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Diablo 4 Edition Comparison Guide: All Edition Contents

Diablo 4 is releasing in a few short months, and since early Diablo 4 beta access requires a preorder (or participating in an incredibly weird promotion), many players are looking for an edition comparison to find which edition they should buy. There are three different editions to choose from, each with their own content and advantages in Diablo 4 and other Blizzard games. Here’s the content you can find in each edition of Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4 Edition Comparison: Diablo 4 Pre-Order Guide

A complete edition comparison chart for Diablo 4.

Each edition comes with its own set of bonuses, both for Diablo 4 and other games from the Diablo franchise, as well as other Blizzard games. The contents for the standard edition pre-order ($69.99) include:

  • Beta early access
  • Light Bearer Mount
  • Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet (for Diablo 3)
  • Amalgam of Rage Mount (for World of Warcraft)
  • Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set (for Diablo Immortal)

The Digital Deluxe Edition ($89.99) includes everything in the Standard Edition pre-order, as well as:

  • Up to 4 Days Early Access to the full release of Diablo 4
  • Temptation Mount
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Premium Seasonal Battle Pass

Finally, the priciest version of Diablo 4, the Ultimate Edition ($99.99), comes with everything listed above with one difference. Instead of the Premium Seasonal Battle Pass, you’ll get the Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass. The only difference seems to be starting with an extra 20 tiers and an exclusive cosmetic.

So, which Diablo 4 edition should you buy? It really all comes down to how patient you are. The only big leg up that the Digital Deluxe Edition has over the Standard Edition is the 4 days early access to the game’s launch. If you want to pay the extra $20 to get the game 4 days earlier than everyone else, I’d say it’s worth the splurge. All the other content, though, is cosmetic, so think for a while about whether that really cool temptation mount is really worth spending the extra money on.

Still need the lowdown on that beta? Check out our guide to the dates and times of Diablo 4‘s beta.

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