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Dota 2 Update Patch Notes June 5





7.36b Gameplay Patch June 5

Patch 7.36b is out now. You can check out the patchnotes here.


Additionally, a few bugs were fixed over the last several days:
  • Fixed various hotkey issues
  • Fixed Shield Rune buff not having an icon
  • Roshan's attacks no longer instantly kill Shadow Shaman's Mass Serpent Wards and Massive Serpent Ward. Instead, Roshan's attacks are treated as Hero attacks
  • Fixed Arc Warden's Tempest Double taking more damage than intended
  • Fixed Beastmaster's Level 20 Talent Max Health Aura to Beastmaster and his units applying to couriers in certain circumstances
  • Fixed Broodmother's Spin Web having less cast range than intended if it touches another web
  • Fixed Death Prophet's Silence having some unintended interactions
  • Fixed Dragon Knight's Frost Dragon Wyrm's Wrath unintentionally applying its effect to buildings
  • Fixed Drow Ranger's Multishot being canceled by casting Glacier
  • Fixed Faceless Void's Time Zone crediting assists incorrectly
  • Fixed Huskar's Life Break in combination with Parting Shot occasionally causing players to be unable to issue commands
  • Fixed Invoker's Elitist passively granting spell amp without applying the debuff first
  • Fixed Invoker's Mastermind not granting experience
  • Fixed Leshrac's Nihilism not getting affected by Defilement & other AoE increases
  • Fixed Lina's Flame Cloak not refreshing Fiery Soul's duration if cast while at max Fiery Soul stacks
  • Fixed Lina's Laguna Blade with Level 25 Talent Laguna Blade Damage into barrier not granting barrier from Slow Burn damage
  • Fixed Lycan's Spirit Wolves sometimes being controllable
  • Fixed Morphling's Attribute Shift bar being misaligned
  • Fixed Muerta's Ofrenda being stealable
  • Fixed Shadow Demon with Shadow Servant being able to create infinite duration illusions if Reins of Chaos procced upon casting Disruption on a Chaos Knight
  • Fixed Techies' Spleen's Secret Sauce not dealing the correct amount of damage
  • Fixed Undying's Ceaseless Dirge sometimes causing Undying to be unable to issue commands
  • Fixed Venomancer's Patient Zero dealing more damage than intended
  • Fixed Warlock's Black Grimoire not swapping when players swapped heroes in game
  • Fixed Witch Doctor's Gris-Gris not swapping when players swapped heroes in game




Vision Sharing

  • Updated how vision sharing functions with non player controlled units
    • Dire/Radiant buildings and creeps can now be affected by vision sharing. While their individual vision is unlinked, they do not provide any shared vision
  • Rules for how player controlled units share vision is unchanged
    • Observer and Sentry Wards always use the team's vision regardless of the status of who placed them
    • Other controlled units use the vision status of the player's hero


Forced Movement & Knockback

  • Forced Movement is any effect that forcibly moves a unit
  • Knockback is any effect that pushes or pulls a unit a fixed distance over a short period of time
    • Does not apply to constant applications of movement speed
    • Does not apply to effects that move units to a fixed point
  • The following abilities are considered Knockback
    • Arc Warden's Magnetic Field
    • Batrider's Flame Break
    • Beastmaster's Primal Roar
    • Bloodseeker's Rupture with Arterial Spray
    • Clockwerk's Power Cogs
    • Disruptor's Electromagnetic Repulsion
    • Drow Ranger's Gust
    • Earth Spirit's Boulder Smash
    • Invoker's Defeaning Blast
    • Keeper of the Light's Blinding Light
    • Magnus' Shockwave
    • Magnus' Reverse Reverse Polarity
    • Mars' God's Rebuke
    • Morphling's Adaptive Strike
    • Puck's Jostling Rift
    • Roshan's Walk
    • Queen of Pain's Sonic Wave
    • Sniper's Headshot
    • Spirit Breaker's Greater Bash
    • Tusk's Walrus Kick
    • Force Staff
    • Hurricane Pike
    • Havoc Hammer



7.36a Gameplay Patch May 27

Patch 7.36a is out now. You can check out the patchnotes here.
Additionally, a few non-gameplay bugs were fixed:
  • Fixed Some Crownfall empty dialog lines
  • Fixed Crownfall paths changing their token requirements
  • Fixed Dragon Knight Griffin Knight set having Facet-based coloration swapped
  • Fixed various issues with cloth stretching
  • Fixed watching replays from Broadcaster perspective not displaying heroes
  • Fixed an issue with post-match rewards being delayed
  • Fixed Crownfall Pit Fighter encounter dialog
  • Fixed Crownfall Fishing Spear not being available
  • Fixed Crownfall Graphical issue with Pineapple clickable on Crownfall map
  • Fixed Crownfall Graphical issue with Questing Hearts sign not showing
  • Fixed issue with Act 2's Riki's attribute token being wrong type



  • Force Staff and similar abilities can no longer be used on Leashed targets (Slark Pounce, Puck Dream Coil, Time Zone, etc.)


  • Fixed a crash related to Lich's Chain Frost
  • Fixed a crash related to Lycan's Shapeshift
  • Fixed a crash related to Mars Arena of Blood
  • Fixed a crash related to Morphling's Replicate
  • Fixed a crash related to Silencer's Glaive of Wisdom
  • Fixed a crash related to Venomancer's Plague Ward


  • Fixed Light Collector incorrectly having a 25% penalty instead of 75%
  • Fixed Quelling Blade using flipped damage values for Melee/Ranged
  • Fixed Blademail reflecting Witch Doctor's Scepter Death Ward bounce damage back to him
  • Fixed Yasha and Kaya Cast Speed stacking
  • Fixed Skadi slow values being inverted for Ranged vs Melee.
  • Fixed Disperser applying 2 dispels if cast on self.
  • Fixed Radiance not updating dynamically with changes to AoE Bonus
  • Fixed Shiva's Guard not updating dynamically with changes to AoE Bonus
  • Fixed Gris-Gris tooltip


  • Fixed Axe Shard granting no Counter Helix Cooldown instead of the Scepter
  • Fixed Axe One man Army losing HP when dispelled continuously
  • Fixed Abaddon's Curse of Avernus not giving the attack speed bonus to allies.
  • Fixed Ancient Apparation's Chilling Touch not increasing in strength as it was leveled up
  • Fixed Batrider's Sticky Napalm first application damage incorrectly applying Napalm damage.
  • Fixed Clinkz's Burning Barrage not auto-applying Tar Bomb
  • Fixed Clinkz Skeleton Archers also applying Burning Barrage when cast
  • Fixed Dawnbreaker Gleaming Hammer Effects
  • Fixed Dragon's Knight's Corrosive Dragon not applying Wyrm's Wrath to buildings while in Elder Dragon Form
  • Fixed Faceless Void's Distortion Field having some undesirable interactions
  • Fixed Huskar not being able to attack ethereal targets with Revenant's Brooch
  • Fixed Invoker's Mastermind not working properly
  • Fixed Invoker spell lifesteal effects showing erroneously
  • Fixed Leshrac Level 15 Talent not stacking its movement speed correctly with Yasha based items.
  • Fixed Lich not being able to cast Frost Shield during Sinister Gaze
  • Fixed Lion not being granted Finger of Death stacks when killing a hero with Cleave
  • Fixed Lone Druid Unbearable Facet not affecting BAT
  • Fixed Lone Druid Level 20 and Level 25 Talents not properly applying to the bear
  • Fixed Lycan Spirit Wolves being able to attack things sometimes.
  • Fixed Mars getting regen from invisible/fow targets, revealing them.
  • Fixed Meepo Pack Rat being able to share Moon Shards
  • Fixed Meepo Pack Rat sometimes not properly setting other Meepos Items on Cooldown properly.
  • Fixed Meepo's More Meepo making players miss a stat or talent point
  • Fixed Muerta respawning at her ofrenda when dying with Aegis.
  • Fixed Muerta Dance of the Dead tooltip inaccuracy.
  • Fixed Nyx Assassin Burrow not stacking with Aether Lens
  • Fixed Nyx Assassin Mana Burn working with Spirit Vessel
  • Fixed Ogre Magi's Learning Curve making players miss a stat or talent point
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin Level 25 Talent +10% Crit Chance not working properly
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin's Mark of Death appearing twice
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin sometimes consuming its mark without casting a critical strike (Note that critical strike is calculated at the beginning of the attack swing so if an attack starts swinging before dagger connect, that attack won't have a critical strike, but the next one will)
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin Illusions creating and consuming Methodical charges
  • Fixed Phoenix's abilities sometimes applying one instance of blind less than intended.
  • Fixed Pudge not gaining health from Fleash Heap stacks immediately
  • Fixed Puck's Curveball projectile speed sometimes traveling too fast
  • Fixed Puck Puckish granting Puck Mana and Health whenever any unit disjointed a projectile.
  • Fixed Shadow Demon's Level 25 Talent 2 Charges of Disruption not working properly
  • Fixed Silencer's Aghanim's Shard not increasing INT steal properly
  • Fixed Slark shard Depth Shroud not healing allies
  • Fixed Sniper cancelling Taunts when Take Aim expired.
  • Fixed Spirit Breaker's Planar Pocket having some undesirable interactions
  • Fixed Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning sometimes not costing Mana
  • Fixed Storm Spirit's Shock Collar kills counting as denies
  • Fixed Storm Spirit losing Galvanized charges when dying with Aegis of the Immortal
  • Fixed Templar Assassin's Blink Dagger being muted when blocking damage with Refraction
  • Fixed Timbersaw's Whirling Death debuff not reducing attributes
  • Fixed Timbersaw's Chakram effects sometimes not appearing
  • Fixed Timbersaw's Exposure Therapy not working
  • Fixed Tiny Grow Toss bonus damage only applying to the tossed target.
  • Fixed Undying's Ceaseless Dirge triggering when dying from Aegis of the Immortal
  • Fixed Venomancer's Level 25 Talent 2.5x Plague Ward HP/Damage not working with Plague Attachment
  • Fixed Venomancer ministunning if Venomous Gale was dispelled without shard.
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit Soul Strike with Abyssal blade using Ranged values
  • Fixed Warlock's Black Grimoire being able to be consumed early
  • Fixed Warlock Champion of Gorroth burn damage stacking from multiple Hearts of Tarrasque
  • Fixed Warlock Shadow Word tooltip not properly explaining that it applies its effect on an AoE
  • Fixed Windranger's Whirldwind getting disabled by Disarm during Debuff Immunity
  • Fixed Wraith King Spectral Blade's tooltip showing the incorrect damage type.


  • Gris-gris passive gold now ticks twice as fast in Turbo


  • Fixed Facets granting abilities when they shouldn't in Ability Draft
  • Fixed wrong Ability Draft keybinds


Those are the patch notes on June 5 for Dota 2.

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