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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition Update Patch Notes June 27





Update 1.17 – Tower Raid Open Beta June 27

For three weeks only, storm the Tower and claim the spoils!


We are unlocking the doors of the Tower as Tower Raid debuts with Update 1.17! Are you ready to venture into its abandoned floors to find long-forgotten riches? But that’s not all, you can also expect some changes to Jai and the in-game economy. So without further ado, let’s see what we’ve cooked up for you!


Tower Raid Open Beta

Tower Raid is a new type of activity, inspired by the VNC Tower mission in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The goal is simple: reach the top and grab the special loot waiting for you there. Each time though, you’ll have to traverse different floor combinations with different obstacles and goals. To additionally spice things up, you’ll have different modifiers for each run. It will affect (positively or negatively) the Player, the enemies… or both!
Tower Raid can be started via Jai’s Board, which can be unlocked through the side quest “Lost Armory” (available automatically once you reach the Central Loop). When the Tower Raid is started, you (and your friends if you’re playing in co-op, which we highly recommend) are spawned inside the lobby of the Tower. Your adventure will take you from the ground floor all the way to the roof (if you make it that far)! It’s up to you how you deal with various encounters and if you search each floor for loot. The ultimate goal is to find your way to the roof, and what’s there? We won’t spoil the fun, you’ll have to find out for yourselves.
For completing the Tower Raid, you’ll be rewarded with Jai’s Reputation Points and Tokens, which can be used to buy new stuff from him (including the Tower Raid chest). Moreover, on top of the Tower, you’ll find an Airdrop that contains a large amount of loot and an Exotic Weapon. Additionally, when you complete the raid for the first time each week, you’ll get bonus Reputation Points and Tokens.
Important: This feature is still in development. We are releasing it for the next three weeks (June 27 - July 18), so you can try it out and give us feedback on how to make it the best experience possible! Each week, we’ll be adding some new things for you to try:


Phase 1: June 27

12 floors
20 modifiers
5 more levels at Jai’s to progress through and 5 new rewards to get


Phase 2: July 4

3 new floors (15 in total now)
10 new modifiers (30 in total now)
4 new rewards (up to a total of 9)
New "Elite Mode" difficulty - complete 4 (up from 3) floors against harder enemies and with tactical stamina on, but for better rewards


Phase 3: July 11 (till July 18)

6 new modifiers (up to a total of 36)
3 new rewards (up to total of 12)
2x Jai RP reward for completing Tower Raids


After July 18, Tower Raid will be removed as we dissect and analyze your feedback, so make sure to let us know what you think!


Economy Rebalance

Alongside the Tower Raid Open Beta, we are rebalancing the economy a bit. From now on, you’ll be able to earn more scraps and trophies from almost all sources. We want to make crafting more accessible and reduce the amount of time you'll spend rummaging for crafting parts. However, you’ll find more scraps on human enemies. We've also tidied up the blueprints to make them clearer in terms of resource variety!


Jai’s rework and new items

With this update, we’ve also reworked Jai’s Reputation and fixed the issue with progress going back to 1 in NG+. All sources of Jai’s Reputation Points now give more than before, and leveling is now more dynamic and streamlined. Moreover, we’ve also added 5 new levels, thus expanding his rewards. Now, you’ll be able to get some of your favorite weapons from him, like the Scorpio and the Tribal Machete!


Co-op Improvements

In this round of Co-op Improvements, we focused on 3 features and enhancements for the co-op experience:
Joining Players from the Main Menu: To join from the Main Menu, you need to have unlocked co-op on your last save and can only join people that are currently in-game.
Quickly rejoining a lost session: Whenever a Player loses connection to a session, we have two ways to help them reconnect quickly. Remember this is only possible when the reason Players got disconnected is not directly caused by the host’s session dismissal. You can either reconnect directly through the “Lost Session” pop-up or “Join Last Player” option in the Online Menu.
Improving UX and UI of co-op sessions: When joining a game for the first time, you will receive an explanation on what to expect in terms of story progress saving and character progression saves. We have also added an on-screen notification informing when Players join or leave the session, and updated the visual representation of each Player (now in color). Moreover, you can now join sessions with your friends without them being on your favorites list.


New Level 5 Chase Music

The Nightmare Mode update introduced us to Level 5 chases, which are pretty hardcore by themselves! To make them stand out a little more, we decided to give them their own musical theme. So every time you hear this new tune, you'll know it's a little late for caution - time to run for your life!


Free Content

With this update, you must go and check out Pilgrim Outpost ( as we have some awesome stuff for you there! First up - Vola-Toy! Yes, the charm you voted for during our Second Anniversary is finally here! Attach it to your weapon to decrease stamina consumption on attacks and have a handy counter for how many Volatiles you’ve killed with that weapon. It’ll look particularly charming on the other free item - the Pilgrim’s Weed Whacker available from July 2. Don’t wait around though, as the Pilgrim’s Weed Whacker will be free only until July 11. After that date, it will be sent to the Armory where it will be obtainable for Pilgrim Tokens. Last but not least, we’ve prepared a Peacekeeper’s Hammerbasher as a Twitch drop. Watch any Dying Light stream for at least 120 minutes by July 4 to get this new weapon!


Game Updates

Aside from all the big news from Update 1.17 above, we’ve also introduced the following fixes and improvements to the game:



  • Fixed multiple issues with AI not working properly in co-op sessions - eg. doubling, idling, disappearing
  • Fixed the issue with Moe’s model still being present and improperly displayed in the Dark Zone after progressing the “True Friends” quest
  • Fixed the zipline audio loop sometimes not stopping in co-op
  • Fixed the issue when tapes only play under specific conditions in co-op
  • Fixed the issue where Players downed by 0 immunity are revived with 0 HP
  • Fixed the issue where the Water Tower unlock cinematic sometimes became blurry in co-op
  • Fixed the issue when Players can sometimes lock each other in unescapable locations
  • Fixed the issue with Dude still visible after the cutscene in the “Double Time” quest



  • Fixed the issue where ammo was sometimes blocking the inventory. Player can now drop ammo, bolts and arrows from their inventory
  • Fixed the issue with Hakon being idle if the Player dies and respawns during the chase in the “Getting Stronger” quest
  • Fixed the disappearing objective marker for “Track Down Renegade Officer” in the “Spy Game” quest, when the Player is more than 120m away from the church
  • Fixed the doors sometimes not opening after defeating Damien in the “Missing Persons” quest
  • Fixed the issue where the next group of board quests would not unlock after finishing the first four all at once
  • Fixed the issue with the objective location marker sometimes disappearing from the radar and map when approaching it from specific places when being asked to "Report to the PKs' HQ"
  • Fixed the issue with quest objective marker disappearing when the Player is less than 100m form the container during the “Den For Brigitte” quest
  • Fixed the issue where the objective location marker is missing from the radar and the map after talking to Horace for the first time during the “Perfume” quest
  • Fixed the challenge pop-up sometimes remaining displayed if the Player is killed and respawns while being AFK after completing the challenge
  • Fixed the issue sometimes showing multiple loading screens during all Water Tower activation cutscenes
  • Fixed the Infected disappearing when the Player turns around during the “The Only Way Out” quest
  • Fixed the exploit allowing the Player to take the weapons out from the Firearms challenges
  • Fixed the Poison Alice resistances for melee weapons not working in the “Toxic Work Environment” Survivor Mission
  • Fixed the issue with AI not reacting when the Player shoots next to them
  • Fixed missing blueprints for the Nutcracker, Chicken, and Brecken Bundles, and the Dead of Winter bow and Deep Freeze arrows
  • Fixed the crossbow firing rate sometimes lagging
  • Fixed the issue with two Sophie models sometimes appearing in the Bazaar during the “Veronica” quest
  • Fixed the issue where too many Volatiles are spawned in the 2nd Dark Zone in the “Twin Brothers” quest
  • Fixed the issue where Volatiles sometimes are sliding on the ground instead of walking/creeping
  • Fixed the issue where Volatiles in Dark Hollows are still present during the night in the “True Friends” quest
  • Fixed the issue with blocked or disappearing exits in GRE Quarantines after looting all inhibitors
  • Fixed the issue which blocked access and prevented fast travel to the Quarry End Metro Station
  • Fixed the issue where the Player is unable to pick up loot from the water in the “Prince of Thieves” quest by allowing reset of all heavy objects
  • Fixed the issue with improperly placed bars on the military barricade near the Fish Eye, making it impossible for the Player to use it
  • Fixed the issue with the disappearing book during the “Book Club X” quest
  • Fixed the hit reaction and knock down possibility on Renegades with two-handed weapons



  • Fixed the improper rendering sometimes encountered for a few seconds during the “Priceless” Elite mission
  • Fixed the missing texture of bars visible in Online menu
  • Fixed the issue with the Sturdy SMG icon sometimes not showing properly
  • Fixed the pistol reload animation sometimes not working
  • Fixed the misplaced occluder which sometimes can be observed from a building in a Central Loop
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes happened during a GRE Aberration encounter
  • Fixed some performance issues sometimes happening in Old Villedor when Ray Tracing is on
  • Fixed the issue allowing the Player to get inside a specific building near the VNC Tower Metro Station
  • Fixed the missing texture of stairs on the other side of the lake during the Prologue
  • Fixed the issue with losing remaining ammo when the Player fills the entire ammo stack by moving the ammo from their stash to their inventory
  • Fixed the flashing lights sometimes present in the destroyed Bazaar
  • Fixed the incorrect lighting in parts of Colonel's Fortress during the “Assasination - Epilogue” quest
  • Fixed the high GPU render sometimes occurring when fighting a group of enemies under a status effect
  • Fixed the stage in the Fish Eye sometimes disappearing in free-roaming mode
  • Fixed the missing LOD on the Office Tower
  • Fixed the display of the Power Shot’s tooltip
  • Fixed the missing SFX of turning on or off flashlight during cutscenes and dialogues
  • Fixed the issue with lightning sometimes being tinted gray in various places
  • Fixed the issue with “The Librarian III” quest not being marked as a night quest
  • Fixed the issue with certain swing plate overlapping building in Central Loop
  • Fixed the improper rendering of Lower Dam Ayre
  • Fixed the issue with Sophie sometimes clipping through the table in “The Raid” quest



  • Fixed the issue with the UI information about the bonus experience during the night sometimes does not change when affected by the Hypermode Alteration
  • Fixed the issue with the lack of information about consequences of switching difficulty mode from Nightmare to a lower level
  • Fixed the issue with Bounties sometimes not being displayed on the HUD when tracked



  • Added Developer Menu for modders in DevTools
  • Added visual mods for Custom Maps
  • Minor fixes for the Community Maps menu
  • Added more prefabs to DevTools
  • Added Olympic Stadium meshes to DevTools - now you can create your own Stadium!



The Nightmare Mode Update Is Live! April 18

Nightmare Mode Update (1.16)
Welcome to your Nightmare, Pilgrims! Update 1.16 adds the highest difficulty level to the game, as well as a massive influx of DevTools functionalities, adjusted the nights with Infected tweaks, and some smaller, yet significant, changes. So without further ado — let’s see what we’ve cooked up for you!


Nightmare Mode

If you like challenges, we’ve got what you need. Nightmare Mode is our new highest difficulty for those wanting to truly experience the nightmarish reality of the Dying Light universe. Enemies are most cunning and brutal. They will put up even more of a fight now, which is important, as you’ll now realize everything you’ve relied on in previous playthroughs aren’t so reliable! And survival becomes essential with limited information and UI elements. To sum up the Nightmare Mode experience:


Level 5 Chase with Tyrants

  • Being in a menu no longer stops the game — Watch out as you are crafting stuff in real-time! Luckily for you, the Pause menu works as normal though
  • Flashlight now dims and flickers when in constant use, and can even cut out
  • Lower immunity from each inhibitor
  • Higher chance of looting rare quality items
  • Survivor Sense shows only weapons and quest items
  • Tactical Stamina — Regeneration takes longer to kick in, and when exhausted, you’ll only be able to shove until your stamina is full once again
  • Player armor and resistance reduction
  • Higher stamina drain when paragliding at night
  • Volatiles have shorter sight, but Chases trigger faster
  • Stamina regenerates at a slower rate
  • Health does not regenerate automatically
  • A larger amount of Legend Points is awarded
  • Players lose all Legend Level XP towards the next level up on death at Level 50 and above
  • Efficiency of Boosters has been reduced
Moreover, if you manage to finish the game (or NG+) on this difficulty, you’ll unlock the exclusive Waltz Outfit. Please note: This reward requires you to complete the entirety of the main story on Nightmare difficulty! Are you brave enough to enter the Nightmare?


Night Changes

The Nightmare Mode Update will also incorporate various changes to the night itself. We grouped these changes into two sections: all difficulties and Easy/Normal.


Changes made in all difficulties:

  • Lowering the number of Volatiles, mostly on the rooftops
  • Volatiles are also receiving these nerfs:
  • Vision arc decreased to from 100 °to 90°
  • Recognition time changed for 1-6s (min-max)
  • Lowering the number of Spitters in the night population on Difficulty Ranks 1-6
  • Reduced range of hearing player's footsteps for Biters
  • Reduced visibility of flashlight for Biters by 50%
  • Reduced vision range of Spitters and Suiciders


Changes made only for Easy and Normal:

  • Increasing the recognition time for Volatiles:
  • 2 secs, if player is very close to a Volatile; up to 7 secs if player is 20 meters from Volatile
  • Removal of Volatiles from Chase Level 1:
  • No additional Volatiles spawn during Chase Level 1


Co-op for Community Maps

Grab your friends and wreak havoc together on maps created by you, our community, because co-op is here! Try to prove yourself as the best Pilgrim amongst your pals or just enjoy the crazy scenarios designed by our players as a group!
But what’s co-op on Community Maps without the Community Maps? That’s why we’re adding a whole bunch of new DevTools functionalities, so our creators can come up with even more creative, challenging and diverse maps. Your toolbox has been expanded with:
  • Pixelated visual filter
  • Additional prefabs in the Editor
  • More gameplay scripts to be overridden
  • Colorful rubber skins for meshes
  • Bloody Ties assets!
And yes, we heard you! We’re also adding a low gravity functionality! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Gear Loadout System

In response to your requests, we are introducing the Gear Loadout System to Dying Light 2! In the Inventory menu, you can now switch between 4 customisable loadouts to quickly equip the gear, weapons, consumables and accessories that suit your current needs and playstyle.


Cutscene Improvements

With the Nightmare Mode Update, we’ve updated over 70 scenes and dialogues to improve the overall quality of the cinematics. There’s a lot of changes in terms of improved lighting, smoother (or more advanced) animation, special effects, and many other qualitative changes that should be visually noticeable to the player!


What’s changed?

  • Character animation improvements
  • Refinement of camera animations
  • Improved dialogue lighting
  • FX upgrade
  • Improved transition from dialogue to combat
  • Numerous qualitative improvements to dialogue
  • Interaction with some NPCs will be more immersive


Power Shot Skill Rework

We reworked the Power Shot skill to give players more agency. Now, when you charge a power shot, your reticle will begin to shrink. Release it at the right moment to fire a perfect shot for extra damage!


Tactical Stamina Management Mode

We’ve added a new stamina management mode - Tactical Stamina! An intrinsic part of Nightmare mode, with this turned on, stamina regeneration takes longer to kick in, and when exhausted, you’ll only be able to shove until the bar is full again. This preset can be selected via the Game Options panel. And no, you can’t switch it off on Nightmare difficulty!


Main Menu Redesign

The latest update will refresh the design of the Main Menu by enriching its visual layer. Now, the character outfit will be better presented here. Additionally, we want to make the Events & Alterations, Special Offers, and Community Maps more visible by introducing a new information panel on the right side of the screen.


Scalable Player FOV Correction

After the Firearms update, many of you started asking about more FOV (field of view) flexibility and we’ve delivered. With the Nightmare Mode Update, we are adding a slider allowing you to reverse the distortion of the player character when changing the FOV. When set to the default (100%), the player character appears the same regardless of the FOV value and when set to zero, the player character scales accordingly to the FOV.


Grappling Hook Customization

The update also introduces a new skin type, a bespoke one made for one of the most important tools in a Nightrunner’s arsenal: their Grappling Hook! Be sure to visit the Pilgrim Outpost to grab the First Pilgrim Grappling Hook skin for free and swing through the Villedor in style!


Game Updates

Apart from all the big news from the Nightmare Mode Update above, we’ve also introduced the following fixes and improvements to the game:



  • Fixed the issue disabling joining multiplayer via Quick Join
  • Fixed the issue in the “Ferry Tale Endings” quest causing the generator to turn off and on when attacked by multiple Biters, resulting in failing the mission
  • Fixed the issue where blunt attacks to the head counted towards the “Off With Their Heads!” Survivor Mission Bounty
  • Improved accuracy of online status information in the Friends section of the Online menu
  • Player icons on HUD are now differentiated with different colors
  • Player icons on HUD are now properly hidden if the Immersive HUD option selected
  • Player icons on HUD are now visible while using the extended HUD option
  • Fixed and tweaked several TPP animations
  • Fixed the issue with the “Boss Raid” bounty only progressing for the player who last hit the boss when in a full party in any Elite Survivor Mission
  • Fixed the animation for Wall Run Kick in TPP
  • Fixed the animation of swinging the weapon while the camera is pointed towards ground
  • Fixed the missing swing animation upon attacking with the Grubby Bat



  • Fixed Virals being able to successfully perform jump attacks by turning in mid-air towards players, even if they dodged. Additionally, the frequency of Viral jump attacks has been lowered
  • Increased Firearms damage values:
  • +25% of base damage on all Firearms
  • Sniper Skill (Legend Levels) will now give +2% damage per each point, instead of +1%
  • Addressed the issue with the Bounties tracker being stuck on 3/6 or 6/6 Bounties
  • Fixed the Renegades not spawning properly during the “A Place to Call Home” main quest, blocking further progress
  • Fixed the blocked by a car transition to the Central Loop
  • Fixed the camera while unlocking a windmill cutscene
  • Fixed the game still running underneath the credits after the alternate ending from the new story path
  • Fixed the Adaptive Triggers sometimes not working unless a weapon with Adaptive Triggers was held just before
  • Fixed the issue causing kills with explosive knives counting towards the Improvised Weapons Bounty progression
  • Fixed the Alpha Demolisher not having damage resistance to headshots
  • Fixed the issue with the “Drive By” Bounty completing by hitting Infected instead of killing them
  • Added Combat and Parkour XP to the Firearms quest rewards
  • Fixed the issue sometimes blocking the player from climbing the lamp poles
  • Fixed the missing VFX fire for Molotovs when thrown from higher places in a certain location
  • Fixed the prolonged black screen sometimes happening at the end of the "Now or Never" quest
  • Fixed an issue where animations sometimes did not blend correctly after performing a vault jump with crossbow equipped
  • Fixed the issue with Lawan sometimes changing her position right after the dialogue in the “A Place to Call Home” quest
  • Fixed the issue where the Banshee’s jump attack cannot be dodged in the Prologue
  • Fixed the issue where perfect dodge sometimes didn’t work during fights with Demolishers, causing player to get stunned
  • Fixed the despawning NPC after finishing “The Black Widow” quest



  • Fixed several rendering issues present on the ground, concrete, and lights in the Prologue
  • Fixed the error that sometimes failed to load the audio voice-over metadata file after launching the game in the Bazaar
  • Fixed the bug causing internal memory running out after a few minutes of gameplay
  • Fixed the improper rendering encountered during 'Priceless' Elite Survivor Mission
  • Fixed the graphical corruption occurring when several HUD icons aligned
  • Fixed the graphical glitches that sometimes showed after changing video quality and the upscaler
  • Fixed the textures that sometimes improperly rendered in a specific room of Central Loop
  • Fixed the mural collectable clipping through the roof of a kiosk in Central Loop
  • Fixed the projectiles' trails sometimes being improperly displayed
  • Fixed the game sometimes crashing on the loading screen when starting NG+
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes did not play death screams on enemies’ deaths
  • Fixed the inconsistent LOD0/LOD1 materials in R02 overpass
  • Fixed an issue blocking the selection of any sfx in audio prefabs in the DevTools Editor



  • Redesigned the Audio Output menu to make it more clear
  • Fixed the text on "Bacon's Cipher" going outside the UI frames
  • Added the “Buy Max” feature, allowing players to buy all the available items without choosing the amount
  • Corrected typo in the “Split The Marrow” Bounty description
  • Fixed the issue sometimes incorrectly showing negative values or previous statistics during the Survivor Missions ending screen
  • Fixed an issue sometimes incorrectly showing a death screen when dying by leaving the mission area and due to lack of immunity


Those are the patch notes on June 27 for Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition.

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