" errors.



Early Access Update #2 – Second day! May 9

Hi again! Today we're releasing a second update, with a few more bugfixes and some balancing changes to fuel and town shops, which have been a strong point of discussion since the beginning (Ponds have been another one, we'll probably take a look at it tomorrow!).
We talked about the most commented topics yesterday, so today we'll just be asking for some patience: We say this a lot, but we at Milkstone are just a team of 6 people, and while we're working hard on fixing things, doing support while working on future features, there's a limit on how much we can do at the same time!
We're doing our best to read, and comment whenever possible, on your suggestions, bug reports and feedback, but just reading all the chat messages in the Discord when we wake up would take a whole hour! So it's very likely that we miss some feedback or problems here and there, so if you are still having an issue and we haven't addressed it, please insist on it a bit to make sure we've noticed it.
We hope to finish most "small" improvements soon, so we can start on the big additions (the ones that would take a place in a roadmap!), in order to add more content and variety to the game. Meanwhile, we ask for some patience and understanding! :)



We also want to comment on Community languages. First of all, a huge thank you to all the people that have helped translating Farm Together 2 to a total of 17 languages so far!
There are currently two languages that have been requested by players, but aren't complete enough to add them to the game: Italian (Currently at 33%) and Danish (44%). If you are fluent in these languages and want to help with translation, please join the ft2-localization channel on our Discord server!


Update changes



  • Added a "Dialogue sounds" setting in Settings->Audio.
  • Townspeople with quests will now have an exclamation over them instead of a box. They will also show it on the minimap.
  • Increased the time the "Quest Complete" notifications stay on screen.
  • Added a description of what the Warehouse does on its shop details.
  • Added a third camera distance, between the previous ones. Increased a bit distance of the furthest camera distance. Camera is also a bit more snappy when turning.
  • Added a setting to expand UI to cover the whole screen on wide aspect ratios. This is a setting to prevent causing neck pain to people with REALLY wide screens.
  • Tractor license plates are now less restrictive, allowing a mix of numbers and letters. They will pass a profanity filter. We all know you're going to find funny names anyway!


Balance changes:

  • Increased resource storage provided by the warehouse and town shops.
  • Slightly reduced amount of resources required to upgrade town shops.
  • Increased stock capacity and recovery rate of town shops when upgraded.
  • Increased base fuel capacity, as well as the amount and recovery rate upgrades from the garage.



  • Fixed network errors while creating an online game not stopping the load process.
  • Fixed getting stuck when travelling to/from the town while sitting on a bench.
  • Fixed terraforming price preview not matching its actual price.
  • Fixed being able to place one sprinkler over another, wasting its price.
  • Fixed getting stuck when placing flower shop.
  • Fixed getting stuck when a shop near a bench.


Farm showcase of today: I NEED FOOD by Pfanni



Early Access Update #1 – First day fixes! May 8

It's been a wild day! We can't believe so many people are playing the game already and looks like most of you are enjoying the game! We can't ask for more than that :)
We're releasing a small update today fixing the most important and common issues reported so far. We'll also add our thoughts about a few of the most commented topics:



As we said on a previous newspost, our initial intention for Farm Together 2 in relation to weather effects was to have them just for looks, but without gameplay effects. This was because in the first game, many people would get confused as to why they crops weren't watered, or why they would yield less money than expected, etc.
On top of that, weather effects couldn't be too strong, as otherwise crops taking whole days to grow would be affected by them too much. For example, if rain fully watered crops, and you get rain once every hour or two, you would basically never need to water long term crops! The opposite could happen as well if we had some kind of negative weather effect.
This is why we decided to remove the gameplay effects for the sequel.
However, it's clear that it wasn't a good decision. While no one has commented that snow does nothing, lots (I mean LOTS) of people have reported that rain does nothing to water crops.
So we've decided to bring back the rain effect, working in a similar way as the first game, but we probably won't bring back freeze, drought or any other kind of negative effect.
It will take some time until we add and check it's working properly, so until then we'll remove rain altogether to stop the flood of reports. Don't worry, it shouldn't take long until the rain is back!



We've noticed tractor fuel consumption is a bit too high currently. The new automatic mode helps with doing tasks really quick, but people just run out of fuel too quickly because of that (also because the automatic mode waters crops as well).
We'll probably increase base fuel capacity and regeneration rate a bit, as well as increase the rewards for upgrading the garage. Fuel depots should still be useful, but you shouldn't need as many of them.
This update will come at a later date, as currently we're focusing on bugfixes.


Flat farms

Some of you have shared your concerns about the lack of a starting flat farm. In the first game, this was an option that came with an income penalty to compensate for the increase in available space and ease of navigation.
This is something we felt wasn't necessary in Farm Together 2 because you can now terraform the land to your liking, and instead of the income penalty, you'd have to pay the terraforming price (which isn't that high). Since you would do it as you keep unlocking chunks of land, it shouldn't be a tedious task (unless you want to flatten the whole unlocked farm at once).
We don't think we'll add a setting to start on a flat farm, however we might look into adding an option to flatten the whole farm, just like you can recycle it. Of course this would need to have terraforming unlocked and enough diamonds to do so, but it should be an acceptable alternative that would let people experiment without too much hassle.


Town shops

People has always shown their concern about town shops limiting the amount of resources you can sell. Many people like that you can upgrade each shop with resources, increasing the variety of items you need to plant and harvest, but others have complained about how it limits how many resources you can sell, causing storage to run out of space.
The intention behind the limited sell rate was to encourage people to visit the town often, as well as adding more weight to shop upgrades beyond just increasing storage capacity. However, in a "normal" gameplay loop (one where players aren't exclusively planting and harvesting the same thing over and over), ideally you shouldn't empty out the shop as often as it currently happens.
To compensate for that, we'll probably increase the capacity and recovery rate from upgrades, or maybe reduce shop upgrade requirements so you can get them to higher levels more easily.



There has been some complaints about the income penalty of ponds based on their size. I think most are ok with some kind of penalty, given that you can harvest thousands of tiles with a single click, but they feel that it starts to be applied too soon.
We may look into a different solution, and change it so ponds are harvested by player position (so you harvest only the tiles near you), so having big ponds have no advantage (but no penalty either). But we would like to hear your thoughts on this!



We'll prepare a roadmap with future updates soon. It probably won't be this week, as we're still focusing on the more urgent changes and fixes. But we should have it ready by next week.
This also gives us time to hear your suggestions and plan them out for future updates.
Nothing on it will be set on stone, and part of it can change based on your own suggestions, but it should give you a general idea on when to expect certain features, etc.


Update changes



  • Shopkeepers were complaining about how much their hands hurt, so they've stopped clapping.
  • The tutorial will now check if you're too smart for it and had already placed the vegetable shop or the garage ahead of time.
  • We're disabling rain effects until we can add some gameplay effect for them, to avoid getting flooded with questions about it.



  • Fixed beards not saving properly. Had we hired someone with beard, we would have noticed earlier!
  • Did some tricks to try to detect how much time passed when the Steam Deck is resumed. It's not perfect, but it should work in the general case.
  • Vsync on caused high GPU usage when the game is alt-tabbed out. Solved by disabling vsync in those cases (the Background FPS setting will be used)
  • Fixed Korean, Japanese, etc. fonts not working in the chat window.
  • Position checks weren't properly done when adding or removing ramps from hills. This should prevent people from falling below the ground when doing it.
  • Contextual help popups could show while interacting with the town shops and break the UI. This shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Should have fixed flowers not progressing while offline (not 100% sure, please report if you still experience this)
  • Fixed farm and item experience partial progress not being saved properly.
  • Removed a repeated flag.
Finally, we'd love to keep hearing your suggestions, comments and reports. We're really glad you're enjoying the game so far and we want to keep adding content and features to it.


Farm showcase of today: “First day” by LadyAlicja


Those are the patch notes up through June 26 for Farm Together 2.

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