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Dune: Spice Wars Update Patch Notes Apr 2


Patch notes for 02/04/2024




  • Harkonnen Councillor Umman Kudu gives +3 -> +2 manpower prod
  • Corrino development "Administrative Consolidation" gives -15% -> -20% upkeep on villages with 4 buildings of the same type
  • Landsraad charter support: the efficiency of supporting a charter on the agenda depends on the time left before the next council. It gives 20 Priority for 10 Influence at the start of a period and only 2 Priority for 10 Influence at the end.
  • Resolution "Controlled Markets" can no longer appear during the first 2 councils


Bug fixes

  • Fixed airfields not being updated when using Vernius / Bronso
  • Fixed Fremen hero first recruitment costing Solari
  • Fixed refunded cost being divided each time we open the refund dialog
  • Fixed not being able to choose a hero when no recruitment slot is available
  • Fixed Fremen harvester recruitment being blocked if no recruitment slot is available
  • Fixed not being able to cancel recruitment when refunding in a particular order
  • Fixed Vernius not giving unlocked developments to teammates in 2v2
  • Fixed agents gained via Sietch alliance not being removed if they were assigned to a Sietch
  • Fixed Jamis receiving no authority when liberation is canceled from abandon of the village
  • Fixed Executioner not receiving Bloodthirst stacks when there is an enemy drone nearby on the fight. (also apply to Adrenaline Addiction)
  • Fixed Executionner not getting stacks from suicidal drones nor from executed units (also apply to Adrenaline Addiction)
  • Fixed Fighting Engineer receiving XP multiple times for each drone in the range and in combat (and for itself too)
  • Fixed Fighting Engineer not receiving XP bonus in some situations
  • Fixed Paul first Sietch bonus being lost when the first Sietch is hostile
  • Fixed sending a message with enter unfocusing the chat box in the lobby
  • Fixed Neural Grid sometimes disconnecting neural nodes
  • Fixed Corrino Frigate having 500 more hp while deployed
  • Fixed some units briefly losing stealth when changing regions


Those are the complete patch notes on April 2 for Dune: Spice Wars on Steam PC.

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