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Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Recruit Monsters

Dragon Quest Treasures is the latest spin-off in the Dragon Quest franchise, in which your sibling protagonists set off on adventure in search of valuable treasure. Eventually, you’ll find yourself with a full party of treasure-hunting monsters – three make a party, like in Dragon Quest Monsters, the other monster-taming spin-off. You’ll also be given a couple of Buddy Bullets, and the task of finding other monsters to help with your treasure hunting endeavors. Recruiting monsters is a multi-step process, but luckily we’re breaking down how to recruit monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Recruit Monsters

How to use Buddy Bullets in Dragon Quest Treasures.

First and foremost, you need to find monsters to recruit. The good news is that monsters can be found in pretty much every location. Initially, your only destination is the Paternoggin, the dragon-head shaped island you first appear on, but soon after you’ll have all of Draconia to explore. Once you take the train to another island, the nearest monsters will be a catapult shot away. Before you pile on your target monster, be sure to open your catapult ammo menu by holding ZR and pressing Y. This allows you to select a bullet from your inventory – some can heal your allies, others can inflict status ailments – but the one we need is the Buddy Bullet. 

You were given ten of these earlier, but you’ll only need one per monster. Once you’ve selected the Buddy Bullet, lock onto your chosen monster and fire away! When the shot lands, you can switch to another ammo type or simply jump into the fray with melee attacks. Keep an eye on your notifications after you defeat the monster, because you’ll see a message indicating that the monster has been scouted. A Buddy Bullet does not guarantee success, but it greatly increases your chances.

How to Hire a Recruited Monster in Dragon Quest Treasures

Once you’ve recruited a monster, you’re halfway done! You can keep exploring and adventuring to your heart’s content, but when you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll need to return to your HQ. Once there, talk to Ms. Cecile in the main building at the back. She’ll show you all the monsters that want to join your team. You might notice more monsters in your queue than you used Buddy Bullets on. This is because every monster you fight has a small chance to join you naturally. The Buddy Bullet simply raises the chance of this happening. 

Monsters that are recruitable in Dragon Quest Treasures.

The last thing you need to do is pay the monster’s hiring fee. Sometimes this is just money, so if you have enough you can pay them, but occasionally the monster requests specific items, and you’ll need to get exactly what they need before they’ll work for you. If you don’t know where to find a material, pressing X in the monster’s overview will give you more information, sometimes even where to find it! A good variety of monsters and fortes is key to exploration and treasure finding, so be sure to recruit all kinds of monsters!