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EA Sports FC 24 Release Time: When Does EA FC 24 Come Out?

Looking for the EA FC 24 release time? EA Sports FC 24 will bring a new generation of high-intensity gameplay and graphics to football enthusiasts all over the world. With a variety of new features and additions, players will be looking forward to the latest title in EA’s beloved football game. As such, they will surely be looking forward to the time when the game officially releases. So, let’s take a look at when the EA Sports FC 24 will be fully released.

EA Sports FC 24: Release Dates and Time

Standard Edition Release Time

September 28 at 9 PM PDT/ 10 PM CST/ 11 PM BST

September 29 at 12 AM EDT/ 6 AM CEST

Ultimate Edition Release Time

September 21 at 9 PM PDT/ 10 PM CST

September 22 at 12 AM EDT/ 5 AM BST/ 6 AM CEST

This means Ultimate Edition owners will be able to play the game a full week early, especially giving them a head start on Ultimate Team.

How to play EA Sports FC 24 Early

There is a way to play EA Sports FC 24 ahead of your release time, which is by signing up for the EA Play membership service. With that, players will be able to play up to generally 10 hours starting from September 22, the Early Access period. And, during the early access period, if they like the game, then they can purchase it. But, again, they will need to purchase the Ultimate Edition if they intend to play the game before September 29.

During this EA Play trial period, players will have enough time to try out the basic features of the game, including the single-player Manager and Player Career Modes. Additionally, they will also have the ability to try out the highly popular Ultimate Team mode and start building their ultimate squad full of the brightest and most iconic football superstars. But, after the trial ends, they will have no choice but to purchase the game. The 10-hour trial period will surely give players enough time to test out the gameplay if they only casually play the game.