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Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Use Treasure Maps

As the name Dragon Quest Treasures might imply, treasure hunting is a major facet of gameplay, and treasure maps are a pretty important part of the process. Treasure maps can lead you to great danger and even greater riches. You’ll come across numerous maps as you play, but using them is another story, which is where we can help. Here’s how to use treasure maps in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures: Where to Find Treasure Maps

To use a treasure map, you’ll first need to find one! Luckily, you don’t have to go out of your way to find maps. Defeating monsters can result in a dropped map, but you can also earn one from your expeditions! 

Though they might be easy to forget, it’s important to check on your side parties, because in addition to maps, they can find medals, materials, and even valuable treasure. Check in with Mr. Muddimer when your expeditions return for a chance to get a treasure map. Eventually, you will find yourself in possession of at least one map, and your treasure hunt can get underway!

How to Use Treasure Maps

You can use treasure maps for quests in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Now that you have the map, you may be searching your inventory for it. But, it is conveniently added to your Quests tab immediately, with its own category! Set it as your active quest and you’ll be shown which island you need to set out for. 

Make sure you bring a tough party because, unlike other more traditional maps, these maps do not lead directly to treasure. Your destination will actually lead to a teleportal that you can hop into when you’re ready. Once inside you’ll come face to face with several rooms of enemies, separated by teleportals. 

Occasionally you’ll find a room just for healing, but, most importantly, the portal before the boss room will give you an extra warning, so you can make sure your party is healed and ready to go. Once the boss is defeated you’ll be rated based on time, so be sure not to waste time, because your rating appears to influence how much gold and treasure you receive. 

Your treasures are added to your party’s held treasures, so be sure not to fill up on treasure and bric-a-brac on the way to the portal. Also, unlike rival gang quests, there is no time limit on Treasure Map quests so take your time getting ready if you feel like it will be too tough. One way to help ease Treasure Map quests’ difficulty is to recruit tougher monsters, and we can help with that too.

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