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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wyrmslife Crystals Farm

The various ways to get and farm Wyrmslife Crystals so you can shop to your heart’s content with the Dragonforged NPC

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is overflowing with currencies and materials to collect for trading or crafting. If there’s only one of them that’s precious and rare, besides Gold and Riftstones, it would be Wyrmslife Crystals which are the currency necessary for bartering with The Dragonforged vendor. This Dragon’s Dogma 2 guide is all about farming Wyrmslife Crystals quickly and efficiently.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Farming Wyrmslife Crystals

The crystallized blood of a draconic creature. Used in high-order enhancement.

Dragons and their counterparts, the Lesser Drakes, are the primary source of Wyrmslife Crystals. In order to farm them, it is necessary to actually avoid killing them outright too quickly. Instead, you want to leverage several Thief skills to bleed Dragons and Drakes for as long as possible.

If not already running a Thief, switch to that Vocation. Unlock the Rank 3 Core Skill named Bump and Lift:

Robs the target of an item when an attack connects. Activates when using Carve, but has a low success rate.

You can also unlock the Weapon Skills Pilfer at Rank 5, and its upgrade Plunder at Rank 8, for more opportunities to steal Wyrmslife Crystals from your target.

Allows the user to rob targets that have been knocked off balance and targets not in battle stance of a curative or other item. Can only rob larger targets while they are downed.
An advanced form of Pilfer that increases the likelihood of stealing a rare item.

The latter two will take some added effort, including team tactics to accomplish, because Drakes and Dragons do count as ‘large targets’.

Ready the lowest damage weapon you can find, before heading out towards a target.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Farming Drakes

Once you have located a Drake or Dragon, equip your low damage weapon, and begin chipping away at it with Bump and Lift, avoiding incoming attacks as best as you can. Successful strikes will yield rewards, and the total will depend upon how long you can stretch the fight without actually killing the enemy. Over time this can amount to as much as 200 Wyrmslife Crystals.

If you do down the target, feel free to use Pilfer or Plunder.

Consider leaving the area and returning to farm the same target at a later time. Outright killing a Drake can yield an additional large amount of Wyrmslife Crystals.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wyrmslife Crystals Drops

Wyrmslife Crystals almost never appear in the world as drops, whether in chests or on the ground. Your best bet remains with hunting Dragons and Drakes.

However, if you unlock the true ending questline, then you can access the Unmoored World, where Wyrmslife Crystals are far more plentiful, as are dragonkind enemies. Read all about how to unlock the true ending questline here:


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Alternate True Ending


That’s everything on farming Wyrmslife Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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