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Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Update Patch Notes June 27





Patch #2 is here! June 27

Dealers, the patch is here as promised!
And before we dive into the patch notes, we have a few words for y’all from the Big Boss Rafal:
Thank you all for the overall great reception of the game! For those, who experience issues – thank you for all your patience, even if stretched thin. The game is huge and combined with coop it was an enormous challenge for us, so we really appreciate your indulgence and understanding. I hope you are having great fun and continue to do so with the updates to come! Stay safe, have a great time and grow your cartels to wealth and glory!
All the best, Rafał Pęcherzewski – Lead developer, Byterunners CEO
And now, without further ado, here are the patch notes!


Questline fixes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing completion finishing the optional task to blow up a gas tank at a bandits' hideout (no tank/unable to plant a bomb);
  • Fixed a bug where Jean was getting stuck in the doors to Benita’s hideout in the “Clash of Titans” questline;
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the crate to gather torpedo quest items was not interactable after moving away or loading the game;
  • Fixed dialogue issues regarding the moonshiner quest;
  • Fixed dialogue issues regarding Kira, preventing further game progression;
  • Fixed potential dialogue and quest issues regarding negative street cred (street cred should never be less than 0);
  • Fixed timeout issues with temporary passes to the big city (saving and loading, timeout loss when dropping or moving the item). The fix is not retroactive – it will not fix already broken pass items.


Mechanical bugfixes:

  • Fixed motorboat docking issues and prevented the levitating motorboat bug;
  • Fixed a bug where the keybind settings were not being saved properly;
  • Fixed issues with the restoring defaults not working in the settings, especially in the main menu;
  • Fixed a bug where hideout upgrades (windows and doors) were not being saved properly. The previously “lost” upgrades will not show back on the windows/doors but they will be returned to the cartel collection after the first loading of the saved game;
  • Fixed an issue where some players could experience a debt leak, causing extreme hideout power usage costs and increasing the debt fast (the issue was caused by a looped crafting query where power draining stations had their output space full);
  • Fixed issues regarding the new cartel lobby considering lobby character placement, and character selection (especially after returning to the main menu from a previous game session);
  • Prevented opening and jumping out of windows while viewing a hideout;
  • Blocked the ability to parkour through windows with bars or shutters;
  • Added the ability for window shutters to block militia gas grenades during raids;
  • Fixed multiple equipment placement issues with specific equipment or with some of the hideouts;
  • Improved visuals of the equipment placement gizmo and fixed a bug, where a solo player or host was not seeing the red gizmo color indicating the inability to place the equipment;
  • Fixed collisions for some of the map warehouses;
  • Fixed collisions on staircases in some enterable houses and hideouts;
  • Fixed recalculating hideout stats after the game was loaded.


Quality of life and content improvements:

  • Fixed UI issues on certain resolutions (character or crafting UI clipping, causing it to be unusable);
  • Added multiple missing translations and removed Polish sentences and phrases from the game;
  • Added a setting in the controls section to switch between Toggle or Hold mode for sprinting;
  • Multiple environment fixes considering paths, buildings and landscape;
  • Added the ability to pause the game and access the pause menu while using a vehicle;
  • Added a temporary “emergency teleport” option to the pause menu, which will teleport a blocked/glitched player out of geometry i an issue occurs. The option will remain available until most map/collision and parkour glitches are fixed;
  • Fixed casual client spawn points positions all over the map;
  • Fixed multiple quick travel spots (cars) positioning all over the map, and fixed some of the quick travel spots being available too early.


Intel processor crashes:

Some of the players are experiencing crashes due to a conflict with some Intel i9 processors and the Unreal Engine 5 decompression method. We are not able to deliver a direct fix, but there is an available workaround that will fix the issue for most cases.



For who?: People with 13th and 14th gen Intel processors & those who experience "LowLevelFatalError - Could not decompress shader group with Oodle" crashes
What's the problem?: Hardware issue with Intel 13900K and 14900K (and more, like 13700, 14700) processors causing game crashes due to BIOS settings and high clock rates.
How to fix (Short explanation): Players should disable overclocking in BIOS or use Intel XTU to lower the Performance Core multiplier for stability.
Step by step guide to fix the problem: (use the link and scroll down a bit for a step by step guide for fixing this problem).



Known issue:

If you want to change keybinds and see only a black screen, no worries, we do too. But how to make things work?
  1. Open settings
  2. Click apply
  3. Exit settings
  4. Reopen settings
  5. Do you see it? You can now happily change the settings.


What’s next – a word from the developer:

For the next updates, we will be investigating more issues including additional crashes and fatal errors some of you are experiencing. We will be also fixing more major and minor issues, as well as doing some more improvements on the quality of life and performance side.
Unfortunately, not all fixes made it to this update, but we needed to prioritise fixing the most pressing issues ASAP and update before the weekend. We are aiming to deliver the next fix/improvement update in around a week from now. We desire to deliver possibly frequent updates improving the game in the first weeks to maximise your experience.
Considering the overall launch success, after we deal with the most important fixes and improvements we are planning to work on:
  • Multiple QoL and balance improvements and changes based on the community feedback;
  • Melee combat, raid and opponent AI improvements as well as new employee classes;
  • Additional features and ideas that did not originally make it to the 1.0 release but we would really love to add (no spoilers for now);
  • Additional content including more vehicles, items, quests, equipment, clothing and decorations;
  • Adding the active cartel search and the ability to create and join sessions not only with Steam friends;
  • Additional game activities and sidequests;
  • More performance improvements;
  • Adding a few more drugs to the game;
  • Across the board world, graphical, environmental and sound effect improvements.


And here is a quick reminder of what’s been addressed already in patch #1:
  • Added launch option (DirectX 11) that should help people with problems with too bright screen;
  • Fixed an issue where FOV can be saved and set up on the 0;
  • Fixed an issue where hiding a table might not have been possible;
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to pick up the weapon of a defeated opponent;
  • Fixed an issue where temporary passes to Bahia de Oro could be used even though they had expired;
  • Lowered the volume of the motorboat in the intro;
  • Added information about the number of unread hints in the journal;
  • Adjustment of prices of some products in stores;
  • Added additional decorative furniture to stores;
  • Added a medical post in Bahia de Oro;
  • Fixed some of the problems with translations;
  • Added credits in the main menu;
  • Other minor fixes.


That’s it from us for today, folks! Have fun in-game!
Btw. There is that game made by our friends at DRAGO ent, and we’re sure a lot of ya have already heard about it: Gas Station Simulator. So here’s a rec from us: we have a bundle now with GSS and it’s a great price, and the game is pretty great!



The First Patch Has Landed June 21

The first patch is here from the highly motivated (by your awe-inspiring support) team at Byterunners!
Thank you for all the suggestions, bug reports, and positive reviews. More improvements will come. Expect info next week.


Patch Notes

  • Added launch option (DirectX 11) that should help people with problem with too bright screen
  • Fixed an issue where FOV can be saving and set up on the 0
  • Fixed an issue where hiding a table might not have been possible
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to pick up the weapon of a defeated opponent
  • Fixed an issue where temporary passes to Bahia de Oro could be used even though they had expired
  • Lowered the volume of the motorboat in the intro
  • Added information about the number of unread hints in the journal
  • Adjustment of prices of some products in stores
  • Added additional decorative furniture to stores
  • Added a medical post in Bahia de Oro
  • Fixed some of the problems with translations
  • Added credits in the main menu
  • Other minor fixes


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Those are the patch notes on June 27 for Drug Dealer Simulator 2.

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